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Docker ADD then RUN

I’m building a docker image for our specific implementation of an ElasticSearch server. It requires config files. In my Dockerfile, I have the following commands: RUN mkdir /elasticsearch/plugins ADD plugins/es_plugins.tar /elasticsearch/plugins RUN \ cd /elasticsearch/plugins && \ tar -xvf es_plugins.tar && \ rm -f es_plugins.tar Docker build succeeds on the mkdir, and the ADD. But […]

Issues in elasticsearch server running in docker

I am new to Docker. I have developed a webapp that needs elasticsearch server up and running, and the server itself listens for any user request. IN our workflow, we would like to see elasticsearch up and running, then logstash to be able to publish data (by reading the data we have with the help […]

Running elasticsearch on Azure VM using Docker: cannot access via localhost

I am new to both elasticsearch and VMs (i’m a data analyst, but I gotta set elasticsearch up on out azure cloud so as to do analysis later); so pardon me if my question is stupid. I installed the Docker container for elasticsearch available from Azure marketplace. Elastcsearch is up and running and pinging the […]

Getting logs of tomcat containers running in kubernetes pods using fluentd, elsasticsearch and kibana

We are using Kubernetes and we have multiple tomcat/jws containers running on multiple pods. What would be best approach for centralized logging using fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana. The main purpose is to get the tomcat logs which are running in pods (example: access.log and catalina.log), also the application log which is deployed on the tomcat. […]

deploying elasticsearch with docker

I’m new to deploying with docker and elasticsearch. I followed the curriculum here http://prakhar.me/docker-curriculum/#docker-aws, but I do not understand how the data is maintained if we downloaded and pushed a base ES image. When I deploy my ES service, I’d like to keep the documents that are currently on it so I don’t have to […]

docker: how-to install elasticsearch delete-by-query

On a server with no internet connectivity, usually am installing packages using a proxy (tiny proxy on port 8888) by just doing export How can i possibly install the delete-by-query plugin inside a docker container ? If i do –publish 8888:8888 and export port 8888 in both host+container, i do not succeed on having internet […]

Docker scale and elasticsearch

The public docker image for elasticsearch is on docker hub https://hub.docker.com/_/elasticsearch/ If i defined my own docker-compose file with elasticsearch, how would i scale up elasticsearch so that the ports don’t collide? version: ‘2’ services: elasticsearch: image: elasticsearch:latest ports: – “9200:9200” – “9300:9300” kibana: image: kibana ports: – 5601:5601 environment: – ELASTICSEARCH_URL=http://elasticsearch:9200 How could i […]

Build docker image of elasticshearch with sample data

I want to use an official image of elasticsearch, and build this image with some sample data (JSON files) that I have on my local machine. So, the Dockerfile looks like this: FROM library/elasticsearch:2 Then I run sudo docker build -t test/elasticsearch . from the folder where my Dockerfile is located in order to build […]

Load Hive data to elastic search stucks on 0% for map and reduce

I’m trying to load simple hive data into elastic search using official elasticsearch-hadoop connector. Simply I follow instructions on elasticsearch hive integration My Code: Here is my simpler customized code: ADD JAR /home/cloudera/elasticsearch-hadoop-2.3.3/dist/elasticsearch-hadoop-2.3.3.jar; drop table artists; CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE artists ( id BIGINT, name STRING) STORED BY ‘org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler’ TBLPROPERTIES(‘es.resource’ = ‘radio/artists’, ‘es.nodes’ = ‘x.y.z.w:9200’); INSERT […]

Sending data from kafka docker container to elastic search docker container

I am using spotify/kafka docker image & official elasticsearch docker images but I am unable to send any logs from kafka to elasticsearch.Kiindly guide. I am using kafka version 2.11-0.8..2.1 with elasticsearch 2.3.2

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