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Docker swarm container info about parent service

Is there anyway to know from a container is a swarm service, information about the service. Namely, which number it’s in the the replication set? ifconfig gives me inetaddr which is incremented but by host. Reason. I’d like the first spun service container to be the leader and have information on the slaves.

Docker inspect format to retreive IP of a particular network

I use swarm mode and I would like to get the VirtualIP of a service on a particular network: 6yhxlmtq69zaojpy57xdvaeiw The result should be: [root@managers vagrant]# docker service inspect tqy1id7zsg9s [ { “ID”: “tqy1id7zsg9s7rftu8uu51g2l”, “Version”: { “Index”: 72 }, “CreatedAt”: “2017-01-19T07:56:13.30985464Z”, “UpdatedAt”: “2017-01-19T07:56:13.312923681Z”, “Spec”: { “Name”: “spark-master”, “TaskTemplate”: { “ContainerSpec”: { “Image”: “fsoppelsa/spark-master:latest@sha256:7aee2f405b 546584b75bc1ec6ec3bfb5744de52788058c3455a1b43817d6af84”, […]

docker swarm with Centos servers

I wanted to created a Docker Swarm cluster in which the docker machines are running CentOS or any other OS. How do I do that ? I see documentation says: docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default But it creates servers with different OS other than Centos. How do i create a swarm cluster in which each […]

How to create an serverless infrastructure with docker?

My questions is more like, philosophical stuff. I’d like to understand how a docker infrastructure works in an production environment as a serverless. Here is my idea: I have a bunch of nodes, working with a docker swarm structure. So, everytime, I’m pulling out containers and adding new ones. So, how can I configure my […]

How can I identify why my replica's are not starting in the swarm?

I have used the following docker swarm command within my manager node to deploy my application. $ docker stack deploy –compose-file docker-stack.yml sb Here is the docker-stack.yml file. version: “3” services: db: image: postgres:9.4 volumes: – db-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data networks: – backend deploy: placement: constraints: [node.role == manager] sample_blog: image: quay.io/repository/copley/sample_blog ports: – 3000:80 networks: – frontend […]

Docker Swarm, Compose V3 and exposed IP address

How can I define an IP for a server to work with in Swarm mode. How to set the IP and PORT for accesing th service from outside? Using docker 1.13.0 and docker-compose 1.10.0 regards

Why am I getting a *much* worse performance with Docker Stack than Docker Compose?

Recently I’m facing a quite serious performance issue with Docker Stack and Docker Swarm. So first a little background: I’ve built one application that acts as a web crawler. It reads one list of domains from the database, allows the user to pick a list for processing and in a background processing service access each […]

Docker-compose mounts are going to work with TCP host?

I put the docker host in one machine and put the client in other. Then I try to run some like this from machine 2 (client). docker -H tcp://machine1:port run -v ./dummy-folder:/dummy-folder alpine sh Is that dummy-folder going to work through TCP connection? Is the same valid for docker-compose too? is the same valid for […]

Is it possible to use Docker 17.03 secrets in Drupal 8?

I am trying to use Docker secrets in my Drupal8 project, similar to how it is explained in the following Docker tutorial (for WordPress and MySQL): https://docs.docker.com/engine/swarm/secrets/#/advanced-example-use-secrets-with-a-wordpress-service Will the ‘drupal’ Docker image support reading in Docker secrets using the “xxx_FILE” env? Thanks!

When to use Docker-Compose and when to use Docker-Swarm

I’m trying to understand the differences or similarities between D-Compose and D-Swarm. By reading the documentation I have understood that docker-compose provides a mechanism to bind different containers together and work in collaboration, as a single service (I’m guessing it’s using the same functionality as –link command used to link two containers) Also, my understanding […]

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