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Open existing nvidia-docker container

I am new to tensorflow and docker and I am trying to make a docker container where I can use tensorflow with GPU. After trying different things I managed to set up my nvidia drivers and I can run: nvidia-docker run -it gcr.io/tensorflow/tensorflow bash which opens me a docker container with a tensorflow image. This […]

How do you deliver your application using the concept of containers (Docker containers)

This is a question about deliver and developing microservices using containers. How do you deliver your application using the concept of containers? Do I really need to generate a Docker container with my application on every build? Even local builds? Do I need to copy my Spring Boot app, Node.js app or another type of […]

How to configure Vagrant box filesystem?

I’m running a Vagrant-VirtualBox VM based on bento/centos7.1 Inside that box, I run a docker container. When I log in to the container and try to delete some files there, they cannot be fully removed (see pic – note the question marks instead of file attrs on some files) Here I read that it is […]

Unable to ssh localhost within a running Docker container

I’m building a Docker image for an application which requires to ssh into localhost (i.e ssh user@localhost) I’m working on a Ubuntu desktop machine and started with a basic ubuntu:16.04 container. Following is the content of my Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:16.04 RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ openjdk-8-jdk \ ssh && \ groupadd -r […]

Nvidia-docker – cant find libnvcuvid.so on building process

I wrote a Dockerfile that builds my QT application and I’m having some problems on the build. If the build command is on the Dockerfile, it trhows this error: ninja: error: ‘/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnvcuvid.so’, needed by ‘bin/x64/release/*****/librtmpPlugin.so’, missing and no known rule to make it i added a symbolic link that solve this error on a temporary […]

how can I open a flask app on my browser that's running remotely on docker?

I am running a flask app using Pycharm and I get the following message: INFO:werkzeug: * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit) I have been trying to access the website from my local browser and it’s not working. First, I tried the following in Pycharm and it didn’t work: “RUN > Edit configuration > […]

Wildcard subdomain works on Docker CLI but not on Docker-Swarm with Docker-Compose

I have an application where we use the subdomain string to specify which team a customer belongs to. For example: customer1.ourdomain.com customer2.ourdomain.com … etc Behind the scenes in our application we are parsing the string customerX from the origin URL to retrieve the customer’s appropriate data. When I run a docker container from the cli […]

Cleaning up docker-compose data volumes in Jenkins

I have a project based on Docker and docker-compose files which I would like to test via Jenkins. We have a number of docker-compose files which we are using for testing, and all of those write to a data directory relative to the project root, e.g. version: ‘3.1’ services: simple: build: context: . dockerfile: ./Dockerfile-standalone […]

Container already stopped error on ECS

I recently started with Amazon ECS. I created a very basic docker image with the following details: FROM centos:7 LABEL name=”MRK” \ vendor=”MRK” \ build-date=”20170529″ #Install required packages RUN yum -y update RUN yum -y install java RUN yum -y install ImageMagick #Copy server code to container image COPY my_server /opt/my_server #Run my_server/startup.sh on startup […]

Docker [error response]: Failed to choose a UCP node. UCP node does not exist.

My docker server version is 1.13.1-cs3 I have successfully installed UCP on three nodes (1 Manager, and 2 worker nodes). UCP is working without a glitch. But whenever I have tried to install DTR, it is not installing. Instead, I am getting this error: INFO[0037] Validating UCP cert INFO[0037] Connecting to UCP INFO[0038] UCP cert […]

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