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X11 forwarding of a GUI app running in docker

First off: I have read the answers to similar questions on SO, but none of them worked. The situation: App with GUI is running in a docker container (CentOS 7.1) under Arch Linux. (machine A) Machine A has a monitor connected to it. I want to access this GUI via X11 forwarding on my Arch […]

Gitlab pipeline fails during connect with EOF

I want to create a deployment/automatic test system with gitlab, and the build always fails with: Using docker image sha256:d108803bf9795fe6552e849ff52339a2bae2fe7787fbeb6c1c75fb11b238eb67 for predefined container… Pulling docker image php:7.1 … ERROR: Preparation failed: error during connect: Post EOF The gitlab is self hosted in a docker container on a separate VM. There is a VM for […]

How can we avoid generating cache on host system by Docker Container?

As we run docker containers on the host machine, it will be generated amount of memory cache on a host machine, so every time we have to clear cache on host otherwise container will get the crash because of memory issue. So, at this point, we have set Cron job for clearing cache memory on […]

How to enable colors in a Docker container?

Context I have a Docker Compose with which I run several containers. My docker-compose.yml: version: ‘2’ services: web: build: ../application-web/ ports: – “80:80” tty: true # Add a volume to link php code on the host and inside the container volumes: – ${application_PATH}:/usr/share/application – ${application_PATH}/docker_files/docker-assistant:/usr/share/assistant depends_on: – custom-php – custom-mysql links: – custom-php:custom-php – custom-mysql:custom-mysql […]

How to upgrade Openshift Origin Docker to latest version?

We are running Openshift Origin which got installed by using the Ansible playbooks. This by default installed docker 1.9.1, now we have to upgrade it to the latest version because of frequent crashes of docker. But seems like Origin package dependent on docker 1.9.1. So, How do I upgrade docker to latest version which is […]

FileNotFoundException in tomcat7 running inside a ubuntu docker container

Im trying to prepare a web interface for my software using tomcat7. I therefore built a very brief textarea input and then call my imported software to use the given text and output the result. Tomcat7 is running inside an ubuntu docker container. I exposed the ports and tomcat7 is accesible from the outside. However, […]

Problems creating OpenShift app using Dockerfile (with oc new-app)

I am trying to create an OpenShift application from an Express Node js app, using a Dockerfile. The web app is currently a skeleton created with express generator and the Dockerfile looks like this: FROM node:boron # Create app directory RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app # Install app dependencies COPY package.json /usr/src/app/ RUN npm […]

Can't access docker containers when there more than 2 containers

Under Windows 10 I have a docker container app which is FROM openjdk:8 with java server inside. Java server starts on port 8080 and container exposes this port inDockerfile. When I running 2 instances of this container and bind them to different ports on host machine, I can access them by same IP (VirtualBox Host-Only […]

Symfony cannot connect to mysql DB on docker ECS container

I’m using amazon-ecs to launch docker containers that I have. Everything works fine locally, but when I’m running the containers on ECS I’m getting the following error: “NOTICE: PHP message: Unable to open PDO connection [wrapped: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known]” I’m linking the containers in the docker-compose file, and […]

How to ship java development env to many workstations

I’m looking for a method to ship java development environment for many (>50) workstations with win, linux or mac. My end-user is a java course student. For me development environment is: jdk (OpenJdk or HotSpot) build tool (gradle) ide (idea) db (PostgreSQL) docker Docker is a must on a workstation. First idea was to create […]

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