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Why am I getting a *much* worse performance with Docker Stack than Docker Compose?

Recently I’m facing a quite serious performance issue with Docker Stack and Docker Swarm. So first a little background: I’ve built one application that acts as a web crawler. It reads one list of domains from the database, allows the user to pick a list for processing and in a background processing service access each […]

Docker-compose mounts are going to work with TCP host?

I put the docker host in one machine and put the client in other. Then I try to run some like this from machine 2 (client). docker -H tcp://machine1:port run -v ./dummy-folder:/dummy-folder alpine sh Is that dummy-folder going to work through TCP connection? Is the same valid for docker-compose too? is the same valid for […]

Is it possible to use Docker 17.03 secrets in Drupal 8?

I am trying to use Docker secrets in my Drupal8 project, similar to how it is explained in the following Docker tutorial (for WordPress and MySQL): https://docs.docker.com/engine/swarm/secrets/#/advanced-example-use-secrets-with-a-wordpress-service Will the ‘drupal’ Docker image support reading in Docker secrets using the “xxx_FILE” env? Thanks!

When to use Docker-Compose and when to use Docker-Swarm

I’m trying to understand the differences or similarities between D-Compose and D-Swarm. By reading the documentation I have understood that docker-compose provides a mechanism to bind different containers together and work in collaboration, as a single service (I’m guessing it’s using the same functionality as –link command used to link two containers) Also, my understanding […]

How can a docker service know about all other containers of the same service?

I’m working on a file sync Docker microservice. Basically I will have a file-sync service that is global to the swarm (one on each node). Each container in the service needs to peer with all the other containers on different nodes. Files will be distributed across the nodes, not a complete duplicate copy. Some files […]

docker swarm: How to inspect ingress-endpoint container

When I inspect ingress I getting info about containers: $docker inspect ingress “Containers”: { “1234567890”: { “Name”: “gateway.1.qwertyuiop”, “EndpointID”: “12345678990”, “MacAddress”: “00:11:22:33:44:55”, “IPv4Address”: “”, “IPv6Address”: “” }, “ingress-sbox”: { “Name”: “ingress-endpoint”, “EndpointID”: “1234567890”, “MacAddress”: “00:11:22:33:44:55”, “IPv4Address”: “”, “IPv6Address”: “” } }, Then I can inspect first container but inspecting ingress-endpoint returns nothing $ docker inspect […]

Source code for Docker Swarm load balancer

This question is quite code-specific rather than concept explanation. I want to study how Docker Swarm’s embedded DNS and Load Balancer is implemented, especially the roundrobin part. I tried searching in Docker github repo with some keywords such as “loadbalancing”, “balancer”, “roundrobin” etc. but no result. I found Docker libnetwork that has keyword RoundRobin but […]

How to see the output of a service in a docker stack?

With Docker Compose, when we run docker-compose up we see the output of all services being presented on the console, even with different colors to make it easier to distinguish them. Even if we have multiple instances of a service, the output of all of them appears there. Now, today I’ve tried deploying a stack […]

How ensure at least one service is running on every Docker Swarm node

Hi have docker swarm running currently on 3 nodes as managers. I have a simple service replicated 6 times spread evenly across all 3 nodes. However when I take 1 or 2 of the nodes offline then all the services spread between the remaining node/nodes. When I bring all the nodes back online all of […]

Docker for Windows Swarm IIS Service with Win10 Insider running but unreachable

I’m currently experimenting with Swarm Services with Docker for Windows. The new Win10 Insider build supports overlay networking for Windows containers and I was pleased to see my IIS service actually starting. The only issue i came across is that i can not reach the service in the browser, despite trying multiple things such as […]

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