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What are the correct Permissions for docker in docker as another user?

I’m trying to enable my docker instance to build other docker images from a CI server. My agent spins up a container, and i have my macs docker.sock mounted into the container. /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock When inside the container and running as root, i am able to download and run containers: root@b6da92395273:/godata/pipelines# docker run helloworld 019300c8a437: Pull […]

ImportError: No module named package using pip in Docker

I’m using Docker to build my application. I’m using pip to install the packages from requirements.txt but the package is not including in the build. FROM python:3.4 WORKDIR /app ADD . /app RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ python3-pip python-pip\ cron \ unixodbc \ unixodbc-dev \ python3-dev \ python3-setuptools \ && rm -rf […]

How to add docker label after image is made

I know that there is a LABEL available in Dockerfile. But I was wondering how to add additional labels to the image after it is built? Is this possible?

Why does DockerFile ADD not dereference symbolic links?

I understand that DockerFile ADD does not dereference symbolic links. But why not? This would be very useful. The discussion in the above-linked ticket does not really provide any substantial rationale.

Script fails at build but works from Docker container

I am trying to run unit tests through Docker for a directory monitor which reacts to file and directory creation, movement and renaming. Here is the script : #/bin/bash # Launch Redis server redis-server –daemonize yes # Start directory_observer python /test/directory_observer/src/directory_observer.py –config=/test/directory_observer/tests/directory_observer.ini & # Execute test script (operations in the folders) bash /test/directory_observer/tests/Dockerfile_testing/directory_observer_test_cases.sh # Run […]

Ruby and Rails “path not found” when installed using RVM on Docker

I’m working on a docker file to create a custom workspace on Codenvy. When I create the workspace everything seems to install correctly but when the workspace open and I enter ruby -v I get: bash: ruby: command not found Same for rails: user@de98ec223612:/projects$ rails -v bash: rails: command not found If I type rvm […]

Docker compose wait for without sleep command

I’ve read lots for similar topics; For example this: Docker Compose wait for container X before starting Y etc. So, I’m trying to implement a wait for only using compose and health checks. I have only one docker-compose file. There is a section for the app and for test for this app. Test (service) can […]

How can i pre-install plugins in jenkins on Windows docker?

I am working on Windows docker, trying to install plugins into my jenkins using docker scripts and make it ready for startup. On linux docker i used to install plugins like this RUN /usr/local/bin/plugins.sh /var/jenkins_home/plugins.txt is there any similar way in Windows docker?

docker – multiple projects on one Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml

I’m starting with Docker and in my opinion is great! Now I’m looking solution for this organization: Now I have this structure: Applications | +–app1 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | +–app2 | | +–node_modules | | +–package.json | | +–… | …. | docker-compose.app1.yml | docker-compose.app2.yml | …. | Dockerfile […]

What are the benefits of using DEB for installation with Dockerfile

TL;DR: Do you use a deb/rpm/etc to add build products to a container or use ADD * / COPY * in the dockerfile? what are the benefits of using a deb file? There are multiple options for creating a custom docker container that includes your build products. I am wondering if there is any actual […]

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