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change PATH for building docker image

This command sudo docker build -t mydocker . build the image in /var/lib/docker. Is there a way to change it to another folder e.g. /home/user1/docker?

docker build – exactly 1 argument

I’ve been trying to build syntaxnet on my ubuntu setup and bumped into a problem (simple as it may be) that I had hard time finding the solution to. Whenever I try to build using the command: docker build -t dragnn-oss:latest-minimal -f docker-devel/Dockerile.min I get the error message: “docker build” requires exactly 1 argument(s). Now, […]

docker's VOLUME isn't mounting host files

I have this docker file: FROM node:0.10.38 VOLUME /opt/build WORKDIR /opt/build EXPOSE 8080 CMD node app.js However, when I got to run the container, I get the error that app.js does not exist, specifically /opt/build/app.js does not exist. I’ve also tried ADD and COPY to do this, both say it can’t find anything, and I’d […]

Supervisor is not starting up

I am following cloudera cdh4 installation guide. My base file FROM ubuntu:precise RUN apt-get update -y #RUN apt-get install -y curl RUN apt-get install -y software-properties-common python-software-properties RUN add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java RUN apt-get update -y RUN echo debconf shared/accepted-oracle-license-v1-1 select true | \ debconf-set-selections RUN apt-get install -y oracle-java7-installer #Checking java version RUN java -version My […]

Docker container cannot resolve hostnames

i am creating a docker-compose.yaml file that has to create a pypi local repository and a container with a dev application i am writing. The problem is that, inspite of the fact that i have created custom network and specified hostnames, containers cannot see each other. More specifically, pypi has to be up and running; […]

what is “COPY . /src”for when building a image

I’m new to docker,I’m reading the docker’s documentation. there is a simple example in it https://docs.docker.com/examples/nodejs_web_app/ https://github.com/enokd/docker-node-hello/ I’m confused about this”COPY . /src”in the Dockerfile. In this example, “.” represent the directory where the Dockerfile is in(the current dir,in my computer,it is /home/pete),So why do I have to copy all the files in /home/pete to […]

Is it possible to execute CMD at the middle of docker file?

I am installing hadoop-0.20.2 using docker. I have two files one is for java installation and another is for hadoop installation. I am starting services using CMD command cmd [“path/to/start-all.sh”] Now, i want to to write third dockerfile which executes an example Map-Reduce job. But the problem is Third docker file depends on second hadoop-docker […]

How to get Clojure Compojure app to run headless via compiled jar within Docker container?

Update: this question has changed since the original set of commenters left responses. Apologies for any confusion. This is my code repository https://github.com/Integralist/spurious-clojure-example you can use it as an example for what I’m working with. Note that the above repo relies on a library I’ve not yet published to Clojars (as I’m still testing it […]

docker images are stored in root user thus consuming my disk space

Hi my server is configured such that the free space for root user in it is very less. However the user created(suppose user1) has lot of space. The docker images which are getting created by docker are saved in the root user thus consuming space and making my jobs to fail.How can i make docker […]

Docker building an image for ELK stack

I’m new to Docker Installed the docker on ubuntu 12.04.Now I want to install ELK(Elastic search,Logstash and Kibana) on Single container.How can I go with?Any suggestions.

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