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Running Elasticsearch containers in swarm mode

Elasticsearch is designed to run in cluster mode, all I have to do is to define the relevant node IPs in the cluster via environment variable and as long as network connectivity is available it will connect and join the other nodes to the cluster. I have 3 nodes, 1 is acting as the docker […]

How to scale a NodeJS stateful application

I am currently working on a web-based MMORPG game and would like to setup an auto-scaling strategy based on Docker and DigitalOcean droplets. However, I am wondering how I could manage to do so: My game server would have to be splittable across different Docker containers BUT every game server instance should act as if […]

Docker Data Volume Container – Can I share across swarm

I know how to create and mount a data volume container to multiple other containers using –volumes-from, but I do have a few questions regarding it’s usage and limitations: Situation: I am looking to use a data volume container to store user uploaded images in for my web application. This data volume container will be […]

docker-swarm and docker-compose how to dynamically add nodes and have them resolvable by the services

I have been playing with docker-compose and have cobbled together a project from the docker hub website. One thing that eludes me is how I can scale individual services up (by adding more instances) AND have existing instances somehow made aware of those new instances. For example, the canonical docker-compose example comprises a cluster of: […]

How to access Weave DNS-Server from external?

I use the Weave network plugin on a Docker-Swarm. I created a docker network with a specific IP-Range, different from the default Weave Network, to which I route from my internal network. To make the containers even better accessible I use weave to attach DNS names like containername.auto.mycompany.de. Now I want to access those from […]

Docker 1.12 swarm mode and container volumes

I have several container that require state – I will only ever set the scale to 1, but I would like it so that no matter which host they start on the volume would be shared. I’m guessing I need to use a network mount to achieve this (which is fine), but how on earth […]

How to log container in docker swarm mode

Is there a way to log the containers which are created with the docker service create in docker swarm mode?

Marathon vs Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm on DC/OS with Docker containers

I’m looking for some pros and cons of whether to go with Marathon and Chronos, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes when running Docker containers on DC/OS. For example, when is it better to use Marathon/Chronos than Kubernetes and vice versa? Right now I’m mostly into experimenting but hopefully we’ll start using one of these services in […]

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