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Docker run php script

I have some script for irc bot and want to run it with docker run -d –name php-fpm php:5 irc_bot.php however it doesn’t work. I don’t need web server : apach, nginx, but only clli is needed. Do you know how to simply run php irc_bot.php with online docker command?

Vagrant and Docker provider: a way to force proxy VM for Linux hosts?

TL&DR: Is there a way to force a proxy VM to be used by Vagrant, even if the host OS supports Docker natively? I’m using Vagrant with Docker provider. The Vagrant VM is the OS and Docker containers host my apps (web servers, DBs). Problem: Linux containers do not run natively on non-Linux machines. If […]

Lowercase images names in docker

Why does docker only allow lowercase letters for image names? why not Uppercase letters. during the commit of container docker commit [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [REPOSITORY[:TAG]] Thanks in advance.

Starting services at container startup

I’m trying to run 3 services at my container startup (snmpd, sshd and centengine) As runlevel is unknown in the container, services won’t start. I built an image with this Dockerfile : FROM centos:6.7 MAINTAINER nael <me@mail> # Update CentOS RUN yum -y update # Install wget RUN yum install -y wget # Get Centreon […]

Lucee 5, Nginx, and Docker Compose not finding sample index.cfm file

I have set up a fairly vanilla Dockerfile to start with, just to see if I can get the sample index.cfm to run: FROM lucee/lucee-nginx:preview And the related docker-compose.yml file: web: build: . ports: – “80:80” When I run this, I get an Nginx 403 Forbidden error. If I change the ports setting to 80:8080, […]

Dealing with “HTTP request timed out. Exiting.” when building a large aspnet project for Docker

I have a multi-project aspnet solution using MVC6 The Solution file is split into three projects sln +—- Model +—- API +—- Web The Docker file lives in the same folder as the SLN file and has the following content FROM microsoft/aspnet COPY . /app WORKDIR /app/Web RUN [“dnu”, “restore”] EXPOSE 5004 ENTRYPOINT [“dnx”, “.”, […]

Websocket (ws4py in Python 3.5) not working in Docker container

I have a simple web application that uses CherryPy for a RESTful backend and ws4py for websockets. 1) Javascript client sends a POST to Python backend 2) Python replies with a unique id 3) Javascript connects to the websocket and sends the unique id 4) Python associates the websocket client connection to the unique id […]

Can't access dev server when using ionic serve

I’m trying to use ionic serve to access a blank ionic template. It says it’s working, but I just get ‘page not found’ in Chrome. I’m pretty confident that the ports are not the issue, since I can reach the live reload page on and if I swap them, on nmap tells me: […]

Errno::EACCES creating rails project using Docker Rails image

I’m trying to use the official Rails image for Docker to create my development environment and after creating the container using docker build -t my-rails-app . I tried to bootstrap the new app using this command: docker run -it –rm –user “$(id -u):$(id -g)” -v “$PWD”:/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app rails rails new –skip-bundle webapp And got […]

Bad docker tag got daemon stuck

I seem to have a container that is stuck in a bad state that I dont know how to get out of. $ docker ps -qa Error response from daemon: Error parsing reference: “demoapp:feature/blue.background” is not a valid repository/tag I think this offending container was created months ago. Is there any way I can delete […]

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