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Elastic Server Not Starting Due to insufficient Memory

Trying to run integration test, the elastic server doesn’t start and therefore the integration test is not running.

How to setup JanusGraph using Docker for Cassandra and Elasticsearch?

I’m trying to setup JanusGraph for development on my local machine. My goal is to have a setup similar to the cassandra remote server mode. As storage backend, I want to use cassandra and as index backend I planned to use elasticsearch. For both, I’m using Docker containers (cassandra: h_t_t_p_s://hub.docker.com/_/cassandra/ [I’m not allowed to post […]

Docker running ubuntu with elasticsearch

I have a ubuntu docker. I install elasticsearch service it. When i use the command “curl -X GET ‘localhost:9200’ “, it return me the version, the name, all right. It means the elasticsearch is configured correct, but when i access on my browser out of docker , doesn’t work. I have already configured the network […]

Official Filebeat docker running on windows not allowing application to rotate the log

I am using filebeat image – docker.elastic.co/beats/filebeat:5.4.1 to setup filebeat container locally on windows to read logs from an application and send data to logstash. The application which generate logs will rotate it after ‘1MB’ size. I have set close_inactive = 2M. So that filebeat release the handle after 2 minutes. When application stops writing […]

Docker ubuntu – elasticsearch

I create a container with ubuntu‘s image. That’s all right, and i can use very well. So, i install a elasticsearch service in this ubuntu’s docker. I have a ubuntu docker. I install elasticsearch service it. When i use the command “curl -X GET ‘localhost:9200’ “, it return me the version, the name, all right. […]

Elasticsearch docker burn data in image

I’m trying to build an elasticsearch image with preloaded data. I’m doing a restore operation from S3. FROM elasticsearch:5.3.1 ARG bucket ARG access_key ARG secret_key ARG repository ARG snapshot ENV ES_JAVA_OPTS=”-Des.path.conf=/etc/elasticsearch” RUN elasticsearch-plugin install repository-s3 ADD https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vishnubob/wait-for-it/e1f115e4ca285c3c24e847c4dd4be955e0ed51c2/wait-for-it.sh wait-for-it.sh RUN chmod +x wait-for-it.sh RUN /docker-entrypoint.sh elasticsearch -p /tmp/epid & ./wait-for-it.sh -t 0 localhost:9200 — echo “Elasticsearch […]

get docker log stream in correct order

I’ve tried a couple of log collection services now, like logspout/papertrail and fluentd/elasticsearch, but the results don’t always show up in the correct order, which can make debugging difficult. An example is with a Node.js application, a console.log command which results in multiple lines, or an error with its stack trace. The lines all show […]

scan-and-scroll doesn't work from Docker with a ElasticSearch cluster placed outside

Currently I use Docker with an ElasticSearch cluster, which is placed outside the container. From my docker I manage to create a mapping (so my ip it’s good), and I manage to launch simple request in python language. def getBodyOfRoot(self, id): res = self.es.get(index=self.ES_Index, doc_type=self.ES_Type, id=id) return res[‘_source’] this example works well in my host […]

Not able to access Kibana running in a Docker container on port 5601

I have built a docker image with the following Docker file. # gunicorn-flask FROM devdb/kibana MAINTAINER John Doe <user.name@gmail.com> ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y python python-pip python-virtualenv gunicorn # Setup flask application RUN mkdir -p /deploy/app COPY gunicorn_config.py /deploy/gunicorn_config.py COPY app /deploy/app RUN pip install -r /deploy/app/requirements.txt WORKDIR /deploy/app EXPOSE […]

Elasticsearch 2.0.0 cluster zen discovery in docker

I tried to run the elasticsearch cluster on 2 different nodes of google compute engine in docker way. With 1.7.1, the unicast works, but with 2.0.0, it didn’t work, 2 nodes can not join together. Below is the Dockerfile, run command and elasticsearch.yml. thanks Dockerfile FROM java:8 #ENV ES_PKG_NAME elasticsearch-2.0.0 ENV ES_PKG_NAME elasticsearch-1.7.1 RUN \ […]

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