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Manage multiple nginx containers on the same host with Docker Swarm

I have to manage multiple identicals nginx container using them as a CDN. Now, because this is a degree thesis work, teachers told me that i could use Docker Swarm for manage them, using a default round-robin load balancer. My architecture is with a browser client, that CDN (multiple nginx container as proxy-cache) and a […]

Networking in Docker Swarm, and why we need a proxy

I have seen some docker swarm examples, where multiple networks are used. For example, we define Proxy service to run in Proxy network, Database to run in App network, and the Application itself to run both in App network and Proxy network. All of those are overlay network, just name differs. Proxy service publishes some […]

Docker Swarm mode – equivalent docker commands to docker run -it ubuntu

I am trying to deploy a mongodb cluster on docker swarm mode, all the mongod daemon are in the same overlay network. I need to configure the mongodb cluster, i am trying to find a command that works like docker run -it ubuntu in docke rswarm mode so i can log in, any ideas? Or […]

Docker volume created with nfs server is not reflecting the data from nfs server

I have created an NFS server in an AWS Ubuntu instance. Below is the exposed nfs device from NFS server. df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/xvdb 30G 173M 28G 1% /mnt Now in my swarm manager node, I am creating the nfs volume using this nfs server, docker volume create –driver […]

Docker swarm mode load balancing

I’ve set up a docker swarm mode cluster, with two managers and one worker. This is on Centos 7. They’re on machines dkr1, dkr2, dkr3. dkr3 is the worker. I was upgrading to v1.13 the other day, and wanted zero downtime. But it didn’t work exactly as expected. I’m trying to work out the correct […]

Fail to build MongoDB replcaset with Auth on Swarm

I’m trying to create a MongoDB cluster on a docker swarm with authentication. (My process work when auth is disabled) So I have 3 mongo instance (started with option –auth –replicaset REPLICASET_NAME)on the same crypted overlay network. (mongo1, mongo2 and mongo3) On node with mongo1 container I initiate the replicaset and create the db admin […]

Using dockers remote api in docker swarm

I have a microservice called “Creator”. What that service does is use the docker remote api to create a new container with the microservice (“Calculator”) if needed. Now I’m trying to get this working in Docker Swarm, and my question is about how I should be able to find the IP /DNS for the docker […]

Docker Stack deployment app does not work

I followed the tutorial at https://docs.docker.com/engine/getstarted-voting-app/ and went until the end of deploying the stack to swarm nodes. All looks fine however, when i open the :5000 i get can’t connect error in the browser. How do i debug it ? doing docker node ls prints VSKUMAR-mac:docker-stack vskumar$ docker-machine ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL […]

How many docker swarm networks can I create

how many subnets can I create via the docker swarm overlay? i.e. if I was running a paas setup and I needed each app to be isolated in its own network, is there a limit to the number of networks that can be created? Also is there a way I can set the prefix for […]

Nginx reverse proxy falling after update Docker to 1.13

i’m having a connection timed out issue with nginx reverse proxy since yesterday when we updated docker to version 1.13 here is the error log from Nginx upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while connecting to upstream, client:, server:, request: “GET /Microservice/microservices HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “” The nginx is a service […]

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