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how to make ebs volume usable by docker stack

I’m building a multi-tier env in AWS using ansible and Docker (running in Swarm). I have one master and 2 worker nodes. I’m using Docker stack to create services in the swarm using the following command: docker stack deploy -c myStack.yml myTest I have 2 questions: my first question is all my nodes keeps running […]

having issues while connecting tomcat to mysql in a docker container?

I have 2 docker services created via docker-swarm. One is Tomcat and the other is mysql, i am trying to connect from tomcat to mysql both are in different containers. here is my hibernate.cfg.xml in tomcat container. <property name=”connection.url”> jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/travelbiz </property> <property name=”connection.username”>trvlbz_admin</property> <property name=”connection.password”>admin123</property> and here is the service running root@ubuntu:/home/smadmin# docker ps CONTAINER […]

Jenkins service in Docker swarm stays at 0/1 replicas

I’m trying to run a fault tolerant Jenkins in a docker swarm using the following command: docker service create –replicas 1 –name jenkins -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 –mount src=/home/ubuntu/jenkins_home,dst=/var/jenkins_home jenkins:alpine But checking the service status and containers running I see that the replicas stay in 0. ubuntu@ip-172-30-3-81:~$ docker service create –replicas 1 –name jenkins -p […]

What on premises container management solutions are there?

I’ve been tasked with evaluating container management solutions. I’m aware there is a large number or options, but we need production ready, on premises solution. What are the options?

Is there any way to know the service name (swarm) from a container?

Let’s say that I have launch a service in Swarm like this : docker service create –replicas 1 –name helloworld busybox bash Is there any way to know that the container that will be run is controlled by a service called “helloworld”?

Join SwarmKit cluster with predefined token?

Is there a ways to join Docker SwarmKit cluster with predefined token? By default, swarmkit nodes must provide the token defined by swarmkit master. But this does not play nice with scripting (like ansible). How to generate token up-front?

Docker swarm node hostnames are the same

I use vagrant to manage VirtualBox and I want to build a cluster using Docker Swarm. When I run the command docker node ls it shows the same hostname. Also if I run the service, they are run and shutdown immediately and run and shutdown. Here is the vagrant file. Here is the docker swarm […]

Does docker swarm mode (docker 1.13 & compose v3) really provides zero downtime rolling updates or deployments?

I have a stack with 10 application containers with frontend nginx . While deploying new application container images in the stack i see ~1-2% failed requests if i run a apachebenchmark or gatling test against it . Around 2 requests fails if i send ~100 req/sec during deployment . While going through the logs it […]

Do I really need docker swarm?

I have a silly question regarding docker swarm. I am thinking I can start a web application image in two containers, either in same server or two vm servers, then I start a load balance container, pointing to two web app containers through IP and port. In this case, why do I need docker swarm […]

Docker swarm run tasks only in workers

Say that we are working in swarm mode and we have three nodes: manager1 worker1 worker2 Is it possible to create a service and specify that the tasks only has to run in the workers (worker1 and worker2) and not in the managers (manager1) I am running the following command to create the service: docker-machine […]

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