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Mongodb replica set with Docker 1.12 services

Im wondering as to how to start a mongodb replica set using the new Docker 1.12 swarm mode service model. starting a service allows you to specify a number of container replicas, which in the minimal replica set case would be 3. but how would then parameters be specified for the replica set primary, if […]

docker swarm mode multiple services same port

Suppose you have two services on your topology API Web Interface Both suppose to be running on port 80. On docker swarm when you create a service if you wanna to access it outside the cluster you need to expose and map the port from the service to the nodes (external ports). But if you […]

How to configure autoscaling on docker swarm?

I’m new on docker swarm. I’d like to know how to configure this tool to start with a minimum number of nodes and grow to a maximum number of nodes when it is required. Should I use another tool or can docker swarm solve this for me?

How to find which node is the currently the manager node in docker swarm in a multiple swarm manager cluster?

I created a docker swarm cluster with 4 nodes out of it 2 is swarm manager (swarm supports multiple manager) I understand if the current manager node goes down then the second manager takes the role of being the swarm manager. In my case I am firing the rest call to the swarm manager for […]

Workers dying early due to uneven work distribution in Luigi (2.6.1)

We are trying to run a simple pipeline distributed on a docker swarm cluster. The luigi workers are deployed as replicated docker services. They start successfully and after a few seconds of asking for work to luigi-server, they begin to die due to no work was assigned to them and all tasks end up assigned […]

Deploying docker swarm without using docker machine

Currently I have a bunch of RHEL7 VMs running on RackSpace and want to deploy docker swarm for testing purpose. The Docker Docs only describes the method to deploy docker swarm by using docker machine. Question: Since VirtualBox cannot be used in VMs, are any other ways such that I can directly deploy docker swarm […]

Docker-Compose with Docker 1.12 “Swarm Mode”

Does anyone know how (if possible) to run docker-compose commands against a swarm using the new docker 1.12 ‘swarm mode’ swarm? I know with the previous ‘Docker Swarm’ you could run docker-compose commands directly against the swarm by updating the DOCKER_HOST to point to the swarm master : export DOCKER_HOST=”tcp://″ and then simply execute commands […]

How is Docker Swarm different than Kubernetes?

I am finding docker swarm, kubernetes quite similar and then there is docker which is a company and the above two are docker clustering tool. So what exactly all these tools are and differences between them?

Docker Swarm HAProxy Not Load Balancing w/ Overlay Networking

I have spent the past few day working on creating a docker swarm on Digtital Ocean. Note: I don’t want to use -link to communicate with the other apps/containers becasue they are technically considered deprecated and don’t work well with docker swarm (i.e. I can’t add more app instances to the load balancer without re […]

How to bind the published port to specific eth[x] in docker swarm mode

I’m trying to deploy my container to docker swarm cluster(docker engine 1.12.1). The features of docker swarm mode really are exciting, such as clustering docker, multi-host networking. However I find something can’t be archived in swarm mode so far(docker 1.12.x), which works well when using docker run to start container. My host has eth0 for […]

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