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How to Create a Container in docker remote api? (go-dockerclient)

I am using go–dockerclient library and i want to create container using the CreateContainer go-dockerclient method but where should I pass the docker image id I created this function func CreateContainer(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request){ client,err:=docker.NewTLSClient(Endpoint,Cert,Key,Ca) if err!=nil{ panic(err) } container,er:=client.CreateContainer(docker.CreateContainerOptions{Name:”cont”}) if er!=nil{ panic(err) } } for example if i have a given image id where […]

Run Docker in daemon mode

I issued this command sudo docker daemon -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -H tcp://xxxx:8400 -H tcp://yyyyy:2375 & It working fine. but it not returning to my console client. it not finishing the command. WARN[0000] /!\ DON’T BIND ON ANY IP ADDRESS WITHOUT setting -tlsverify IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING /!\ WARN[0000] /!\ DON’T BIND ON ANY […]

Docker + Kubernetes build

I am trying to use Docker + Kubernetes for my application management. I have installed kubectl, kubeadm, kubelet (got the steps from google docs) for Kubernetes cluster. Now cluster is having 2 node(1 Master, 1 Child) I have a customize Dockerfile , how can it use it as a Kubernetes pods ? If this is […]

Update a docker image in registry

I pushed my docker image to my private registry once, but when I want to push again that image I got these messages : 06-Sep-2016 10:54:10 Error response from daemon: Conflict: Tag latest is already set to image 2bcc77ac3ef5f5ce0442d9cae3652c0464b8f266db9ccd65b1638aadf60ebc39, if you want to replace it, please use -f option The push refers to a repository […]

Firewall rules for Docker Hub access

I am looking to implement Docker in an enterprise environment that uses a firewall ip-address white-list. Unfortunately, white-listing by domains is not an option. Is there a list of all IP addresses (including ports) that I need to open up to allow a machine full access to Docker Hub? Also wondering if there are any […]

How to pull images to docker registry?

I read the tutorial in this,and it show me can use these commands to pull image to docker registry,like that: docker pull ubuntu && docker tag ubuntu localhost:5000/batman/ubuntu docker push localhost:5000/batman/ubuntu I want to know whether I need to tag already image when I pull image to registry. Is it just only way to pull […]

How to configure docker registry always up and running when configured with redis?

I have configured docker registry with Redis. Redis is acting as source and docker registry is the receiver. I would like to configure it in such a way so that: Docker registry is always up and running. If I use restart=always as parameter for docker registry, how do I ensure that Redis is up and […]

Error with docker login: no such host

After starting up a private docker registry from the registry docker image, doing a login to the registry docker login http://docker.mydomain.com:5000 causes the following error after typing in name, password and email: FATA[0007] Error response from daemon: v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://docker.mydomain.com:5000/v1/_ping: dial tcp: lookup docker.mydomain.com: no such host. If this private […]

Build/push image from jenkins running in docker

I have two docker containers – one running jenkins and one running docker registry. I want to build/push images from jenkins to docker registry. How do I achieve this in an easy and secure way (meaning no hacks)?

How to config docker registry mirror?

I have learn tutorial from that.I have create docker mirror in this command: docker run -d -p 5555:5000 -e STORAGE_PATH=/mirror -e STANDALONE=false -e MIRROR_SOURCE=https://registry-1.docker.io -e MIRROR_SOURCE_INDEX=https://index.docker.io -v /Users/v11/Documents/docker-mirror:/mirror –restart=always –name mirror registry And it succeed. Then I start my docker daemon using this command: docker –insecure-registry –registry-mirror= -d Then I use command to pull […]

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