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How to back up docker swarm mode service configuration for disaster recovery

I have a number of servers running as a swarm using docker swarm mode. There are several (5+) stacks running in the swarm each with their respective docker-compose.yml files. I am mainly using docker stack deploy to manage my stacks (editing my docker-compose.yml then running deploy so that the compose files remain a true reflection […]

can I use ansible to start docker swarm services without compose?

how can I ssh into a service created by docker swarm? I have created a service using docker stack and the yaml file looks like this: version: ‘3’ services: app: image: “myimage1” expose: – “8080” and I validated that the service is running but I’m not sure how to ssh into the service(container) that was […]

How does docker work along with IBM WebSphere?

I have been reading on docker for last few days. The traditional systems I have worked on were using IBM Websphere ecosystem. There is a load balancer in front. The load balancer routes the request to different nodes. The nodes have clusters below them. Clusters can have many JVMs. I can have docker instead of […]

How can I call shell script from one container to another container and capture output without ssh in Docker Swarm?

Is there any way to call shell script one container to another container and capture output and show that output in UI without ssh. I have tried making password less containers but I am not able to scale the containers. If I am scaling that containers then password less ssh not working.

How to prevent access to docker socket form within a container

In docker swarm clusters, how we can prevent containers from gaining access to docker socket. We have a shared swarm cluster and containers easily gain access to docker.sock by mounting it and access it as root within container. How we deny this (assuming we do not have control over the compose file being deployed), we […]

Wildfly/Jboss-v10 is not working in cluster mode with docker swarm

I have my web based java application working in wildfly/jboss version 10.I am using docker(1.13.1-cs2) to deploy my application.Now as per some HA(High availability) scenario I want my application to work in cluster mode.So I changes my wildfly configuration to cluster mode inside my standalone-full-ha.xml.After this changes everything works perfect only if I use default […]

How do I force `docker stack` to always fetch a new image?

How can I enforce docker stack deploy always fetches a new image? Say I have made some changes to the image and want to test again. Does docker stack always fetch from the remote source or does it use what’s available on the host computer? E.g. my laptop.

How to fix this issue “no suitable node (scheduling constraints not satisfied on 1 node)” in docker swarm while deploying registry?

I have a docker swarm in a virtual machine with 2 core 4GB ram Centos. In the swarm when I deploy docker private registry (registry 2.6.4) it shows service status as pending forever. I used docker service ps <<registry_name>> And when i inspect using docker inspect <<task_id>> in message I got this “no suitable node […]

Connect to Docker Swarm for Continuous deploy

Any suggestions on how best to connect to a swarm for continuous deploy (within CI)? I’m using docker cloud, and CircleCI 2. Tried dockercloud/client e.g. docker run –rm -ti -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e DOCKER_HOST dockercloud/client -u ${DOCKER_LOGIN} -p ${DOCKER_PASSWORD} myapp/app However, since I’m using CircleCI 2 I’m having an issue when I switch to the other […]

reading IP address of a host machine inside a docker container

Is there a way to know the IP address of a CentOS host machine inside the docker container inside which the container is running? Like say if I have a linux machine IP that has docker container1 and container2 running, I would want to query the IP from my java code. The Java code […]

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