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Service running in Docker returning URLs to another service service in different container

I’m very new to Docker so it might just be I’ve misunderstood something. We are developing a system using an SDK, this SDK relies on 2 Docker services for which we have the tar files of the images. Both these images expose a REST API on port 8080. I’ve got containers running as per the […]

GitLab CE Docker SMTP

I’m using the gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest docker image to set up gitlab within my company’s intranet. Doing docker-compose up -d works like a charm and I can login as root, so I changed passwords, and made myself a proper user… but never got confirmation emails. I’ve been tweaking the docker-compose.yml file to try to fix the smtp […]

SQL Server backup with sqlcmd doesn't create file

I’m trying to backup my SQL Server database (running over Linux) with the “beeven/docker–sqlcmd” docker image: docker run -v /home/user/backup:/backup -it beeven/docker-sqlcmd -S IP -U SA -P pwd -Q “BACKUP DATABASE [DEMO] TO DISK = N’/backup/demodb.bak'” If I execute a ls /backup into the container, I can see the files inside the /homer/user/backup folder, so […]

How can I make my nodeJS container connect with my mongoDB container?

I have 2 fairly simple Docker containers, 1 containing a NodeJS application, the other one is just a MongoDB container. Dockerfile.nodeJS FROM node:boron ENV NODE_ENV production # Create app directory RUN mkdir -p /node/api-server WORKDIR /node/api-server # Install app dependencies COPY /app-dir/package.json /node/api-server/ RUN npm install # Bundle app source COPY /app-dir /node/api-server EXPOSE 3000 […]

Is Spring Boot Logging to System Out in Docker on AWS a memory leak?

I have a Dockerised Spring Boot app running happily in AWS and have configured the awslogs driver to stream log entries to CloudWatch. My app is configured to log to system out, which I presume awslogs driver is listening to for log entries. However, if my service is long-running are the logs (to system out) […]

How to change timezone of postgreSQL 9.5 on docker?

Default timezone is UTC. But I want to change it to GMT+2. I tried as below. alter database governance set timezone = ‘GMT+2′; But it does’t work. How can I manage it? postgresql version is 9.5. And it run on Docker. Thanks!

docker – installing java 8 with curl

To insall java 8 on docker container, I used this command in dockerfile RUN curl -LO ‘http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u111-b14/jdk-8u111-linux-x64.rpm’ -H ‘Cookie: oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie’ RUN rpm -i jdk-8u111-linux-x64.rpm RUN rm jdk-8u111-linux-x64.rpm It worked for awhile, but now this link is not no longer available. Is there replaceable url for this? or easy way to insall java 8 on docker?

Nginx resolving system in Docker container

I got strange situation with Nginx in the Docker. I have 3 containers that run as a services in the Docker swarm. Docker version is: 17.03.1-ce, build c6d412e. Docker command to run swarm is: docker deploy -c docker-compose.yml synergy Docker compose file is here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sodrian/synergy/master/docker-compose.yml The strange thing is as follows: If I use 80 […]

Unable to start docker container from arquillian cube on windows 10

I have a junit test that have to start a docker container. This is the code i use @ClassRule public static ContainerDslRule mysql = new ContainerDslRule(TestConfigConstants.DOCKER_IMAGE) .withPortBinding(TestConfigConstants.PORT) .withEnvironment(“MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD”, TestConfigConstants.PASSWORD, “MYSQL_DATABASE”, TestConfigConstants.DB, “MYSQL_USER”, TestConfigConstants.USERNAME, “MYSQL_PASSWORD”, TestConfigConstants.PASSWORD); When i start the test on a windows 7 pc with docker toolbox installed it’s all ok. But when i […]

GKE: Docker login alway succeeds, but push does not work even with valid credentials

I have a GKE cluster running in GCE, I was able to build + tag an image derived from ubuntu:16.04: / # docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE eu.gcr.io/my-project/ubuntu-gcloud latest a723e43228ae 7 minutes ago 347MB ubuntu 16.04 ebcd9d4fca80 7 days ago 118MB First I try to log in to registry (as documented in […]

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