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Why am I seeing docker.io infront of the docker images repository name?

strong text Listing the docker images shows the images with prefix docker.io which is weird as I haven’t seen like this in my previous installation. What is this mean? How to remove it? I have installed docker on CentOS. My previous installation was on Ubuntu where it worked perfectly.

Docker best practice scaling

I have an array with 1 million strings. I have node.js application, that takes each string and do API request to an external service. I want to split that array, and for each part to create docker container, which will run the node js app. Is there any idea how can I do that dynamically? […]

How to delegate Kubernetes scheduler to Yarn

I am planning to run docker images on the same cluster that hosts Hadoop currently. To avoid resource usage conflicts I heard that Yarn is assigned as master. However, I don’t know how to link them both. Most probably I will delegate Kubernetes scheduler to Yarn’s application master but I don’t know how to do […]

Convert HTML to PDF using wkhtmltopdf, docker in ASP.NET Core

I’m trying to convert HTML to PDF using wkhtmltopdf in my ASP.NET Core app. I’ve added a wkhtmltopdf.exe to my project and marked as a Copy to an output to always. Here’s my code: var htmlContent = receiptBody; var wkhtmltopdf = new FileInfo(@”/app/Configuration/Wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf.exe”); var converter = new HtmlToPdfConverter(wkhtmltopdf); var pdfBytes = converter.ConvertToPdf(htmlContent); The file has […]

Assign network aliases dynamically on global deployed services in a docker stack

I use docker swarm, running couchbase on every swarm node. When connecting couchbase nodes to the couchbase cluster, nodes have to know every node on the cluster (reachable IP or hostname). When a client requests any data, it asks to any node on the cluster, and this node tells the client which node has that […]

DB, user not created using postgres docker-compose

I was setting up my django project and postgres but everytime I was getting this error role doesn’t exist or Db doesn’t exist So when I only tried to setup postgres and see if postgres is creating user and db correctly, but it wasn’t Here is my docker compose file : version: “3” services: templates_db: […]

dotnet docker /bin/sh: 1: [dotnet,: not found

I build successfully with dockerfile, but when I try to run a new container from the build image, I get the following error: What do i have to do for the solution? Error : /bin/sh: 1: [dotnet,: not found docker run command: docker run –rm -it -p 8080:80 furkaandogan/myapp:0.1 Dockerfile: FROM microsoft/aspnetcore:1.1 ARG source WORKDIR […]

Sentry Docker Port 80

I’m using Sentry via Docker-Compose. My Docker Compose file has 3 services: sentry sentry-cron sentry-worker-1 Only the sentry service exposes port 9000. Now I want to map the container port 9000 to port 80 on my local machine. I do write 80:9000 and application runs with all the components and workers, but when I go […]

Set write permission into the volume folder inside docker windows/windows container

How I can set write permission into the volume folder inside docker windows/windows container? Docker on windows (Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0.14393) host has container with windows, based on nanoserver. Container run jboss with application that should writes its logs into %JBOSS_HOME%\bin\logFolder. Everything works outside the container. Application works, but logFolder is empty. Dockerfile […]

ECS: Environment variables set in task but not present in container

I have a task definition that looks like this: > aws ecs describe-task-definition –task-definition ruby-on-rails-test { “taskDefinition”: { “status”: “ACTIVE”, “networkMode”: “bridge”, “family”: “ruby-on-rails-test”, “placementConstraints”: [], “requiresAttributes”: [ { “name”: “com.amazonaws.ecs.capability.ecr-auth” }, { “name”: “com.amazonaws.ecs.capability.docker-remote-api.1.21” } ], “volumes”: [ { “host”: { “sourcePath”: “/opt/cf/rails-app/public/” }, “name”: “ruby-on-rails-public-volume” } ], “taskDefinitionArn”: “arn:aws:ecs:us-east-1:accountId:task-definition/ruby-on-rails-test:5”, “containerDefinitions”: [ { “memoryReservation”: […]

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