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Kibana can't reach elasticsearch

Using docker-compose v3 and deploying to a swarm: version: ‘3’ services: elasticsearch: image: docker.elastic.co/elasticsearch/elasticsearch:5.4.1 deploy: replicas: 1 ports: – “9200:9200” tty: true kibana: image: docker.elastic.co/kibana/kibana:5.4.1 deploy: mode: global ports: – “5601:5601” depends_on: – elasticsearch tty: true I see this in the kibana service log: Unable to revive connection: http://elasticsearch:9200/ Elasticsearch service is running and can […]

How do I ssh into a container of a worker node of docker swarm?

I am trying to make a spark cluster using docker containers, using docker swarm I am able to deploy a service which scales up containers on worker nodes but in order to make a spark cluster those containers on different working nodes needs to interact! I need each containers IP address so that I can […]

Docker Swarm CD/CI (Jenkins, Docker)

I’m working on an automated testing enviroment with docker and jenkins but now i got stuck with the jenkins master and slaves. I’m relatively new with the whole Jenkins/Docker thing so i followed the tutorial at https://www.vip-consult.solutions/post/easy-docker-swarm-jenkins-continuous-deployment-at-scale#content I’m using the swarm plug-in to connect the slaves to the master. For this I’m creating a docker […]

Is there a way to make docker containers truly fault-tolerant?

I mean fault tolerance as in running a backup container and constantly synchronizing the active containers state (memory) to the passive one, so in case of failure i can failover to the other container without losing active network connections or state of the application running inside the container? I know docker swarm exist, that can […]

Docker-compose: resolving mongo container from Angular client code

I have created a todo web app (using MEAN) that I’m trying to run on Docker Swarm (not Swarm mode). The app runs locally just fine with docker-compose. I can view the todo items and can edit/delete them correctly. However when I try to run it on the Swarm cluster using docker-compose I see the […]

Traefik accessLog configuration

I am using Traefik 1.3.1, I put the configuration below in traefik.toml file but I can’t see any access log on stdout. Is it working for you guys? [accessLog] format = “common”

Cannot connect docker swarm agent from outside internet

I try to provide Python Flask (port 5000) on Docker swarm by Azure Container Service. The deployed agent can be connected by curl from swarm management but cannot connect from outside of internet. The port 5000 is well defined in agent Azure load balancer. What else can I inspect more? I launch flask by […]

docker python SDK – pipe output to a file in exec_run

Using the docker python SDK, I’m trying to pipe output of an echo command to exec_run as follows. container.exec_run([‘echo’,’5′,’|’,’python’,’test.py’]) the test.py has following code s = input() print(s) The output that is produced is : b’5 | python test.py\n’ instead of the expected output of the script. How can this be corrected ?

Redis inter-container communication fails after restart of swarm manager

I have the following setup on my 1 manager – 1 worker swarm installation. ID HOSTNAME STATUS AVAILABILITY MANAGER az8ptk865hkvbbva99gjv web1-dev Ready Active Leader cohv346j0f4p3s8t9xnpi web2-dev Ready Active version: ‘3’ services: master: image: redis:alpine networks: default: aliases: – redis – redis-master deploy: placement: constraints: – node.role == manager slave: image: redis:alpine command: redis-server –slaveof redis-master […]

Docker swarm – add new worker – re scale the service

I have created a docker manager. Created a service and scaled to 5 instances in the same server. I added two workers. Now, How do I redistribute 5 instances of the applications across 3 nodes? Is there any option to do without doing everything from the beginning? docker service scale id=5 does it. Is it […]

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