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Docker swarm node cannot see service

I have try to run docker ps on Node 2 and 3 then it show nothing to me. Like this image. They show nothing but have container running on it. I try to ping main node with this command. docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep etcd | awk {‘print $1’}) ping mysql-galera It can […]

Docker swarm with Glassfish image fails to start nodes

We want to dockerize an application running on Glassfish and use a docker swarm to run a few load – ballanced nodes of it. For this purpose I created a docker image based on this DockerFile: FROM openjdk:7-jdk ENV LANGUAGE=el_GR:el \ lang=EL_gr.utf-8 \ JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64 \ GLASSFISH_HOME=/usr/local/glassfish3/glassfish ENV GLASSFISH_DOMAIN1=$GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/domain1 \ GLASSFISH_BINARY_URL=http://download.oracle.com/glassfish/ \ PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$GLASSFISH_HOME/bin LABEL glassfish.version=”″ […]

Connect to docker containers with just service name and task slot?

I’m attempting to use docker swarm to manage a cluster of CouchDB 2 nodes where each node is a service. It is great that I can use the container name, which is comprised of {{.Service.Name}}.{{.Task.Slot}}.{{.Node.ID}} to connect the nodes, e.g. couchdb.1.52286blz1o0c7ym508sne6jyg. The issue is that the Node ID is a dynamic value and therefore my […]

Assign network aliases dynamically on global deployed services in a docker stack

I use docker swarm, running couchbase on every swarm node. When connecting couchbase nodes to the couchbase cluster, nodes have to know every node on the cluster (reachable IP or hostname). When a client requests any data, it asks to any node on the cluster, and this node tells the client which node has that […]

Comunication between two docker-compose services?

Lets say I have a docker-compose file with 2 services: version: ‘2’ services: elasticsearch: # <—My Database build: . # more stuff… logstash: #<—- Used to load csv into the database(elasticsearch) # more stuff… I want to make a command from logstash to load a CSV file into elasticsearch I followed a tutorial and they […]

Wildcard subdomain works on Docker CLI but not on Docker-Swarm with Docker-Compose

I have an application where we use the subdomain string to specify which team a customer belongs to. For example: customer1.ourdomain.com customer2.ourdomain.com … etc Behind the scenes in our application we are parsing the string customerX from the origin URL to retrieve the customer’s appropriate data. When I run a docker container from the cli […]

Docker [error response]: Failed to choose a UCP node. UCP node does not exist.

My docker server version is 1.13.1-cs3 I have successfully installed UCP on three nodes (1 Manager, and 2 worker nodes). UCP is working without a glitch. But whenever I have tried to install DTR, it is not installing. Instead, I am getting this error: INFO[0037] Validating UCP cert INFO[0037] Connecting to UCP INFO[0038] UCP cert […]

Failed to allocate gateway with docker stack

I’m a beginner with docker and I’m trying to execute the tutorial from the official documentation. It works fine except with Services (https://docs.docker.com/get-started/part3/). When I start 5 instances of the container (with docker stack command), the containers are not starting and I get error “failed to allocate gateway” $ docker stack ps getstartedlab ID NAME […]

Docker swarm load balancing – How to give common name to the service?

I read swarm routing mesh I create a simple service which uses tomcat server and listens at 8080. docker swarm init I created a node manager at node1. docker swarm join /tokens I used the token provided by the manager at node 2 and node 3 to create workers. docker node ls shows 5 instances […]

Docker architecture for many PHP containers

I’m wondering what you guys think about how to architect Docker to handle many containers, each running different PHP code. Basically, each user on the system will have their own PHP code and code is not the same. Think of it like each user has their own wordpress site. (I think) This means I need […]

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