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How to remove all data from a Docker Registry from cli?

I have a dedicated server hosting a docker registry. How can I remove all tags, images, payloads, data using standard docker commands ?

Docker in docker reach outer-layer registry by hostname

I have some trouble with dind, in the outer docker-compose I have a build server, and a docker registry. The build server builds stuff in its own containers, I want to put my dists in the docker-registry in the outer docker…. but: the docker-registry-1 (which is what i call it) only gets added to the […]

Configure docker repo with https without domain name

I have a website that I’m running on a digital ocean droplet, which I want to continuously deploy via docker and a Teamcity build server which I have running on my home server. I want to enable https on my docker repo, with a self signed certificate, and without a domain name. Let’s say my […]

docker private registry within local network

I’ve set up a private registry for docker, everything works greate from outside (i’ve a server with several VMs, one of these is the reposiotry). From my pc I can do docker login -u USER -p PASS repo.mydomain.com and it works great. Now, from inside another VMs if i do the same i get back […]

Pulling of docker image from a registry fails

Would love some help about an issue. When I was trying to download an image form the repository it failed and I could see the following errors in the log file. This is the syslog which I received Jan 4 10:22:05 <hostname> kernel: device-mapper: thin: commit failed: error = -22 Jan 4 10:22:05 <hostname> kernel: […]

Challenges in upgrading Docker components

Intro: We are getting ready to use Docker in a production environment. At present, we have about 400+ containers running and there are about 150+ images in Docker Trusted Registry. As a part of ongoing efforts, we are also upgrading the Docker components (Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Engine, and Universal Control Plane). We want to […]

docker login in docker machine

I have a private docker image hosted on Dockerhub. I am using docker machine using generic driver to handle my virtualbox VMs. I have already done “docker login” on my manager & worker machine both but i keep getting below error – unable to pin image xxyyzz/xyz-sm:v1 to digest: errors: denied: requested access to the […]

How can I make Atifactory docker registry images use docker manifest version 2?

I’m using JFrog’s Artifactory (v4.16.0) as a docker registry and I’ve noticed that whenever I uploade an image the manifest file is version 1: { “schemaVersion”: 1, “name”: “devops/testimage”, “tag”: “0.0.1”, “architecture”: “amd64”, […] The docker image I’m buildling from is version 1.12.3. Is there something I need to do to ensure the manifest is […]

Docker Garbage collector not finding anything to delete

Ive been using reg to mark the blobs I want to delete from the registry by doing: docker run –rm reg/delete -u username -p password –registry myregistry.com rm image I didn’t get any output back so I thought I marked the image to delete it. Then I ran the command in my server to my […]

Load generation for a Docker registry

How can one efficiently generate load to performance test a Docker registry? I.e.: Simulation of customer traffic to a registry endpoint where potentially all the images are different from one another. I was thinking of caching pre-built images from Docker hub and uploading them to my test Docker registry. Alternatively I was thinking of building […]

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