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How can I use a docker swarm mode manager behind a floating IP

Some providers, such as ScaleWay will give your server an IP that is not attached to a local interface on the box. # docker swarm init –advertise-addr <my-external-ip>:2377 –listen-addr Error response from daemon: must specify a listening address because the address to advertise is not recognized as a system address While # docker swarm […]

Using nginx to reverse proxy to Docker services

I have a Docker swarm running Docker version 1.13.1. I am regularly deploying stacks of Docker services (via docker stack deploy) to this swarm, and I have one nginx proxy service that sits at ports 80 and 443 acting as a reverse proxy to various applications in the swarm. I ran into a problem with […]

Docker stack deploy rolling updates volume issue

I’m running docker for a production PHP-FPM/Nginx application, I want to use docker-stack.yml and deploy to a swarm cluster. Here’s my file: version: “3” services: app: image: <MYREGISTRY>/app volumes: – app-data:/var/www/app deploy: mode: global php: image: <MYREGISTRY>/php volumes: – app-data:/var/www/app deploy: replicas: 2 nginx: image: <MYREGISTRY>/nginx depends_on: – php volumes: – app-data:/var/www/app deploy: replicas: 2 […]

Adding nodes on the fly with Docker Swarm

I’m running a swarm using a static list of IPs and I want to add a node. The obvious solution would be to quit the swarm created with swarm manage -H 2375:2375 <node_ip1:2375> and run swarm manage -H 2375:2375 <node_ip1:2375>,<node_ip2:2375>. Is there another solution to do something like swarm add <node_ip2:2375> adding a second node […]

Working monitoring solution for Docker Containers and Swarm?

I’m looking for the monitoring solution for the web application, deployed as a Swarm of Docker containers spread through 7-10 VMs. High level requirements are: Configurable Web and REST interface to performance dashboard General performance metrics on VM levels (CPU/Memory/IO) Alerts when containers and/or VMs are going offline/restart Possibility to drill down into containers process […]

Sharing container ip and port across the hosts

We have a set of docker containers spread across the several hosts. Some containers are part of the same logical group, i.e. network so containers should be able to talk directly, accessing each other IP and Port (which is randomized by docker). The situation is similar to when you use networks in Docker 1.10 and […]

Update docker network in a swarm cluster without downtime

Out networks are defined in compose file with default settings and after a while we realized that it creates overlay network with subnet Eventually we started to run out of IPs. Now we would like to change subnet to something like /20. I suppose we need to create new network and attach it to […]

Docker swarm-manager displays old container information

I am using docker-machine with Google Compute Engine(GCE) to run a docker swarm cluster. I created a swarm successfully with 2 nodes (swnd-01 & swnd-02) in the cluster. I created a daemon container like this in the swarm-manager environment: docker run -d ubuntu /bin/bash docker ps shows the container running on swnd-01. When I tried […]

Docker 1.12 Swarm Nodes IP's

Is there a way how I could get IPs of nodes joined in cluster? In “old” swarm there is command that you can run on manager machine. docker exec -it <containerid> /swarm list consul://x.x.x.x:8500

Docker Swarm Service Can Not Be Reached on Different Node After Period

Problem I have a service running in Docker Swarm in an overlay network, which I start like this: docker service create \ –name db-master \ –label type=database \ –constraint “engine.labels.type == database” \ –network starnet \ –mount type=bind,source=/var/lib/mysql,target=/var/lib/mysql \ -e MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes \ percona:5.6.32 The service starts fine, and is reachable as expected from inside a […]

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