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Docker swarm — container binding to ethx IP

I’m really a docker newbie, please forgive my lack of skills on specifying questions. Now I’ve met a scene in production where I’d like to use docker swarm to connect different machines together in a docker network. But each host machine may have multiple physical NIC(eth0, eth1, etc…), thus different IPs, and each time I […]

Can not curl docker swarm from remote host

I’m trying to test how to interact with docker swarm using docker API. I have an ec2 instance in AWS running docker. I need to connect to it from my local machine using curl then initialize the swarm and get the join tokens after to use it to connect 2 other ec2 instances to the […]

Would Docker swarm assist me with managing containers with specific environment variables?

Essentially I need to be able to start container with a specific environment variable (an account ID). And I need to run a multiple number of such containers (each with different account IDs). I’d need to be able to start additional containers, without having to stop the existing containers. I’d also need to be able […]

Benchmarking contianers in clouds

I am working with container orchestration environments, I want to run some tests on docker-swarm and Kubernetes, as a part of that I am interested to know about the container “startup time” when they are running in aws. Eg : https://medium.com/on-docker/evaluating-container-platforms-at-scale-5e7b44d93f2c. It was in a very large scale but I want to do it in […]

Traefik : Let's Encrypt + other certificate

I have 3 nodes swarm and I wish to use TRAEFIK with Let’sEncryp and my own certificates generated by the company www.tbs-internet.com. Is it possible? Currently it works with Let’s Encrypt but not with my other certificates. With the configuration files, I have the following error in the logs of Traefik: time=”2017-07-05T12:07:57Z” level=info msg=”Preparing server […]

docker-swarm error: client and server don't have same version(client: 1.18, server: 1.17)

I have been experimenting to run docker swarm with machine. I am using virtualbox as provider. I am able to spawn three VMs and run them as swarm-master, swarm-node-00 and swarm-node-01. But I am not able to use my swarm cluster. Here are some additional info: [peeyush@localhost swarm]$ docker-machine_linux-amd64 ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL […]

Docker complains that bind source path doesn't exist, but it DOES

I’m trying to start a mysql container with a host directory mounted. I’m running a single-node swarm in Docker for AWS. But I can’t mount a directory… This is the section of the docker-compose file I’m using: mysql: image: mysql-custom volumes: – /mysql:/var/lib/mysql ports: – “3307:3306” And this is the launch command I’m trying: docker […]

Multicast with Docker Swarm and overlay network

I am testing an application using multicast for the discovery. I created a Swarm cluster and a network create -d overlay swarm-net so the containers share the same LAN across the several Swarm agents hosts. The discovery seemed to not be working, so I installed tshark. tshark shows the IP address node within which tshark […]

Give access to Docker Swarm cluster

Okay, here is my situation: I created a cluster of docker swarm using docker machine. I can deploy any container, etc. So basically everything is working fine. My question right now is how to give access to the cluster to someone else. I want other people to deploy container on that cluster using docker-compose.

Get Swarm node IP address from a container using API?

How to get the Swarm node IP address of just created container, using remote API?

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