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Docker run start services

I need nginx-openresty and redis in single docker container. I have written docker file its working fine. But thing i need to start my redis service after login into the docker bash to automate this I have written .sh file which contains instrutions like start and stop of redis server and nginx. ENTRYPOINT [“./startup.sh”] and […]

Docker / Postgres: Mounting an existing database within a dockerized Postgresql

So I’m having a problem mounting an existing set of data for Docker Postgres that I cannot figure out for the life of me. Here’s my docker compose file. version: ‘2’ services: postgresql: image: postgres:9.5 environment: – PGDATA=/data ports: – ‘5432:5432’ volumes: – ~/.postgresql:/data web: build: . command: sbt/sbt run volumes: – .:/app ports: – […]

How do I run a script to start services during docker build phase?

I have a script I want to run that starts my hadoop services. I want to have this started during the build phase so that when I run the container those services are already running. I’ve tried adding CMD /script.sh but the services does not persist when I run my container. I also need bash […]

Docker copy command to copy a jar file from target folder

I have a maven project that outputs a jar file into the target folder. What relative path can i use in the copy command in the Dockerfile to access the jar from within the target folder.

Setting up Ruby along with android in docker

I have an issue while setting up docker container with android and ruby environment to run calabash test. I have this docker file for the android part. Whenever I am editing the docker file to install the latest version of ruby and for calabash just like below code RUN gem install calabash-android I am getting […]

Cannot delete files from wwwroot with Dockerfile

I’m trying this on Windows Server Core 2016 TP5. I have this simple Dockerfile: FROM microsoft/iis RUN powershell remove-item c:\inetpub\wwwroot\iisstart.* The microsoft/iis image contains a couple of files (iisstart.htm and iisstart.png) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot. I’m trying to remove those files. Here’s the output from docker build: c:\git\temp\test>docker build -t foo . Sending build context to Docker […]

`package_name': 'package' not found in aapt output (RuntimeError) while running calabash in docker

I got the error response package_name’: ‘package’ not found in aapt output (RuntimeError) when I run the calabash-android in docker file. Can anyone please tell me why it is happening like this. The full error response is pasting below. sh: 1: /usr/local/android-sdk/build-tools/19.1.0/aapt: not found /usr/local/bundle/gems/calabash-android-0.7.2/lib/calabash-android/helpers.rb:18:in `package_name’: ‘package’ not found in aapt output (RuntimeError) from /usr/local/bundle/gems/calabash-android-0.7.2/bin/calabash-android-build.rb:42:in […]

How to build Dockerfile with two jar files

I’m starting with Docker and I’m a little bit lost. I have my java experiment with two jar files, zip files with testing data and two configuration files. And I’m trying to run this exp on Docker. If I want to run this exp on my pc there are two phases. Phase 1: java -classpath […]

Where can I access docker file system on windows

I installed docker on windows 7 by creating a virtual machine (oracle VM virtualbox). Now I am creating my own images of tomcat,using base image from public repository, and installing a simple war file. I can access tomcat homepage but I can’t access the application. Below is my DockerFile FROM tomcat:7.0 ADD tomcat-users.xml $CATALINA_HOME/conf RUN […]

Docker file permission php on Mac OS with docker-compose && dockerfile

I need a help about file permissions on my docker project. I’m using docker-compose + dockerfile and I’m having a problem that my php cant write files in my projects, so I cant develope. Here is my project https://github.com/marcoaure/my-php-docker/tree/16c1a69952ba57fb18b8de275f19ee8d3899054e

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