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What is the syntax to pass Environment variables to docker image using spotify maven plugin?

I am using the following syntax to pass enviornment variable to docker image using spotify maven plugin <env> <Ver>3.4</Ver> </env> However, the above syntax is not working. Spotify Maven Plugin: https://github.com/spotify/docker-maven-plugin

Upgrading to docker 1.9 on Centos 7.1

I am trying to upgrade to docker 1.9 from docker 1.8 version I have used the following command to upgrade docker: sudo wget https://get.docker.com/builds/Linux/x86_64/docker-latest -O /usr/bin/docker Howerver, after successful upgrade I am not able to restart the docker service. The following command is failing sudo systemctl start docker Please help

accessing docker private registry

I have my private docker registry running on a remote machine, which is secured by TLS and uses HTTPS. Now I want to access it from my local docker-machine installed on Windows 7. I have copied the certificates to “/etc/docker/certs.d/” in the docker-machine VM and restarted docker. After this I can successfully login to my […]

Docker Registry and Basic Auth

I have a simple Docker Registry running on a remote VM with Basic Auth set up for authentication. Before I started running the registry, I issued the following command (which I just shamelessly copy-and-pasted from those docs): docker run –entrypoint htpasswd registry:2 -Bbn myuser 12345passwd > auth/htpasswd This produced an auth/htpasswd file that contains the […]

How to write a long command within dockerfile?

I want to write the following command within Dockerfile using RUN instruction: cat > /etc/myconfig.conf << EOL line 1, ${kernel} line 2, line 3, ${distro} line 4 line 5 EOL I am doing it the following way but it seems wrong RUN cat > /etc/myconfig.conf << EOL \ line 1, ${kernel} \ line 2, \ […]

Docker not allowing push to repo

I’m following the Getting Started tutorial on the docker page, I have an image locally and have created a repo via the Docker Hub web page at https://hub.docker.com/r/banksysan/docker-whale/. I’ve got a config.json like so: { “auths”: { “https://index.docker.io/v1/”: { “auth”: “secret_string”, “email”: “BanksySan@googlemail.com” } } } When I run the push though I get an […]

Docker \ how to pull only changed images

I want speed up my CI/CD process – and pull only changes images from registry. I didn’t find something like that in Docker API (BTW I’m using ansible 2.0). Do you know if this functionality exits?

Docker UCP Error: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I have recently upgraded from Docker UCP 1.0.3 to 1.1.0 version. However, I am getting the following message: STDOUT: STDERR: time=”2016-05-09T20:10:31Z” level=info msg=”Verifying your system is compatible with UCP” time=”2016-05-09T20:10:31Z” level=info msg=”Your engine version 1.11.1-cs1 is compatible” time=”2016-05-09T20:10:31Z” level=info msg=”All required images are present” time=”2016-05-09T20:10:31Z” level=info msg=”Installing UCP with host address – If this […]

Ansible Docker Connection Error

I am running ansible version 1.9, docker-py version 1.1.0 and Docker 1.9.1. I have a private insecured docker registry running at http://registry.myserver.com:5000. I have an ansible task to start a container using a pulled image from this remote registry: — – name: Start User Service Container docker: name: userService image: user-service registry: registry.myserver.com:5000 state: running […]

Docker portability issues with locally saved images

I am currently working on a project that requires an airtight cloud infrastructure. Thus all artefacts, including docker images, have to be available offline. It appears that the docker save and the subsequent docker import do not result in an equal Docker image. Docker version: 1.10.3 $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE […]

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