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Raspberry pi zero Docker can't start container

I’m stuck since a few days on a problem with my pi zero. Let me explain it: i’ve build a docker swarm cluster with multiple pi (pi2, pi3, pi zero) for testing purposes. On the pi2 and pi3, everything works fine, but not on the pi zero. I have another pi zero, outside the swarm […]

how to set the service mode when using docker compose?

I need to set service mode to global while using compose files . Any chance we can use this in compose file ? I have a requirement where for a service there should be exactly one container on every node/host . This doesn’t happen with “spread strategy” of swarm if a node goes down & […]

How do you setup a Docker swarm on Raspberry Pis with one external (USB) storage device?

I have a set of Raspberry Pi 3s connected to my network and I started with Raspian Lite and installed Docker on all of them. On the first machine I run: docker swarm init –advertise-addr On the rest of them I run the generated command: docker swarm join –token SWMTKN-1-abc… Okay cool I […]

Deploy Cloudsuite benchmark using Docker swarm mode

I want to deploy a benchmark, called cloudsuite, using swarm mode for leveraging its benefits in distribution between hosts. The case (explained here) I am trying to use has 4 components: memcached server web server db server faban client the way for deploying the benchmark that is explained in documentation, is by using docker run. […]

Docker swarm on physical machines without docker-machine

I want to create a docker swarm cluster on several physical machines using: myMac:config proshik$ docker swarm init Gives output: docker swarm join \ –token SWMTKN-1-0ly1gp1ij9sa6cxel7ed9w4d3ytyr83jn9z5cty1cu7xu4omjb-et354qzda8o58vhgkuj8de58z \ But when I try to join other hosts in this physical network with command: root@laptop:~# docker swarm join –token SWMTKN-1-0ly1gp1ij9sa6cxel7ed9w4d3ytyr83jn9z5cty1cu7xu4omjb-et354qzda8o58vhgkuj8de58z It will output: Error response from […]

Is it possible to see docker swarm internal DNS records?

Is it possible to see docker swarm internal DNS records at an instant of time ? I want to see the behaviour in the DNS system when i shutdown one of my nodes which has few services/containers on it .

docker service create image command like `docker run`

Does anyone use docker service create with command like docker run -it ubuntu bash ? e.g: docker service create –name test redis bash. I want to run a temp container for debugging on production environment in swarm mode with the same network. This is my result: user@ubuntu ~/$ docker service ps test ID NAME IMAGE […]

Constraint in docker-compose gives container not found error in ucp

version: ‘2’ services: eureka-server: image: dtr-orgname/respository-prefix/eureka-server:v0.1 mem_limit: 512M environment: – “constraint:node==node-name” – SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE: docker-qa-cloud – JAVA_OPTS: -Xms256m -Xmx512m ports: – “8761:8761” restart: always networks: – cloud Now this was the final code after which i started getting container not present when i run in UCP. Initially i tried: version: ‘2’ services: eureka-server: image: dtr-orgname/respository-prefix/eureka-server:v0.1 mem_limit: […]

Service ports not visible in overlay network across hosts using docker swarm mode

I am using Docker swarm mode in dover 1.12.3 release version in Ubuntu 14.04. Created an overlay network in swarm master and started 3 services say “dse”, “studio”, “opscenter” all to run in a single node in the swarm through node constraints. There are port EXPOSED (not Published) in “dse” say, 9042. As per docker […]

Docker Swarm in Multi VLAN/Subnet Application Stack

I am investigating the feasibility of docker swarm. Our Application stack, which has many apps dockerized, and has multiple VLANs with different subnets in SoftLayer ie Front Facing VLAN (Front end apps only, like CMS and is only vlan that is public internet facing) APP VLAN (all internal only apps) Data VLAN (DBs) Load Balancing […]

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