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docker-compose can not reach swarm

I have used following manual to install swarm on my machines without using docker-machine: https://docs.docker.com/swarm/install-manual/ Now I want to use docker-compose to create cluster of containerised apps. But can not get docker-compose to reach swarm. EG: Following command give back result: docker -H :4000 ps but, docker-compose don’t: docker-compose -H my.IP.address:4000 ps Traceback (most recent […]

Accessing swarm-master via api

I installed a swarm cluster in vagrant and I’m trying to control swarm-master via rest call from post man. I think we need to configure something in “DOCKER_OPTS” inside /etc/init/docker.conf . Can someone guide me on how to achieve this?

Docker Experimental FeaturesToolbox

Currently I have the normal docker windows toolbox running 1.12.0 (updatable to 1.12.1). I was wondering if it was possible to get a toolbox with the experimental features. Or is it possible to upgrade my current 1.12.0 docker to the experimental version?

How to add a mount on a docker swarm service with the specified owner

I am looking for an equivalent of mounting a filesystem with the specified owner: mount -t deviceFileFormat -o gid=ownerGroupID,uid=ownerID /device /mountpoint in Docker Swarm: docker -H tcp://swarm.manager service update my-service \ –mount-add type=bind,source=/opt/efs,target=/efs # how to specify /efs owner user

cronjob not executed on docker swarm deployment

I am using docker swarm to control a deployment with several containers used for a machine learning application. I have a bash script which sends commands to be executed by some containers. When I do execute this script manually in the console, everything works fine, the commands are sent to the containers and run BUT […]

task number is larger than replicas in swarm mode

Why the number of running task is larger than I specific with the blow command. docker service create \ –env TERM=xterm \ –network mynet \ –replicas=1 \ –name backend mybackend Then I execute docker service ls, shows ID NAME REPLICAS IMAGE COMMAND a08kvffdvryy mybackend 3/1 docker.local:5000/mybackend I am confused by 3/1. Does anyone know that?

Nginx backend to one of 4 hosts in Docker Swarm

I’ve been searching around and haven’t found a solution to my situation. I’m running a cluster of 5 machines with Docker Swarm. For right now, I’m trying to get two of the containers communicating with each other. If both containers are running on the same single machine, everything works fine. If one container is on […]

Docker Swarm DNS server address

I am currently doing a Docker Swarm based cluster setup, and I need to use the internal address for the routing mesh DNS server. This seems to be, but I have not been able to find any official docs stating this. Can I rely on this address, or is it subject to change?

docker swarm 1.12 auto stop service

I want to use docker swarm cluster in my CI environment. The swarm cluster is based on docker 1.12. For example, I want to use docker cluster to run a maven build, and return the build result to Jenkins, and then Jenkins return the verify result to Gerrit. However, I find when I create a […]

Multiple similar containers across VMs

I have 2 applications packaged as images App1 and App2. I want to set up a test environment where an instance of App1 can communicate with an instance of App2. I want them to communicate by name and not by IP addresses. I can do this with compose, with both containers on the same VM […]

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