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Docker Swarm CD/CI (Jenkins, Docker)

I’m working on an automated testing enviroment with docker and jenkins but now i got stuck with the jenkins master and slaves. I’m relatively new with the whole Jenkins/Docker thing so i followed the tutorial at https://www.vip-consult.solutions/post/easy-docker-swarm-jenkins-continuous-deployment-at-scale#content I’m using the swarm plug-in to connect the slaves to the master. For this I’m creating a docker […]

How to deploy an IPv6 container with Docker Swarm Mode or Docker Compose

In the end I’d like to have a pure IPv6 network deployed via compose or swarm mode. For now, I’d just like to have a single container deployed with IPv6 (only). I am not currently interested in routing (just container to container connectivity). My setup: OS: Centos 7 dockerd —ipv6 –fixed-cidr-v6=2001:db8:1::/64 –iptables=true –ip-masq=true –mtu=1600 –experimental=true […]

How do I get host networking to work with docker swarm mode

From this PR that got recently merged into docker‘s 17.06 release candidate, we now have support for host networking with swarm services. However, trying out a very similar command I’m seeing an error: $ docker service create –name nginx-host –network host nginx Error response from daemon: could not find the corresponding predefined swarm network: network […]

Artifactory: “docker service create” does not work with images of 0 byte

docker service create … works even though compressed image size is 0B in Docker Hub. On the other hand, when I use Artifactory as private registry, it fails with No such image error. Docker daemons’ debug logs say manifest verification failed for digest … As an example, compressed size of portainer’s latest tag and main […]

Docker Swarm – Tasks Running On Manager Unreachable

I’m following the docker swarm mode tutorial found in the Docker Documentation There are two nodes, one manager and one worker. My problem is that when I create an nginx service, replicated twice (one copy of nginx runs on the manager and one on the worker) I can visit the Nginx instance on the worker […]

How to manage docker swarm?

I’m trying to set up a docker swarm, and then deploy to it from my local machine. The swarm is up and running with 2 virtual machines, where one of them is manager, and the other is worker. Though now i can’t seem to deploy to the swarm.. When i right click the tray icon, […]

symfony classes.map failed to open stream: No such file or directory

I get this error when I tried to deploy symfony in a Docker swarm node ContextErrorException in Kernel.php line 338: Warning: file_put_contents(/home/backend_microservice/private_webapp/var/cache/dev/classes.map): failed to open stream: No such file or directory I tried to remove the cache manually, I remove the vendor directory and I generate a new one with composer, but still give the […]

ERROR: Error response from daemon: datastore for scope “global” is not initialized

I create sucsessfully a swarm, with two nodes. However when I use docker-compose build && docker-compose up in order to start my project it crashes erroring out this: ERROR: Error response from daemon: datastore for scope “global” is not initialized It’s a very very simple process: docker run swarm create swarm hash: 1477bcd7778d083e02a80c352d4f1b87 docker-machine create […]

Is this possible to get all running containers id's in docker swarm services?

I am newbie in docker swarm mode, If I want more details about my swarm service , from command line I can run docker service ps “service name “, or from docker rest “/v2/services/my-ngx” [msreddy@swarmnode1 ~]$ docker service ps my-ngx ID NAME IMAGE NODE DESIRED STATE CURRENT STATE ERROR PORTS voj7fllhnmqb my-ngx.1 nginx:latest swarmnode1 Running […]

How to configure rabbitmq.config inside Docker containers?

I’m using the official RabbitMQ Docker image (https://hub.docker.com/_/rabbitmq/) I’ve tried editing the rabbitmq.config file inside the container after running docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/bash However, this seems to have no effect on the rabbitmq server running in the container. Restarting the container obviously didn’t help either since Docker starts a completely new instance. So I […]

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