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What is the convention to include supporting services in a project that uses docker?

There are lots of articles and documentation for docker that describe how I can configure a web node profile. I find however that it’s relatively light on describing how I might go on to include profiles for things like my database server, caching, workers and message queue services alongside. If I’m trying to create an […]

Docker vs old approach (supervisor, git, your project)

I’m on Docker for past weeks and I can say I love it and I get the idea. But what I can’t figure out is how can I “transfer” my current set-up on Docker solution. I guess I’m not the only one and here is what I mean. I’m Python guys, more specifically Django. So […]

Setting up a PHP decent development environment

After years of spaghetti code (I’m Italian, I do really know what spaghetti are) I’m trying to set up a decent php development environment. This is my battleplan: install git and docker on my laptop; create a docker virtual enviroment as much similar as possible to the production LAMP (shared) server; use sshfs to mount […]

Build Docker image only if Code Repository has been updated (Jenkins)

Currently, in a Jenkins job, I build a Docker image with files from a git repository. When this repository is changed/updated I would like to either: Be able to detect this in Jenkins so I can change my Bash script to rebuild the Docker image from my Dockerfile Find some other method of building my […]

Is Docker a replacement for git source control? [closed]

Is Docker in anyway intended to replace git, SVN or other similar source control platforms? If not how do the two integrate?

Problems with Python3.4 in Docker

I’m trying to set up Python3.4 in a Docker image and it is driving me mental. I’ve been having this problem, when I try to install a python module using pip I get this error in terminal: SystemError: Cannot compile ‘Python.h’. Perhaps you need to install python-dev|python-devel. _configtest.o: In function `main’: /tmp/easy_install-wd8wc868/numpy-1.10.0.post2/_configtest.c:6: undefined reference to […]

How to read environment variables during a docker image build process?

Is there a way to pass values from the environment to the building process? In my case I need to pass the GIT_ variables somehow such that I can run an npm install to get a private repo form Github. I see that people talk about –build-arg argument in the docker build command. But the […]

running iptables with rhel7.2 image with in docker

while running iptables inside docker with rhel7.2 image it is working fine. But when I am trying to run docker with some rules to it then it is not at all starting. Here is my docker file #######Simplest Docker file which I used for building image and it works from marathon if you dont give […]

php composer with docker build: failed to clone git

I am trying to create a Dockerfile to automate the installation of HumHub following the install guide: https://www.humhub.org/docs/guide-admin-installation.html However, whenever the build script runs composer, I get the following error: Changed current directory to /root/.composer ./composer.json has been created Loading composer repositories with package information Updating dependencies (including require-dev) – Installing fxp/composer-asset-plugin (v1.1.1) Downloading: Connecting… […]

Trying to build openface docker container

I am using docker running El Capitan. I’m new to using docker, and I’m having a bit of an issue building an openface docker container. (Openface is an open source face rec program if you aren’t familiar). I have all of the proper repositories and directories with respect to the instructions on https://cmusatyalab.github.io/openface/setup/ Building a […]

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