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wildfly docker image authentication issue

I’ve followed the instructions on the following link: WildFly Docker image in the section Extending the image However, after I make the build, when I go to the URL http://localhost:9990, I have the following message: The management interface could not be loaded. Authentication required.

How to use env var in WORKDIR stanza?

I have a pretty slim Dockerfile so far: FROM ubuntu:trusty ENV MYPACKAGE_VERSION 0.1.2 ADD mypackage-${MYPACKAGE_VERSION}.tar.gz /root/ WORKDIR /root/mypackage-${MYPACKAGE_VERSION}/ The .tar.gz gets properly added to the docker file, (it is automatically extracted which is frustrating as that may not be desirable at all times). so on the image the path /root/mypackage-0.1.2/ exists and contains the content […]

Error running file in Container “error when loading shared libraries” DOCKER

So I am building an image from a dockerfile, using the COPY command to copy a local file from host into my container. After the image is build I run an interactive shell, and test my file which I copied and am having an error. Here is my shell information. arcolombo@arcolombo:~/Documents/bedgraph_dockerfile$ sudo docker info Containers: […]

Docker how to run mongodb in dockerfile

I have a dockerfile that runs a maven build. I am following this guide: https://hub.docker.com/_/maven/ So far in my dockerfile I have this: FROM maven:3-jdk-8-onbuild It runs the build and fails as expected because the integration tests require that the mongodb server on the localhost is running. My question is, what do I write in […]

Setting Dynamic Env variable in Docker

I am trying to set dynamic env variable in Docker but somehow it resets. I want to set an ENV variable which has value : export EC2_Region=$(curl -s so i cant just use ENV in Dockerfile since its not static. I tried making an init.sh and used CMD[“init.sh”] in Dockerfile but when i attach […]

Run an ecosystem in docker

We are developing a fairly complex app that has a node server that talks to a CouchDB instance, another node server that talks a redis instance, a third node server that talks to both of the other node servers, and a Redis store that all three talk to. Developing locally requires installing and running CouchDB, […]

Error installing cafe with a Dockerfile

I’m trying to install caffe through this Dockerfile -> https://github.com/floydhub/dl-docker/blob/master/Dockerfile.gpu I’m building a docker on a machine with the following command: user@maquina:/homeLocal/hugo/docker1/dl-dockerāŸ« docker build -t floydhub/dl-docker:gpu -f Dockerfile.gpu . However, during construction, the following error occurs: The command ‘/bin/sh -c git clone -b ${CAFFE_VERSION} –depth 1 https://github.com/BVLC/caffe.git /root/caffe && cd /root/caffe && cat python/requirements.txt | […]

How to create Dockerfile in Boot2docker to create an image

Can any one guide me how to create and edit a Dockerfile in boot2docker to create my own image? I am not sure which commands to use to edit the Dockerfile when in Boot2Docker shell.

Why is Docker Tomcat failing to start?

I am trying to build a Tomcat image from a Dockerfile. This is what my Dockerfile looks like: FROM dockerfile/java RUN sudo apt-get update RUN sudo apt-get install tomcat7 EXPOSE 8086 CMD sudo service tomcat7 start && tail -f /var/log/tomcat7/catalina.out. but when I build an image from this and run the image with $ docker […]

Running a script in Docker container by accepting -e parameter

I have a very simple script called as myscript.sh echo “this is test ” > /tmp/myfile.txt echo $TEST >> /tmp/myfile.txt I have stored this script in my disk which i plan to pass it to the container as a volume like this below docker run -d –name test \ -v /home/docker/test/myscript.sh:/tmp/myscript.sh \ -e TESTING=just-a-test \ […]

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