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“Could not delete ./” when I use composer in docker

When I build my dockerfile, it just show that. Did anyone tried to use composer in docker? Or is there any other way to install the flarum into docker? PS: the user is root. Downloading https://packagist.org/packages.json Writing /root/.composer/cache/repo/https—packagist.org/packages.json into cache Downloading http://packagist.org/p/provider-2013%24d6b22cfddabf0741ef0c5c720daf4f0a5f17ed112a30074bfeef5007a1e30590.json Writing /root/.composer/cache/repo/https—packagist.org/p-provider-2013.json into cache Downloading http://packagist.org/p/provider-2014%2471316c49d46d6c1e66f1d56e3cd12020169065922e83ed72e3319f00146bf8cf.json Writing /root/.composer/cache/repo/https—packagist.org/p-provider-2014.json into cache Downloading http://packagist.org/p/provider-2015-01%244a1f70479a6d65b81b75a0db8f73f0cce3fa08a6f828fe1c93bda72f1943b88d.json Writing […]

App must be inserted into the docker image?

I read a lot of documentation and tutorials about docker and a configuration compatible with the development in dev and deploy into production. I found different approaches about the inclusion of the app (in my case Node.js API server) inside the docker image, and they are: create Dockerfile within the app and copy the application […]

Redis Docker connection refused

I just built the redis docker instance $ docker pull redis After which I ran it like this. $ docker run –name=redis –detach=true –publish=6379:6379 redis I get the following $ docker ps key redis “/sbin/entrypoint.sh” 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>6379/tcp redis To me the above means that it is now running listening on […]

Docker and Analytics Install

I have a docker file called quasar.dockerfile. I built the docker file and everything loaded successfully. #quasar.dockerfile FROM java:8 WORKDIR /app ADD docker/quasar-config.json quasar-config.json RUN apt-get update && \ apt-get install -y wget && \ wget https://github.com/quasar-analytics/quasar/releases/download/v2.3.3-SNAPSHOT-2121-web/web_2.11-2.3.3-SNAPSHOT-one-jar.jar EXPOSE 8080 CMD java -jar web_2.11-2.2.3-SNAPSHOT-one-jar.jar -c /app/quasar-config.json I then tried running the docker and I get this […]

Docker container data lost on host restart

I have docker container with redis server running on ubuntu server that keep track of a counter that is incremented by a node js app also running in a container. It works well when i launch my ubuntu host all the containers redis + nodeapp are automatically started. Visiting an url, I am able to […]

Docker : using pv (pipe viwer) output nothing on build process

I’m trying to use the pv command in my Dockerfile but nothing is displayed on screen when I call the building process. I made a very simple version of my Dockerfile : FROM debian:jessie RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y pv RUN echo “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.” | pv -L […]

Docker build project from Docker Hub

I’d like to set up OpenProject using Docker. There are several decent options in the Hub, but so far I’ve tried this one as the best possible option. I’d like to clone it, change the database default password (because I find it unsafe) and then build it and run it. How should I proceed? I’ve […]

Update of Docker intermediate images

Let’s suppose I build a MyApp Docker based on Tomcat 8 (Dockerfile FROM tomcat:8) from Docker Hub. The Tomcat 8 Docker is itself based on Java 7, which currently is 7.0.65. Eventually, the Java 7 Docker (java:7 tag) gets updated to version 7.0.100 for example. What happens if I re-build again my MyApp on a […]

Multiple dockerfiles in one docker or multiple images from one dockerfile

I saw this question about multiple dockerfiles in project: docker build -f Dockerfile.db . docker build -f Dockerfile.web . What does this mean? Is it one dockerfile with different “tags” in it? (if yes, is it possible to show a short example?) Or there is two dockerfiles in the repository with the names Dockerfile.db and […]

error with docker container with postgresql

I am unable to install postgresql on existing jenkins docker image,below are the list of steps i have followed: Step 1 : Download the jenkins and specify the name for the volume to jenkins-home as described in the below article http://www.catosplace.net/blog/2015/02/11/running-jenkins-in-docker-containers/ using the below command download the image and specify the volume docker create -v […]

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