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Docker-swarm automatically pulling missing image from private docker-registry

We have a docker-swarm cluster. The manager node holds the credentials to our private docker registry. When we start new containers on other nodes the image might need be pulled from the private docker registry. Is there a way to tell the crate container command to pull the image (if not already existent on the […]

Install shipyard on existing docker swarm

Hi I have my swarm cluster up and running. And it seems to be ok. Nodes: 4 xxxxxx: xxxxxx.200:2375 └ ID: PCWH:KH4F:NBDH:R75Q:BG27:FDUA:TCA6:MD7W:AMFQ:6P7S:GM6B:XELT └ Status: Healthy └ Containers: 4 (3 Running, 0 Paused, 1 Stopped) └ Reserved CPUs: 0 / 4 └ Reserved Memory: 0 B / 32.95 GiB └ Labels: kernelversion=3.16.0-77-generic, operatingsystem=Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, storagedriver=aufs […]

Docker Swarm node only reachable from localhost

I’ve been using these instructions to set up a Docker Swarm cluster on AWS (Ubuntu 16.04). However, the managers can’t reach worker nodes. The worker can advertise itself through the consul, but isn’t reachable on port 2375. The cause appears to be that port 2375 isn’t forwarded from the worker node’s external network interface to […]

Docker swarm, listening in container but not outside

We have a number docker images running in a swarm-mode and are having trouble getting one of them to listen externally. If I exec to container I can curl the URL on When I look at networking on the host I see 1 packet being stuck in Recv-Q for this listening port (but not […]

Mount 'pwd' in swarm service using Docker for Mac

I have followed this guide to set up a swarm cluster in Docker for Mac: https://medium.com/@alexeiled/docker-swarm-cluster-with-docker-in-docker-on-macos-bdbb97d6bb07#.2x5gqgrkq All seems to work correctly and I am able to see the cluster. $ docker node ls ID HOSTNAME STATUS AVAILABILITY MANAGER STATUS 3ez478atbfrcwb66u892ccbpx worker-2 Ready Active 7qfb87e9n54q3at9enzgeeko1 worker-3 Ready Active cnr8tyaf1qqgkpjqnn4wmnb1e * moby Ready Active Leader eyksqiw6ewfks7t8fr48rppia worker-1 […]

docker Error response from daemon: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type []string

line: docker ps -f “label=com.abc.xyz.environment=dev” -q -a results: Error response from daemon: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type []string while executing ./go.sh 884-PC-2016.10.10 How can I resolve this issue?

Problems with –with-registry-auth option, doesnt work with AWS container repositories

When we want create a swarm service from a docker HUB repositories we need do the follows steps 1) docker login (dockerHUB login) 2) docker-machine ssh manager_name “docker service create -p 80:5000 –name web –with-registry-auth repository:latest” However if we try a similar command for AWS EC2 container repository this doesnt work. For example Im trying […]

connecting to AWS server where docker is deployed through template

I am following the article that I found here… https://docs.docker.com/datacenter/install/aws/ I am able to deploy the template, but I do not see the UCP and DTR URLs in the output tab. Actually there are only 2 parameters in the output tab. DefaultDNSTarget and Managers. How do I connect to docker swarm?

Docker 1.12-how to run a post deploy script after swarm deploy my service

I’m using Docker 1.12 (swarm mode) to deploy my services, now for some of the services I need to run a special script after the container is running. How can I tell swarm to run the script every time the container is created? For example, I have a service name: redis with 3 replicas. Now […]

docker swarm http connectivity

new to docker and docker swarm. Trying docker and docker swarm both. initially i had started a docker daemon and was able to connect it on http port i.e. 2375. I had installed docker colud plugin in jenkins and added http://daemon-IP:2375 and was able to create containers. well it creates a container, does my build […]

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