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Docker Swarm HAProxy Not Load Balancing w/ Overlay Networking

I have spent the past few day working on creating a docker swarm on Digtital Ocean. Note: I don’t want to use -link to communicate with the other apps/containers becasue they are technically considered deprecated and don’t work well with docker swarm (i.e. I can’t add more app instances to the load balancer without re […]

How to bind the published port to specific eth[x] in docker swarm mode

I’m trying to deploy my container to docker swarm cluster(docker engine 1.12.1). The features of docker swarm mode really are exciting, such as clustering docker, multi-host networking. However I find something can’t be archived in swarm mode so far(docker 1.12.x), which works well when using docker run to start container. My host has eth0 for […]

How to set up Hadoop in Docker Swarm?

I would like to be able to start a Hadoop cluster in Docker, distributing the Hadoop nodes to the different physical nodes, using swarm. I have found the sequenceiq image that lets me run hadoop in a docker container, but this doesn’t allow me to use multiple nodes. I have also looked at the cloudbreak […]

client access to docker swarm

I have a docker swarm cluster consisting of one manager and one worker node. Then I configured (tls and DOCKER_HOST) a client from my laptop to get access to this cluster. When I run docker ps I see only containers from the worker node (and not all containers of worker node (!)). For example, from […]

Docker: Connecting to external database

I have hbase instance running which my app connects, We are planning to move the app into docker container but keep hbase running outside of docker. I could make the my app running in docker container connect to hbase by using add-host option while running docker container as below docker run -dit –add-host hbasehost:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx mydockerimage […]

What's the difference between a stack file and a Compose file?

I’m learning about using Docker Compose to deploy applications in multiple containers, across multiple hosts. And I have come across two configuration files – stack file, and Compose file. From the Cloud stack file YAML reference, it states a stack file is a file in YAML format that defines one or more services, similar to […]

How to share volumes across multiple hosts in docker engine swarm mode?

Can we share a common/single named volume across multiple hosts in docker engine swarm mode, what’s the easiest way to do it ?

Implement on-demand docker container start-up

Situation: lots of heavy docker conainers that get hit periodically for a while, then stay unused for a longer period. Wish: start the containers on demand (like systemd starts things through socket activation) and stop them after idling for given period. No visible downtime to end-user. Options: Kubernetes has resource controllers which can scale replicas. […]

Docker-Machine commands timeout TLS handshake but Dock Swarmer working ok

I am having trouble with docker-machine now, it worked ok previously, as it timeouts for commands on machines running docker in Digital Ocean. I can SSH to the machine fine and Docker Swarm and our system seems to be running ok on the machines (docker node command seem to work ok, e.g. docker node ls). […]

Docker Swarm Service – force update of latest image already running

environment docker 1.12 clusted on Ubuntu 16.04 Is there a way to force a rolling update to a docker swarm service already running if the service update is not changing any parameters but the docker hub image has been updated? Example: I deployed service: docker service create –replicas 1 –name servicename –publish 80:80 username/imagename:latest My […]

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