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How to determine bridge IP of docker swarm container

I’m trying to set up a framework, using docker swarm, where I can connect from an external system (via ssh or whatever) into a specific service’s container. So, I’m able to do this using something like: ssh -o ProxyCommand=”ssh ubuntu@ nc 22″ -l root foo Here is one of the swarm nodes and […]

autoredeploy new image to a docker swarm

I want docker to automatically redeploy my stack to a swarm when an image update is pushed. Before swarm, this was possible as documented here https://docs.docker.com/docker-cloud/apps/auto-redeploy/ . Is this feature available in swarm?

Docker swarm mode: scale down a node and remove services

I have set of tasks for given service t1, t2, …, tk across nodes N1, N2, …Nw. Due to lower usage, I do not need as many tasks as k. I need only l tasks (l < k). In fact, I do not need w nodes so I want to start removing machines and pay […]

Docker-swarm overlay network is not working for containers in different hosts

We have a networking problem in docker-swarm. The problem is below; we have virtualized environment over wmware ( vsphere 6.02) our servers are created from vmware say server1 and server2 we have a docker compose file defining a couple of services we have an overlay-network definition within docker-compose for docker-swarm when we deploy system using […]

How to expose a docker machine to an internal network

I’ve created a docker container And I tried a lot of methods to expose it to my internal network by : 1-Bridging the lan connection on my docker VBox machine but had no luck 2-Bashing into the container itself and binging any machine within the network Worked fine but opening the /etc/hosts file showed an […]

tomcat7 session replication doesn't work under docker swarm mode

I run two tomcat containers. Then I followed tomcat official guide to do the tomcat session replication. I just followed this link: http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-7.0-doc/cluster-howto.html I have to say, there is nothing special on configuration. I just used the most simplest configuration for most easy scenario. Before I changed the deployment environment into docker swarm mode, everything […]

docker container runtime application configurations

We have a java application. It connects to the oracle database. It has three properties files and the customer changes value of those properties files when we deployed our application to the customer site. We have another python script that allows customer to modify those properties files and start the main app after configuration is […]

How do you map port on host inside swarm mode on Windows?

Anybody successfully runs windows containers in windows swarm? I’m trying to understand how port can be mapped from host to container outside of overlay network.

Can a Docker Task in a Swarm know which instance number or how many total instances there are?

Is it possible for a Docker Task to know which task number and how many total tasks there are running of a particular Service? E.g. I’d like to have a Service that works on different ranges in a job queue. The range of jobs that any one Service instance (i.e. Task) works on is dependent […]

Swarm Networking and Spring Cloud Apps

I’m doing some investigation into docker 1.13 & swarm. We use Spring Boot Microservices with Eureka for service discovery of the services. I’m having problems with getting our services to see each other. Some of the services start on the ingress network, and others on the network I created for the stack. It’s pretty confusing […]

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