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Using docker-compose 1.8 bundle with Swarm 1.12

I am using docker 1.12 version and compose 1.8. I am trying to understand how to mount the volumes for the image. This is for create a cluster and save the data to local volume This is the docker-compose.yml: version: ‘2’ services: mongod: image: rotemsecupi/mongodb-ubuntu ports: – “27017” volumes: – /home/dbdata/mongodb:/data/db command: mongod –smallfiles –quiet […]

How to use docker swarm mode to cluster DBs and queues?

New docker swarm mode in 1.12.0-rc4 is really cool to create services which can be easily scaled on multiple servers to create redundancy. I can handle this with my own app, but what I have not found is any hints on how to enable clustering of existing database and queue solutions. How do I use […]

docker swarm 1.12 –name option not recognized

I’m trying to create the following service in Docker Swarm Mode (1.12 rc5) docker service create –replicas 1 –-name mongo -p 27017:27017/tcp –-network ugidotnet15 mongo:3.2 it’s seems to me ok, but i receive the following error message Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 3 desc = ContainerSpec: “–-name” is not a valid repository/tag […]

No nodes connecting to host in docker swarm

I just followed this tutorial step by step for setting up a docker swarm in EC2 — https://docs.docker.com/swarm/install-manual/ I created 4 Amazon Servers using the Amazon Linux AMI. manager + consul manager node1 node2 I followed the instructions to start the swarm and everything seems to go ok regarding making the docker instances. Server 1 […]

Can Docker Compose build a ZooKeeper discovery service for Swarm?

Found this Five Server Docker Example . It uses Docker Compose to deploy a 5 host ensemble. My questions are: Can that ZooKeeper instance subsequently be used as a Discovery Service in Swarm? If so, how would that be accomplished (assuming there was a unique host for each of the five ZK nodes and those […]

Docker Data Volume Container – Can I share across swarm

I know how to create and mount a data volume container to multiple other containers using –volumes-from, but I do have a few questions regarding it’s usage and limitations: Situation: I am looking to use a data volume container to store user uploaded images in for my web application. This data volume container will be […]

Docker swarm, Consul and Spring Boot

I have 6 microservices packed in docker containers. On every swarm node, i have installed consul agent, binded to host ip, and client in mode. All microservices are in docker-compose file which I am running from Swarm manager. Microservices are written in Java and in bootstrap.yml I must to specify consul agent endpoint. Possible […]

Can docker services only be attached to docker overlay networks?

Right now it seems that docker services can only be attached to docker overlay networks cant be attached to any type of local docker network and it seems as if overlay networks are the only type of non local swarm network available. So can docker services only be attached to docker overlay networks or is […]

Docker-machine swarm; how to open ports on VM

Trying out the new “swarm mode”, following this. I have created 3 VM’s via docker-machine create –driver virtual box <name>. But how do I open ports on them?

Apache Marathon/Docker Swarm: containers keep repeating

I have a very simple container which says “hello world” I have successfully run them and scale them to X. They all seem to be in a cycle where they would run it then sleep for a bit then run it again. Marathon cycle would be: Waiting, Running, Delayed and repeat Swarm cycle woulbd be: […]

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