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Can I somehow see my Docker Hub images being built via Github hooks?

I just authorized Docker Hub Github hook and enabled it in my Github repository, then pushed some changes to the Dockerfile. Is this all I need to do to get my Docker image automatically rebuilt? If so, is there a way I can monitor the build process? I’m using the free versions of both services.

Mount Github link as docker volume

Is there any way to mount github or other repo’s http link as docker volumes, so that when I start my docker container, it would be running with the new code which I’ve pushed to github or bitbucket ?

Want to autobuild a docker image when a third repository is updated

I have a Github repository containing a Dockerfile. Linked to this repository there is a Docker(hub) repository for the autobuilding. The autobuild works fine. One of the steps of this Dockerfile is to download files from another (third) Github repository: the software to run inside the container. The question is whether there is a known […]

Docker automated build not showing Dockerfile after completion

I setup some automated builds in github and the Dockerfile tab is showing empty for some reason. The builds are successful and I can see the dockerfile contents in the build details, but for some reason its not populating the Dockerfile tab. Am I missing a step somewhere?

Can't build docker image from github repository branch

I have a private GitHub repository containing 2 branches: master and stage. Repository contains a Dockerfile and other files necessary to build a container image. According to the documentation I can specify the branch when calling docker build command. However, I am able to run: sudo docker build -t=”superimage” https://github.com/organization/repo.git After this I am asked […]

ping github.organization.com returns unknown host

When I try to ping github.com it responds back with replies. However, pinging github.organizationname.com returns “ping:unknown host github.organizationname.com. This is an organization account so not sure if anything related to ssh keys or firewall. Any suggestions??

How to npm install a private github repo from my own organization?

I am a member of an organization on Github and am trying to set up a automated build process on Docker Hub for one of my repos – say module foo. In my package.json for foo, I have a dependency on a module, say bar, that is also a repo of the same organization on […]

Mattermost “An existing user is already attached to your gitlab account”

We use Mattermost using the ‘Production Docker’ setup as described in Mattermost documentation. For authentication, we federate using GitHub:Enterprise. To setup our Mattermost team, I imported the whole Slack history. This lead to the problem that everyone who did not yet log into Mattermost via GitHub:Enterprise was not able to login. Mattermost helpfully returned the […]

automatically add the release tag to my quay.io build from git tag

I am trying to add a version tag when I build my docker image in quay.io and have created a Build Trigger but this only works for branch/release if I want to add a v0.1.0 tag I have to first create it, push to github and then build a new trigger. How do I automatically […]

Elastic Beanstalk – Update App based on DockerHub “Automated Build”

I’m currently experimenting with Elastic Beanstalk and Docker, and I’m wondering if there is some way to get an Elastic Beanstalk Docker App, to auto update based on a DockerHub AUTOMATED BUILD image? I’m using the following setup. 1) GitHub repository with Dockerfile and associated files. 2) DockerHub Automated Build image linked to the GitHub […]

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