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What's the main advantage of using replicas in Docker Swarm Mode?

I’m struggling to understand the idea of replica instances in Docker Swarm Mode. I’ve read that it’s a feature that helps with high availability. However, Docker automatically starts up a new task on a different node if one node goes down even with 1 replica defined for the service, which also provides high availability. So […]

Docker swarm mode load balancing

I’ve set up a docker swarm mode cluster, with two managers and one worker. This is on Centos 7. They’re on machines dkr1, dkr2, dkr3. dkr3 is the worker. I was upgrading to v1.13 the other day, and wanted zero downtime. But it didn’t work exactly as expected. I’m trying to work out the correct […]

Persistent volumes in docker engine swarm mode across multiple nodes

What’s the best way to share volumes across multiple nodes in docker engine swarm mode to achieve data persistence ? Any references will definitely help .

How can RabbitMQ clusters recognise Docker's container restarts?

I have three replicated containers running RabbitMQ in a Swarm Mode service. Each container acts as a RabbitMQ node to create a RabbitMQ cluster. The docker service create for this is as follows: docker service create -e RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE=’mysecretcookie’ –replicas 4 –network rnet -p 15672:15672 -p 5672:5672 rabbitmq I’m able to successfully create a RabbitMQ cluster […]

HAProxy over SSL with RabbitMQ SSL authentication + Kombu client – IOError('Socket Closed')

I’ve got two Docker Swarm Mode services running HAProxy and RabbitMQ respectively. I’m using the dockercloud/haproxy image to create an endpoint which routes to one of the containers in the RabbitMQ service (which uses the official RabbitMQ Docker image). My docker service create command for the HAProxy service is as follows: docker service create –name […]

Using a unique-hosted data volume containers with v3 in swarm

For our continuous integration environment, we want to start working with docker swarm and the latest version V3 of the compose files specification. (Docker 1.13.1 and docker-compose 1.10.0). We are currently working with V2 and therefore deploying everything to host level. It is possible to work, for data containers –database data– or statefull containers, with […]

Get start up status of replicas in Docker Swarm

I’m following along the official Docker Swarm tutorial here. Some of my replicas are not available instantly upon executing the command docker stack deploy –compose-file docker-stack.yml vote. I was wondering if there’s a command that show the progress of the start up of the replica ? Here’s a screenshot of what I meant by replica […]

Docker Swarm – Manager unreachable but status still ready

I have the following scenario: 3 Nodes (2 Manager & 1 Worker) Everything works great and I got them visualized. If I kill the worker the status will say down after a few seconds which is correct. If I one of the managers the manager status says unreachable which is correct. But the status still […]

When to use Docker-Compose and when to use Docker-Swarm

I’m trying to understand the differences or similarities between D-Compose and D-Swarm. By reading the documentation I have understood that docker-compose provides a mechanism to bind different containers together and work in collaboration, as a single service (I’m guessing it’s using the same functionality as –link command used to link two containers) Also, my understanding […]

Addressing multiple non docker-swarm services on LAN from within swarm

We have a scenario where we need to contact multiple micro-services outside swarm from services inside swarm. Before moving to swarm, we used –net=host to make the host machines’ hosts file to be available for containers but now we are struggling to achieve the same. What are the options to connect to non docker-swarm services […]

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