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Ruby and Rails “path not found” when installed using RVM on Docker

I’m working on a docker file to create a custom workspace on Codenvy. When I create the workspace everything seems to install correctly but when the workspace open and I enter ruby -v I get: bash: ruby: command not found Same for rails: user@de98ec223612:/projects$ rails -v bash: rails: command not found If I type rvm […]

Docker compose wait for without sleep command

I’ve read lots for similar topics; For example this: Docker Compose wait for container X before starting Y etc. So, I’m trying to implement a wait for only using compose and health checks. I have only one docker-compose file. There is a section for the app and for test for this app. Test (service) can […]

How can i pre-install plugins in jenkins on Windows docker?

I am working on Windows docker, trying to install plugins into my jenkins using docker scripts and make it ready for startup. On linux docker i used to install plugins like this RUN /usr/local/bin/plugins.sh /var/jenkins_home/plugins.txt is there any similar way in Windows docker?

docker – multiple projects on one Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml

I’m starting with Docker and in my opinion is great! Now I’m looking solution for this organization: Now I have this structure: Applications | +–app1 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | +–app2 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | …. | docker-compose.app1.yml | docker-compose.app2.yml | …. | Dockerfile […]

What are the benefits of using DEB for installation with Dockerfile

TL;DR: Do you use a deb/rpm/etc to add build products to a container or use ADD * / COPY * in the dockerfile? what are the benefits of using a deb file? There are multiple options for creating a custom docker container that includes your build products. I am wondering if there is any actual […]

Dockerfile contains a python script that writes to an output file, but the output file is not being created on the container

It’s my first question, so be gentle 🙂 I’ve got a Dockerfile as follows: FROM centos:latest Maintainer Liz Miller LABEL description=”Image Built with Dockerfile.” RUN yum -y update RUN yum -y install python-setuptools RUN easy_install supervisor RUN mkdir -p /var/log/supervisor RUN yum -y install which RUN yum -y install git RUN yum install python COPY […]

How can I copy the files to be in executing directory using Dockerfile?

I am very new to Docker and I do have a project which depends on a .txt file which upto this point I was embeding in project settings and copying in build output directory through .csproj settings. Now, if I want to do the same exact thing(copy the file to Build/output directory) using Docker file […]

How to check the configuration of an app deployed on docker container

How can I check and update configuration of an application deployed in docker container? There is a docker image with an application deployed which points to a server and the problem is that the server IP is hard coded somewhere in the application and I need to change that, later I’ll pass that server IP […]

Unable to run java Program. Error inside docker

I am just a beginner to Docker and was exploring the various features.i have successfully installed java inside docker **OS version**:Windows Server 2016 PS C:\testing> docker version Client: Version: 17.03.1-ee-3 API version: 1.27 Go version: go1.7.5 Git commit: 3fcee33 Built: Thu Mar 30 19:31:22 2017 OS/Arch: windows/amd64 Server: Version: 17.03.1-ee-3 API version: 1.27 (minimum version […]

How can I run 2 long commands in a docker container

My Project bases on python-flask and celery with RabbitMq. So I have to run 2 long services in the one container: Two services: 1. gunicorn -w 64 -b manage:app 2. celery worker -A celery_worker.celery –loglevel=info Those 2 services are both running as long time commands I don’t know how to write the Dockerfile to […]

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