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docker global service and replicated service performance

I’ve been containerizing services with docker for sometime. I am stuck with one concern that in one of the scenarios we need to support the docker global config services(service running on each node) but I am not convinced with this approach since containers running are already swarm enabled and AFAIK swarm internally uses the ingress […]

How to use Docker swarm DNS/Service names in Nginx upstream

I have a service running across 4 swarm nodes (ServiceA) and a Nginx service running across 4 nodes on the same Swarm. The Nginx service exposes/publishes ports 80 and 443. All the services are connected to the same user-defined overlay network and most importantly I can curl/ping the service name (ServiceA) from within the containers […]

Local development and swarm service image update

We are using Docker Swarm on developers machines for development. Docker services is using e.g. foo:beta image. When a developer builds a new feature for foo, he builds a new image of the container locally, under the same name (sha is different). However, we are not being able to update the service to use the […]

How to fetch Ips of a service in docker swarm cluster ?

I am running a docker swarm mode cluster with 2 nodes, and deploy 5 services : [ mysql , mongo , app ] and wish to filldb with an ansible script from my manager node. But I can not get the Ip from nodes to access db services in container ? e.g: mysql -h {{ […]

Making multiple Docker Machines accessible across local network. Linux & Mac

I know there are several questions similar to this, but as far as I can see there’s not an answer for the setup that I can get to work, and as far as documentation goes I’m a bit lost. My goal is to set up a linux development server on the local network which I […]

Docker swarm with consul

I am new with docker swarm and I’m having ambitious to deploy my application with docker swarm. With the docker swarm, it has itself discovery service but I googled around and found out people are mentioning about the Consul as discovery service. My question is. What is the advantage of Consul? Why don’t we just […]

Why log settings don't work without setting –log-driver option while service creation?

According to documentation json-file is default logging driver. When I run my container with this command, all is fine and logging options work properly (two files less than 1 Mb each): docker run -it -v /home/romach/logs:/root/logs –name my-service \ –log-opt max-size=1m –log-opt max-file=2 image-local:1.0; But when I create service, logging options don’t work and log […]

what is the recommended way of passing environment variables to a docker service

I am using compose version 3 to start multiple services. Each service has a bunch of environment variables that need to be passed to the containers. What is the recommended way to do it?

Accessing docker service instances by service_name.n

I have a docker swarm on which say I deploy multiple instances of MongoDB. The instances on doing docker service ls services_mongo will show something along these lines service_mongo.1 service_mongo.2 service_mongo.3 My web services need individually pingable names for the mongo service and the url for mongo is composed of taking all 3 names. On […]

Windows container can't ping Ubuntu container in Swarm

We are trying to create a docker swarm that has a ASP.NET Docker service running on a Windows docker container that is served via an Nginx service running on an Ubuntu docker-machine. The problem is the Windows container is not properly responding to other services in the swarm. We have Django apps using the same […]

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