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How to forbid attempts to use inter-container communication via ingress network in docker swarm?

I have a number of docker swarm services, deployed via docker stack. Most of them (regular services) are exposed to a single internal overlay network, the one which is generated when docker stack is deployed, but some (lets call them gateway services) are also should be externally accessable (via compose-file.yml ports: definition), which results in […]

How to update docker stack without restarting all services

I have a swarm cluster wherein different technology dockers are deployed. (Zookeeper, Kafka, Elastic, Storm and custom web application) Web application goes under tremendous changes and have to update the stack everytime web docker changes. Once in a while there will be updates to Elasticsearch image. When i run docker stack deploy, it goes and […]

Will istio add support for docker swarm?

istio An open platform to connect, manage, and secure micro-services looks very interesting, but supports only Kubernetes. I couldn’t find a roadmap or mention of future support for other container management platforms, specifically Docker Swarm

Load balance docker swarm

I have a docker swarm mode with one HAProxy container, and 3 python web apps. The container with HAProxy is expose port 80 and should load balance the 3 containers of my app (by leastconn). Here is my docker-compose.yml file: version: ‘3’ services: scraper-node: image: scraper ports: – 5000 volumes: – /profiles:/profiles command: > bash […]

Docker Swarm – balance resources (CPU, RAM) within scaled concurrent apps/services

I’m trying to run five instances of a service on a docker swarm, things are starting well but block at a given level, I’m pretty sure that it is about resources balance. Is there a way to equally share memory, CPU or network bandwidth between all containers?

How to extend the scope of Docker Macvlan driver from Local to Swarm

I am working on a requirement where we need to create network in which host server should not access the containers. We have achieved for single server using Docker Macvlan Network and when extending the same to the cluster with Docker swarm realized that the scope of the Macvlan driver is local. # docker network […]

how to list the nodes in docker swarm via api call?

I am trying to get the node details of the swarm manager via api call. my question is, is there an api call equivalent to docker node ls I tried to get the api details, i searched enough and i cant get it ?

Docker swarm on 'dind' images and networking problems

I am trying to create a local swarm environment based on ‘dind’ images. Below are the steps for environment recreation: docker network create –attachable –subnet tools_network docker run -d –privileged –name swarm-manager-1 –hostname swarm-manager-1 –network tools_network –ip -p 42421:2375 docker:17.03.1-dind docker –host localhost:42421 swarm init –advertise-addr docker run -d –privileged –name swarm-worker-1 […]

How to share static data among different containers or can we share the cache'd data among containers?

I am learning docker. The question that came up to my mind is that if it is possible to share cached data for example a static table’s data among different containers? Will there be any performance impact?

How to set hostname in global service in Docker Swarm

I have a service deployed to my Docker Swarm Cluster as global service (ELK Metricbeat). I want to each of this service to have a hostname the same as the hostname of the running node (host)? in another word, how I can achieve the same result in the yml file such as: docker run -h […]

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