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docker-compose v3 + apache spark, connection refused on port 7077

I’m not sure if this is 100% programming or sysadmin related question. I’m trying to setup a docker-compose file, in the version 3, for docker-swarm, docker version 1.13 to test spark for my local workflow. Sadly the port 7077 does only get bound to localhost on my swarm cluster and so is not reachable from […]

Can I connect directly to a docker swarm network?

I want a shell inside a Docker Service / Swarm network. Specifically, I want to be able to connect to a database that’s inside the network. From the manager node, I tried: # docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE 481c20b4039a bridge bridge local 2fhe9rtim9mz my-network overlay swarm Then docker run -it –network my-network […]

Addressing multiple non docker-swarm services on LAN from within swarm

We have a scenario where we need to contact multiple micro-services outside swarm from services inside swarm. Before moving to swarm, we used –net=host to make the host machines’ hosts file to be available for containers but now we are struggling to achieve the same. What are the options to connect to non docker-swarm services […]

DNS failover with Docker Swarm 1.12

I want to setup a failover for a webservice I’ve written. Everywhere i read that docker swarm 1.12 does automatic failover but I think only for failed containers. How should i configure public DNS for my service? How does failover work if a host is down? With normal dns round robin and IPs of the […]

Docker Compose v3 Ports issue

I’ve started using Docker 17.03.0 to make use of swarm/deploy. I am wondering if I have stumbled across a bug, or am configuring something incorrectly here. With a standard docker-compose up on our previous, no swarm, setup I was able to expose a port to localhost only (not the outside world). It seems the same […]

docker swarm container connect to host port

I have a swarm cluster in which I created a global service to run on all docker hosts in the cluster. The goal is to have each container instance for this service connect to a port listening on the docker host. For further information, I am following this Docker Daemon Metrics guide for exposing the […]

Docker swarm security and high availability on AWS

I’m deploying a docker swarm on AWS with multiple nodes, for now all my nodes have Public IP Address and I opened ports for swarm communications (2377, 7946, 4789). I have multiple web services on different ports (3000, 8080…) I also have a nginx reverse proxy and it’s the only service that publish ports (80, […]

How to provide certificates to mongod containers on different nodes in swarm cluster for internal authentication?

I am experimenting with mongod in docker swarm. I deployed mongod services in the swarm with docker-compose file (v3). My swarm consists of three nodes node1 node2 node3 When I deploy mongod services using docker stack deploy –compose-file <my-docker-compose-file>, mongod services get distributed among three nodes and then I configure these mongod instances as replica […]

How the manager can get the data (or any update done in the container ) from the worker nodes in a docker swarm

I am creating a docker swarm with one manager , and 3 worker nodes and the service that is running is bash terminal .How the manager can get the output of commands which are run on bash(terminal) containers on worker nodes Ex: If i run run ls on terminal of worker node, how the manager […]

Is Docker Swarm using multiple cores on same machine

If I have simple Node.js single core application. When I am running 3 replicas of it on the same machine with docker swarm, are they taking advantage of multiple cores?

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