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Would using Docker (Docker Swarm) grant any additional benefits when making an N node Raspberry Pi cluster web server?

I am looking at making a personal web server from a Pi cluster consisting of a PI 3 load balancer and perhaps 4 Pi zeros or more. This is just a personal project to learn more about clusters, and also making web servers. Would adding Docker to the equation provide any additional benefits? as I […]

Not able to start any containers

I get the following error when tried to start a docker container. docker: Error response from daemon: lstat /var/lib/docker/overlay/8b33c753105d638a47c4105c35bdd3344f9667324ff656c3bcd4dbd32230edbb: no such file or directory. docker version : Docker version 1.12.3, build 34a2ead

502 Bad Gateway Error with Docker Swarm service

first i’ve tried an nginx-container as proxy cache for multimedia contents (with backend tomcat, on post 8080) and i’ve used shaka library for streaming them on Chrome and Firefox. The setup and conf file are there: https://github.com/google/shaka-player/issues/641 Now i’ve used docker swarm for creating a service (on post 9999) of N identicals nginx-container as proxy […]

Docker Swarm DNS on custom network?

I created my network on Docker swarm cluster: docker network create –driver overlay mynet and created services in this network, eg: docker service create \ –name wordpress \ –replicas 2 \ -p 80:80 \ –network mynet \ … Once when everything is up, I am not able to access (from the outside) published port everywhere […]

Docker swarm use local service instance

I try to update a project from a single host to multi host platform. So basically I want to switch from docker-compose deployment to docker swarm. My application look like that: I have 2 application app1 and app2. app1 create a huge file for app2. The file is written on a data volume shared between […]

Restrict access to docker swarm (manager / configuration)

With docker v1.12.3 creating a swarm is as simple as docker swarm init –advertise-addr <MANAGER-IP> Is there a way to restrict access to certain ‘areas’ of the swarm. E.g. I create a manager on a specific machine with an static IP address and I want to give the registration/security token to other developers to join […]

How to restart multiple containers in a docker swarm

I currently have 8 containers across 4 different host machines in my docker setup. ubuntu@ip-192-168-1-8:~$ docker service ls ID NAME MODE REPLICAS IMAGE yyyytxxxxx8 mycontainers global 8/8 myapplications:latest Running a ps -a on the service yields the following. ubuntu@ip-192-168-1-8:~$ docker service ps -a yy NAME IMAGE NODE DESIRED STATE CURRENT STATE ERROR PORTS mycontainers1 myapplications:latest: […]

How to organize microservices projects connection parameters

I’m studying microservices architecture with Spring boot and Docker Swarm. I’m familiar with the tools and concepts to such extends that I can deploy a few containerized services into a swarm cluster and make them communicate with each other. However, project management and configuration always feels clunky, redundant and error prone. I’m looking for some […]

Is there any way to get logs in Docker Swarm?

I want to see the logs from my Docker Swarm service. Not only because I want all my logs to be collected for the usual reason, but also because I want to work out why the service is crashing with “task: non-zero exit (1)”. I see that there is work to implement docker logs in […]

Why got connection refused of the swarm leader during round robin of services

I have created a small test swarm setup with 3 nodes where one node takes the role as leader… docker nodes ls ID HOSTNAME STATUS AVAILABILITY MANAGER STATUS 1hue4niuencvg99i3duh296pf node-01 Ready Active 4h7g82jnxvxecst09ggenydx7 node-02 Ready Active 5bq0butrsoeav84kboy9x1z7p * node-00 Ready Active Leader Now I create a single instance of a service on that swarm. docker […]

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