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Should files from a base Docker image be present in a derived image?

I’m creating a Dockerfile that uses a base image: dockerfile/rabbitmq. In the Dockerfile for rabbitmq there’s a line to install a script into the image: ADD bin/rabbitmq-start /usr/local/bin/ In my Dockerfile I don’t have this line. I have my own ADD lines. When I run the image all the rabbitmq binaries and config are there, […]

Docker LAMP Stack

I’m just learning Docker and I’ve managed to get a few containers going, but I’m trying to learn how to run everything on separate containers. SO, the idea is that I have: Mysql Container (working) PHP-FPM Container (partially working) Apache Container (not working yet) I’ve setup my LAMP stack on a vagrant and tested it […]

docker tutorial how to install package

I’m just following the getting started of docker and I’m a bit lost. I’ve create a mydockerbuild folder in my document and a dockerfile with this code (from the tutorial) FROM docker/whalesay:latest RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get install -y fortunes CMD /usr/games/fortune -a | cowsay Then following the tutorial I run this command: docker […]

Reconstruct dockerfile from image with java docker client

I’m using docker in java code through java docker client (https://github.com/docker-java/docker-java) and I need to analyze what’s coming from docker hub by user request starting docker pull operation (it’s going to be a service running user-defined code related to computational biology in docker container on cluster remotely). I’ve found this approach based on ruby: https://github.com/CenturyLinkLabs/dockerfile-from-image/blob/master/dockerfile-from-image.rb […]

How can I write Dockerfile for Yesod? “RUN yesod init -n myApp -d postgresql” didn't work as expected

I tried to make a simple application with Yesod and PostgreSQL using Docker Compose but RUN yesod init -n myApp -d postgresql didn’t seem to work as expected. I defined Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml as below: Dockerfile: FROM shuny/ghc-7.8.4:latest MAINTAINER shuny # Create default config RUN cabal update # Add stackage remote repo RUN sed -i […]

Dockerfile privileged flag for Docker container (Needed because of Apache error ulimit ) AWS

I would like to start a container with privileges. Manually I can do that directly by typing: sudo docker run -privileged name/image But how can I generated a container from a Dockerfile with privileges, is there any command to do that in the dockerfile? In my case I am doing a deployment in amazon, in […]

Can't figure out how I have to build my Docker architecture

So currently I’m building an API in PHP as different (micro) services which runs on nginx. I’ve followed all the Docker fundamental video’s and went through the docs, but I still can’t figure out how to implement it. Do I need a server where I push my code to and deploy on the containers (with […]

Error Deploying Docker Container to Elastic Beanstalk

I’m using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy a Docker Image I’ve created. I created a .zip file with a Dockerfile and Dockerrun.aws.json file. When I deploy, I get the following error: [2015-11-02T18:08:30.366Z] ERROR [4515] : Command execution failed: Activity failed. (ElasticBeanstalk::ActivityFatalError) caused by: jq: error: Cannot iterate over null ab6ac43aeaf75fb000d02a1fee73e829a92cef629bad46e6b727dc967f837b54 Docker container quit unexpectedly after launch: […]

Docker – Instance method “open” is already defined in Object

I have a SpreeCommerce + rails app which I am looking to deploy to AWS using docker. The image builds fine but when I run the container it refuses to start. I get the following error: Instance method “open” is already defined in Object, use generic helper instead or set StateMachines::Machine.ignore_method_conflicts = true. App 70 […]

Error getting authority in Ubuntu SDK Docker image

I want to run the Ubuntu SDK (Qt Creator variant) from a Docker image. It’s working very nice, except when I try to use the emulator or a real phone/device. This requires to install a new Kit (armhf, i386) which fails with the following error inside a Run Click window. Error getting authority: Error initializing […]

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