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Manage docker environment for Swarm running cluster with UPC

I have successfully running an UPC cluster with 3 ubuntu instances. I want to access the docker swarm environment, either docker-machine, or docker swarm manage, but it has not been possible. The closest I’ve been has been adding machines via docker-machine with generic driver, but when I try to add this using the –swarm parameter, […]

Running Docker Containers on Docker Swarm using Marathon?

I successfully integrated Docker Swarm with mesos and everything is going fine. But now I can start containers on Docker swarm only from the Command line like this: docker -H :4375 run -idt –cpu-shares 1 busybox. I am using Marathon for job scheduling in my cluster; is there any way to start a docker container […]

Docker swarm: How to specify cpu units provided by a node?

Where and how does docker swarm determine how many cpu units a node provides? An AWS t2.medium registers as 1 cpu even though it has 2 vCPU.

docker-compose with docker-swarm under docker-machine not mounting volumes

I have a working docker-compose example running a static html with nginx. The directory tree: ├── docker-compose.yml ├── nginx │   ├── app │   │   └── index.html │   └── Dockerfile The docker-compose.yml: nginx: build: ./nginx volumes: – ./nginx/app:/usr/share/nginx/html ports: – 8080:80 The nginx directory has the Dockerfile: FROM nginx Everything is working right. The problem is […]

Can I have one Docker Swarm Manager and different clusters?

I’ve just re-looked at Docker Swarm and I was wondering if it is possible to have one central Swarm manager and have it manage n Swarm agent clusters. Use Case: Consider a service (call it DockerServ) that allows people to build their own docker clusters. DockerServ will have a single Swarm Manager that can spin […]

Docker swarm nodes on private networks?

Is there theoretically anyway to connect nodes to a Docker swarm if they are on a private network and don’t have a public IP? The swarm host has a public IP, and the nodes can access it as well as a discovery service just fine, but they themselves are on private networks over which I […]

Checking reason behind node failure

I have docker swarm setup with nodes running node-1, node-2 and node-3. Due to some reason everyday one of my node is getting failed basically they exits. I ran docker logs <container id of swarm> but logs doesn’t contains any info related to node failure. So, is there any logs file where a log related […]

Docker container name not resolved as DNS for overlay network not reachable

I’ve an application composed of a kafka producer and another kafka consumer. I’m trying to deploy it on a Docker swarm on AWS with mutli-host networking enabled. Kafka container is created by the following docker-compose.yml file: kafka: image: spotify/kafka environment: ADVERTISED_PORT: 9092 ports: – “2181:2181” – “9092:9092” This is how I run the containers for […]

How can I make an overlay network in docker without using docker-machine commands

Docker documentation explains how to make an overlay network using the command eval $(docker-machine -swarm master) docker network create -d overlay test-overlay The problem is thet I am not using docker-machine to setup my cluster. When I try to create an overlay network I get an error. Command that is executed on my swarm master […]

docker swarm 1.2.0 reschedule with port mapping

I’am testing the brand new version of Docker Swarm 1.2.0 and expecially the rescheduling functionnality. So, I have one EC2 VM with swarm manager installed and 2 swarm agents (on 2 other EC2 VM). I have an HTTP Rest service I deploy through swarm like this : docker -H :4000 run -d -p :81 -e […]

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