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Using localhost instead of db for the mysql hostname in docker

I want to use localhost when used in php to point to the ip of the mysql container instead of pointing to itself so I can use the mysql container for data. How can use localhost in my php call to mysql $mysqli = new mysqli(“localhost”, “root”, “examplepass”, “set”, 3306); the above code won’t work […]

Running and configuring mqtt broker with docker composer

In the documentation of docker composer version 3, from what I understood, to run some commands after a container has started I need to add the “command” tag as follows: version: “3” services: broker: image: “toke/mosquitto” restart: always ports: – “1883:1883” – “9001:9001” command: [“cd /etc/mosquitto”, “echo \”\” > mosquitto.pwd”, “mosquitto_passwd -b /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.pwd user pass”, […]

How to add plugins in Dradis instance on docker?

I have been strugling to work on Dradis for my course exam. I want to upload a plugin in dradis to manage packages & I’m running an Dradis Docker Image ( https://github.com/zuazo/dradis-docker ) I’m able to run the docker image on 3000 port. But how do i add more plugins in docker image ? Thanks […]

kubernetes cant run docker image from localhost registry

I am trying to run a single docker container using kubernetes cat /path/to/docker/docker.conf [Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// –live-restore=true –iptables=false –log-opt max-size=100m –log-opt max-file=3 –bip ${FLANNEL_SUBNET} –mtu ${FLANNEL_MTU} DOCKER_OPTS=”–insecure-registry localhost:5000″ i want to create a local registry as i dont want my images to reside on the public repo. docker run -d -p 5050:5000 –restart=always […]

Docker: Run command while another command is running

I need to configure a program running in a docker container. To achieve that the program must be running (and provide an open port) so that the administration program can connect to the running process. Unfortunately there is no simple editable config file so this is the only way. The RUN command is obviously not […]

change bluemix docker default subnet to a different value?

I need to change the IBM Bluemix container subnet mask to be in a different range. I’m using the IBM Bluemix VPN Service and we cannot use the default range (as it is already in use). The customer has allocated us a private subnet range for us to use, which I need to set […]

What is the simplest way to create an EC2 from a docker image hosted on ECR?

I am trying to figure out what is the best way for my app to deploy a new release. I am not using EB because i don’t want my instances to be automatically replaced (i am using websockets for a video game). I am handling “manually” the load balancing (i create and remove EC2s i […]

After update, can't make requests in flask running in docker but can ping

I have a flask app running behind nginx on docker. I ran into a really weird problem today. I did an update on my system (Ubuntu 16.04) via sudo apt-get upgrade, my laptop froze and I had to manually restart it. When I turned it on again, and put my containers up via compose, suddenly […]

Creating Docker container for mapped drive

I am trying to setup Docker for my application. My application is in a mapped drive, not a local drive When I run docker-compose up, I get the error message ERROR: for client Cannot create container for service client: H: drive is not shared. Please share it in Docker for Windows Settings Is it possible […]

What is for parser directive in docker

I read this link which explains the valid directives. And it says “Parser directive is a special form of comment” I really don’t understand what is the need for this and if it is comment, why docker parses it? I didn’t find any good explanations related to this. Is it only escape directive? Because of […]

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