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Configuring application in docker container to access other containers

How can you configure an app deployed as a docker container to reference components running in other containers? I have a node app that requires postgresql. I have a node config file that contains all the connection information for postgres. In a non-docker deployment, you simply set the required config values (e.g. IP address of […]

How to access tomcat server of windows to building Docker image from Docker file without downloading new tomcat?

I am new to Docker. I have created docker file for .war file. When I am building Docker image from Docker file. It start downloading tomcat8 But, I want to use Tomcat that i already have in my windows for creating docker image from docker file rather than downloading from internet. Docker File FROM tomcat:8.5.11-jre8 […]

Multi PostgreSQL DB in data only container

Im trying to hook up and contain my application in docker containers. One problem I have been having is configuring the DB for the application. I have been reading with conflicting results that the data-only-containers (DOC) should be used. And in other places they shouldn’t be used. So when should they be used? I also […]

Service 'web' failed to build: lstat apache/sites-enabled/000-default.conf: no such file or directory

I want to # Update the default apache site with the config we created. COPY ./apache/sites-enabled/000-default.conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf I know my 000-default.conf is not in the same directory as Dockerfile that is why I want to hit it like this ./apache/… but I still got the error. Structure: dockerizing-django ├── apache │   └── sites-enabled │   └── […]

CrashLoopBackOff in spark cluster in kubernetes: nohup: can't execute '–': No such file or directory

Dockerfile: FROM openjdk:8-alpine RUN apk update && \ apk add curl bash procps ENV SPARK_VER 2.1.1 ENV HADOOP_VER 2.7 ENV SPARK_HOME /opt/spark # Get Spark from US Apache mirror. RUN mkdir -p /opt && \ cd /opt && \ curl http://www.us.apache.org/dist/spark/spark-${SPARK_VER}/spark-${SPARK_VER}-bin-hadoop${HADOOP_VER}.tgz | \ tar -zx && \ ln -s spark-${SPARK_VER}-bin-hadoop${HADOOP_VER} spark && \ echo Spark […]

Create a ASP.net Core project with Docker Support for Windows

I am new to Docker for Windows. I have created a new ASP.net Core project in Vs2017 and Added the Docker support to it but when I am building the Project I am getting this error: Microsoft.DotNet.Docker.CommandLineClientException client version 1.22 is too old. Minimum supported API version is 1.24, please upgrade your client to a […]

Linking container with docker-compose

I try to run an instance with 2 containers, 1 container with mysql and other with node. In docker-compose.yml file: api: build: ./server ports: – 8001:8001 links: – mysql:mysql mysql: image: mysql environment: MYSQL_DATABASE: ghostDB MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root volumes: – /data/mysql:/var/lib/mysql Dockerfile of server/: FROM node:0.12 ENV PORT 8001 ENV MYSQL_DATABASE ghostDB ENV MYSQL_USER root ENV […]

Docker container change behaviour on different hosts

I build a docker container using differents tools (sentinelsat et sen2cor) : #Modified Ubuntu docker image, adding some dependencies #Starting image FROM ubuntu #Install of Anaconda2-4.2.0 (from docker anaconda : https://github.com/ContinuumIO/docker-images/tree/master/anaconda) RUN apt-get update –fix-missing && apt-get install -y wget bzip2 ca-certificates \ libglib2.0-0 libxext6 libsm6 libxrender1 \ git mercurial subversion RUN echo ‘export PATH=/opt/conda/bin:$PATH’ […]

How to transfer a environment variable into a dockerfile

How can I transfer a environment variable into the dockerfile? The variable is dynamic, so I can not use ENV to do that. like $( dirname “${BASH_SOURCE[0]}” ) is the way to tell where a bash script locate. How can a Dockerfile tell which path it locate?

Creating a docker image from an existing enviornment

We are having a running environment (AIX) with different applications mainly WCS in WAS , if there any mechanism to extract the entire environment and all its configuration as a docker image. This may sound silly but just wanted to know if this is possible or creating a docker file is the only option to […]

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