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Docker Garbage collector not finding anything to delete

Ive been using reg to mark the blobs I want to delete from the registry by doing: docker run –rm reg/delete -u username -p password –registry myregistry.com rm image I didn’t get any output back so I thought I marked the image to delete it. Then I ran the command in my server to my […]

Load generation for a Docker registry

How can one efficiently generate load to performance test a Docker registry? I.e.: Simulation of customer traffic to a registry endpoint where potentially all the images are different from one another. I was thinking of caching pre-built images from Docker hub and uploading them to my test Docker registry. Alternatively I was thinking of building […]

How to configure Docker for windows to push using hosts file for repository

I’m trying to push a container from my local dev box to a remote private repository whose hostname is set in my Windows host file. When I push I get this: docker push docker:5000/m2 The push refers to a repository [docker:5000/m2] Put http://docker:5000/v1/repositories/m2/: dial tcp: lookup docker on no such host If I do […]

Error pushing image via docker registry v2 api

I was start pushing an image to private docker registry after getting authorization token. However the request gets failed due to unauthorized access. There is not enough documentation on what are the body parameters that this particular endpoint expects.Could anyone tell me what am i doing wrong? curl -k -v -L -H “Authorization: Bearer ${token}” […]

docker swarm and private registry

I try to test docker swarm and private registry as a service without TLS: 1 manager and 2 worker. On manager: docker service create –name registry –publish 5000:5000 registry:2 When trying to check on manager, with curl localhost:5000/v2/_catalog or curl curl just wait for ever (at least an hour). Same on worker1. but on […]

How to we login to docker hub(private registry) using chef recipe?

I’m using docker_registry with user name and password in the recipe but I’m unable to get connected successfully. Code: docker_registry ‘https://hub.docker.com/’ do username ‘XXXXXX’ password ‘XXXXXX’ end

Docker image size not matching the announced size on https://github.com/docker-library/repo-info

I’m pulling images from the main default docker registry without adding anything to them, so I would expect them to have the exact size which is annouced on : https://github.com/docker-library/repo-info, but it’s not the case. Example : $ docker pull tomcat:8.5-jre8 $ docker pull tomcat:8.5-jre8-alpine $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID SIZE tomcat 8.5-jre8 […]

How to pull docker image from docker hub private registry into Azure Container Service (ACS)?

I have setup a private registry in Docker hub (hub.docker.com): rbiswas/http-service. Now I am trying to pull/run this image into Azure Container Service (ACS) cluster vm by following the steps mentioned below: First I ssh into the ACS cluster using command: ssh -i /home/rbiswas/.ssh/acs_rsa -L 2375:localhost:2375 -N rbiswas@swarmclustermgmt.eastasia.cloudapp.azure.com -p 2200 Then I use the following […]

Docker:Registry:Unable to pull from someone elses private registry

I want to pull a docker image from someone else private registry[containerregistry.us.xxxxx.com:8088]. When I am pulling a docker image I am getting this error [root@bmcapp ~]# docker pull containerregistry.us.xxxxx.com:8088/kafk-server:1 Error response from daemon: Get https://containerregistry.us.xxxxx.com:8088/v1/_ping: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority 1) I tried adding ca.crt certificate given by them at this folder /etc/docker/certs.d/containerregistry.us.xxxxx.com:8088 . […]

Could not access a running Docker Image of War (with tomcat) in minishift – OpenShift-Origin

I have crated a docker image for a simple Java-Spring MVC War file, (Docker Config below). I am able to run the using docker run command and also I do not see any errors in the log or trouble uploading war into internal registry in Openshift-minishift. I was able to pull the image in my […]

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