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docker flannel subnet issues

Docker not picking up flannel subnet. Any help will be greatful. I am using coreos as my container Linux and docker version is 1.12.6 my docker startup file look like below. Flannel is working as expected [Unit] Description=Docker Application Container Engine Documentation=http://docs.docker.com After=containerd.service docker.socket network.target Requires=containerd.service docker.socket [Service] Type=notify EnvironmentFile=-/run/flannel/flannel_docker_opts.env # the default is not […]

How to restart a Celery Worker in Airflow

I’m currently running into an issue where my Celery worker freezes once in a while and needs to be restarted. I have an instance of Airflow from which I would like to configure and schedule a restart using the BashOperator or SSHOperator, but I’m not sure how to proceed since it’s in a Docker container. […]

Avoid repeated program installation/configuration in container

I have an ambari installer that currently needs to be run at every container startup. Using run with “-v ~/home/data:/data” works to persist data, but what is the best way to avoid repeatedly running through an installer? The GUI setup component takes around 45 minutes to install on every container restart. I’m considered using volume […]

Docker: readonly filesystem error

I am required to a create container (docker run), run an application like gams and then destroy the container. for a load test I repeat this a 1000 times. by the end of this test, RHEL7 complains about a ‘readonly filesystem’ or ‘segmentation fault’ on ls. the only solution thus far is a disk reset. […]

docker-compose access service from external machine

I’m using docker-compose to bind 4 containers (backend, frontent, mysql and one additional service called video-cutter). Here is my docker-compose.yml file: version: “3” services: database: build: context: . dockerfile: Dockerfile.db volumes: – ../mysql:/var/lib/mysql restart: always environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root ports: – 2323:3306 networks: main: aliases: – database backend: build: context: backend dockerfile: Dockerfile.backend restart: always ports: […]

Supervisor is not started into my docker container (Laravel project)

Supervisor is not started into my container and i am not able to run my php artisan queue:work command for my laravel project. Extract from my Dockerfile # Add worker to supervisor config file COPY laravel-worker.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ CMD [“/usr/bin/supervisord”] Here is the laravel-worker.conf: [program:laravel-worker] command=php /var/www/test/current/artisan queue:work –tries=3 user=myuser process_name=%(program_name)s_%(process_num)d directory=/var/www/test/current stdout_logfile=/tmp/supervisord.log redirect_stderr=true numprocs=1 autostart=true […]

Can't access django media from container volume

I am attempting to create a mounted volume within a docker swarm and access it from a webapp (Django). I create the volume, go into a container and it is there. However, my Django app is is getting a 404 when attempting to access any image. The directory and branch I’m using is identical to […]

Run AspNet Core app in docker using GMSA

I’m trying to use GMSA for SQL connection from AspNet core application. All the prep steps are done, but it appears it does not work. I guess the reason is that the application is started with “dotnet.exe myapp.dll” and it is not using LocalSystem or Network accounts, which are the only ones which are “proxied” […]

Automate process during docker push

Can I add a hook that runs whenever I do a docker push? I’m using docker for the first time, I have installed CLAIRCTL and I have success doing statics analysis by analyzing images manually and generating reports, but I want that to be automatic. How can I do an automatic process to analyze all […]

JHipster docker image from DockerHub is not working

I am trying to run the JHipster in docker container and followed the steps mentioned in https://jhipster.github.io/installation/. > docker pull jhipster/jhipster > mkdir ~/jhipster > docker run –name jhipster -v ~/jhipster:/home/jhipster/app -v ~/.m2:/home/jhipster/.m2 -p 8080:8080 -p 9000:9000 -p 3001:3001 -i -t jhipster/jhipster As I am running it in interactive mode it showing the JHIPSTER ASCII […]

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