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Docker-swarm automatically pulling missing image from private docker-registry

We have a docker-swarm cluster. The manager node holds the credentials to our private docker registry. When we start new containers on other nodes the image might need be pulled from the private docker registry. Is there a way to tell the crate container command to pull the image (if not already existent on the […]

Using a local network Docker registry server

I’m testing the new Docker 1.12 swarm mode. I have 2 VMs running docker. One is set up and running my containers. The other docker is brand new. I would like to set up the new one with the same images that are set up on docker machine 1. The default option is to WinSCP […]

When Docker image push on my linux machine unauthorized: authentication required error display

unauthorized: authentication required error display. When Docker image push on my linux machine to dockerHUB. Please help me to solve this problem. reffer following image.

Can't push docker image to internal Artifactory

Having an Artifactory server with a local docker repository configure. I want to push images to that repo. I have Windows 2016 and installed Docker: Docker version 1.12.2-cs2-ws-beta, build 050b611 I have creating the daemon.json configuration file in order to set the daemon to work with insecure registries and and edit the json as: {“insecure-registries”: […]

Couldn't find repository in docker-registry-frontend

I am trying to setup a private docker registry. Below is the steps I followed. docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry registry:2 docker pull ubuntu && docker tag ubuntu localhost:5000/ubuntu docker push localhost:5000/ubuntu After run above commands, the private repo works great. Now I want to setup a ui to manage this private […]

How to block a Docker registry?

I want to block access to the default docker.io registry. For security/IP protection, we need to block push/pull access to/from the public Docker hub. There have been many attempts to make this a configuration option, but all PRs just keep getting rejected. Red Hat has implemented both ‘–block-registry’ and ‘–add-registry’, which are exactly what I […]

500 Error: TypeError (no implicit conversion of nil into String):

I have enabled my GitLab server to use the GitLab registry which is hosted on another server. It was installed from source. The GitLab admin console indicates that the registry is enabled and active, however when I try to access the registry a 500 error is thrown. The production logs show the following Started GET […]

Cant push docker image to local registry by .sh script called from plink – no basic auth credentials

I have a problem by pushing docker image in the local registry. I have a local registry for example some.registry.com. My script looks like (build.sh): #!/bin/bash # some commands # build image # tag image docker push some.registry.com/my/imagename This script works fine if I run it from the current system (i run on ubuntu 16.04): […]

Insecure Docker registry on Centos7 refuses to ingest images, even with flag 'insecure-registries'

I try to deploy an insecure Docker Registry on a CentOS7 server: docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry registry:2 I configured docker like this: # /etc/docker/daemon.json { “insecure-registries”:[“registry.mydomain.com:5000”] } With that, docker info gives me: Containers: 1 Running: 1 Paused: 0 Stopped: 0 Images: 2 Server Version: 1.12.4 Storage Driver: devicemapper Pool Name: […]

Using private docker registry for GitLab CI

I’m using gitlab.com and would like to build my project with the provided shared runners. I have a docker image which contains all dependencies to build the project. The image is located at privateregistry.example.com. My .gitlab-ci.yml file looks like this: image: privateregistry.example.com/myteam/myimage before_script: – npm install build: script: # … Since it is a private […]

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