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docker machine: getsockopt no route to host

I set up docker private registry with Nexus 3.0.2 OSS on windows 2012 server as below, docker_repository there is a docker machines (version 0.8.0) installed on VirtualBox through Docker tools (v1.12.0) for windows (windows 8.1). I added the repository connector url to insecureRegistry in config.json file to allow insecure connection. It always returns “no route […]

Docker Pull Output Weird

When I pull normally using docker pull <image-name> my output looks like this When I pull using docker-compose up my output looks like this They are both pulling/using the same image. They both work in the end but the output of the first looks a lot better than the second. How can I fix this?

Not able to connect to Oracle Database using Docker Container

I am deploying my application into a Docker container, on Webspehre liberty server as an EAR file. However, when the application is running, it cannot connect to the Oracle Database which is running on another host where we are trying to connect through jndi lookup defined in server.xml of Websphere liberty. <dataSource id=”oracle” jndiName=”jdbc/QADBApp” type=”javax.sql.Datasource”> […]

Pulling image from local docker repository

Cannot pull image from local repository inside Minikube I have a local docker repository set up on my local machine (mac). I only have two images stored in there. I’m setting up various containers with Kubernetes definition files and on of my configurations is a replication controller that pulls the image from my repository which […]

Building and uploading images to Docker Hub, how to from Docker Compose?

I have been working in a docker environment for PHP development and finally I get it working as I need. This environment relies on docker-compose and the config looks like: version: ‘2’ services: php-apache: env_file: – dev_variables.env image: reynierpm/php55-dev build: context: . args: – PUID=1000 – PGID=1000 ports: – “80:80” extra_hosts: – “dockerhost:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” volumes: – […]

How to configure docker-compose for storing data of Elastic search out-side of docker container?

1: Docker-compose.yml elk: image: elasticsearch:latest ports: – ”″ – “9300:9300” volumes: – ./Elasticsearch/data:/var/lib/elasticsearch – ./Elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml:/etc/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml tty : true Redis: image: redis:latest ports: – “6379:6379” volumes: – /Redis/redis.conf:/var/lib/redis restart: always 2: elasticsearch.yml ##################### Elasticsearch Configuration Example ##################### # This file contains an overview of various configuration settings, # targeted at operations staff. Application developers should […]

Docker max depth exceeded

I getting an error when trying to commit docker container to image: [root@dockerregistry /]# docker commit da4180ab1536 dockerregistry:5000/myimage Error response from daemon: max depth exceeded It does have a lot of layers of previous commits: [root@dockerregistry /]# docker history dockerregistry:5000/myimage IMAGE CREATED CREATED BY SIZE COMMENT b0922c490bf2 30 hours ago su – jenkins -c cd […]

docker push to the registry with changed Dockerfile and same tag

Imagine, I have docker image based on Dockerfile, I will tag & push it into docker registry Over time, I change Dockerfile (add/change new instructions, …) Now, I will tag new image again with the same tag I used in the first place and push it into docker registry How does docker registry react to […]

setting gitlab with docker registry error 500

I have running docker with docker registry on example.domain.com docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry \ -v /etc/ssl/certs/:/certs \ -e REGISTRY_STORAGE_FILESYSTEM_ROOTDIRECTORY=/var/lib/registry \ -v /git/docker_registry:/var/lib/registry \ -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=/certs/server.crt \ -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY=/certs/server.key \ registry:2 I can push and pull to this docker registry but when i try to connect it with gitlab which is running […]

Error response from daemon: getsockopt: connection refused

When I try to pull an image from a private Docker Registry I get the error Error response from daemon: Get https://XX.XX.XX.XXX:5000/v1/_ping: dial tcp XX.XX.XX.XXX:5000: getsockopt: connection refused The docker registry is definitely listening on the correct port. Running ss –listen –tcp -n -p Gives the result State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port LISTEN […]

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