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Aborted connection to db; docker-compose ruby & mysql images – Got an error reading communication packets

I’m using docker-compose to run a rails app with mysql db docker image. The docker-compose build goes fine; the docker-compose up goes fine as well, even though there are some warnings (mysql image version issues) … db_1 | MySQL init process done. Ready for start up. db_1 | [Warning] Failed to set up SSL because […]

Docker postgres persistance and container lifetime

I’m new to docker. You can take a look at my last questions here and see that I’ve been asking questions down this line. I read the docs carefully, and also read several articles on the web (which is pretty difficult given the rapid versioning in docker), but I still can’t get a clear picture […]

External properties file using Spring Boot and Docker

i cannot configure a Dockerfile for use external properties file with Spring Boot. This is my Dockerfile: FROM java:8-jre VOLUME /tmp /var/gpm/config ADD gpm-web-1.0.jar app.jar RUN bash -c ‘touch /app.jar’ ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”-cp”,”/var/gpm/config”,”-Dspring.config.location=classpath:application.properties”,”-Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom”,”-jar”,”/app.jar”] And in my host i have this path to properties file : /var/gpm/config/application.properties But, don’t works. UPDATE i change Dockerfile by this: FROM […]

How to get a docker history from an image that has not been pulled yet?

Since docker history is great to see how an image has been created or if it’s applicable, it seems to only available for local, already pulled images. Q: Is there a way to get a peak into a docker image without the need of downloading it? 💡 Perfectly it would fit my needs if I […]

Docker container doesnot reflect changes on machines other than it was created

So I have a Dockerfile, using which I create an image. The instruction in Dockerfile are: #This is a docker file FROM ubuntu:14.04 MAINTAINER amit # Install python-pip RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y python-pip # Install virtual-env RUN mkdir ~/.virtualenvs RUN pip install virtualenv RUN pip install virtualenvwrapper RUN touch ~/.bashrc RUN echo […]

How to use Docker Remote API to build an image using Dockerfile

I store the Dockerfile in the pwd and use the Remote API “POST /build” directly to build an image, but it returns error 500 and builds nothing. My Dockerfile is correct because I build the image successfully by using the command “docker build . “. So I want to know the correct way to use […]

SSH agent forwarding during docker build

While building up a docker image through dockerfile, I have to clone a github repo. I have added my public ssh keys to my git hub account and i am able to clone the repo from my docker host. While i see that i can use docker host’s ssh key by mapping $SSH_AUTH_SOCK env variable […]

ERROR: for app no such device

I have the following docker-compose.yml: version: ‘2’ services: app: build: ./app container_name: myapp volumes: #- “../app:/root/www/myapp:rw” – myapp:/root/www/myapp:rw volumes: myapp: #driver: local driver_opts: o: uid=500,gid=500 device: ../app I try to share my host folder to the guest container with a named volume. I’ve got the following error message? ERROR: for app no such device ERROR: […]

Passenger+Nginx+Docker app setup

TL;DR = Cannot get Passenger/Nginx to call our application from Django. “passenger-status” does not show proper Application Group that is shown in our currently live non-Docker server. Trying to convert a live and running Passenger+Nginx+Django system to a Docker image. We started with the base Phusion:passenger-docker image and now trying to get it running like […]

Cannot exit from Docker container

I’ve got a container which I run as docker run -it –rm –name <container_name> <image>:<tag> normally, I fall into the container terminal from which I can exit with the exit command. Now, I have a DockerFile which ends with an entrypoint that runs a simple bash script: #!/usr/bin/env bash # Add new user groupadd -r […]

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