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Bash command to list all docker images in a remote registry

I have a program setup to remotely manage images & containers on various PCs on a local network. I’d like to be able to get a list of all images available on a registry as well. I have the IP of the registry machine and am looking for some command to list everything in that […]

Docker \ commit a container with its data

lots of documentation, but I still missing something. My Goal is to run one-time registry (2.0) push to it couple of images and export\commit the container. I need to take it in zip file to machine without internet. Thing is – the images I pushed to registry aren’t kept. whenever I import the regsitry to […]

Why Docker resets connection upon pushing an image to a private registry?

We have a Docker private registry, listening on a non-default port (specified in our docker run command). However, our attempts to push an image (either pre-built, or built via Jenkins) fail with an error message (see bold below). Help at your earliest convenience will be much appreciated. We simply installed Docker on the machine and […]

REST API for Docker Hub Registry

The REST API for registry.hub.docker.com does not seem to match the documented API. For example, curl -k https://registry.hub.docker.com/v1/repositories/busybox/tags returns: [{“layer”: “4986bf8c”, “name”: “latest”}, {“layer”: “2aed48a4”, “name”: “buildroot-2013.08.1”}, … ] But https://docs.docker.com/reference/api/registry_api/#tags says it should return a map of tag -> id. That’s what I see when I make a similar request to a registry I’m […]

how does 'tar cv –files-from /dev/null | docker import – scratch' work?

While learning about docker and how to create a minimal image, I came across this command:- tar cv –files-from /dev/null | docker import – scratch This creates a minimal docker image. I am unable to understand what happens when we do tar cv –files-from /dev/null. If I run this command on my terminal, I get […]

Setup notification for private docker registry

I am trying to setup notification for my private docker registry. But i am getting the following error from the docker compose file PS C:\mydockerregistry> docker-compose up ERROR: The Compose file ‘.\docker-compose.yml’ is invalid because: Unsupported config option for notifications: ‘endpoints’ Here is my docker compose file registry: restart: always image: registry:2 ports: – 5000:5000 […]

How to push image from private registry to hub.docker.com?

I’m migrating a project from a private registry to hub.docker.com but I don’t have all tagged image on computer. I have access to the registry machine via SSH. Question How can I push all my registry images to hub.docker.com?

local docker Repos keep getting bigger and bigger

i make my first steps with docker repos in artifactory (5.1.3) and theres something that scares me a little bit. I pushed different tags from the same docker image (abaout 500MB) to a repo. I’d expected that storage use and size of the repo would stay at about 500 MB. But with 5 Image-Versions in […]

Cannot get a valid response from Docker Registry remote API

I’m using Nodejs & request to form my API calls, I can make API calls directly to a UnixSocket with it however it fails every attempt when requesting from the Docker registry container I have running, so I believe it’s the fault of my registry configuration. I’ve set it up out of the box just […]

Docker parallel operations limit

Is there a limit to the number of parallel Docker push/pulls you can do? E.g. if you thread Docker pull / push commands such that they are pulling/pushing different images at the same time what would be the upper limit to the number of parallel push/pulls Or alternatively On one terminal you do docker pull […]

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