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Any API or Web UI project to manage a Docker private registry?

I can’t find how to manage images in a private registry. I can push or pull an image because i know the id but how to get the list of pushed images ? Take for example a person who wants to see the available images under the private registry of his organization. How can she […]

Docker public registry push fails: Repository does not exist

I’m trying to push my docker image up into the public docker registry: $ docker login Username (binarybana): WARNING: login credentials saved in /home/jknight/.dockercfg. Login Succeeded $ docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED VIRTUAL SIZE binarybana/dev-fedora latest 10c7881fbaca 24 hours ago 1.148 GB binarybana/fedoradev latest 10c7881fbaca 24 hours ago 1.148 GB binarybana/fedora-dev latest 10c7881fbaca […]

Can not pull/push images after update docker to 1.12

The private registry was worked well based on docker 1.10.3,but I can not pull/push images after the docker updated to 1.12.0. I had modified the /etc/sysconfig/docker as: OPTIONS=’–selinux-enabled=true –insecure-registry=myip:5000′ or OPTIONS=’–selinux-enabled=true –insecure-registry myip:5000′ but when I exec pull/push,I got this error: $ docker pull myip:5000/cadvisor Using default tag: latest Error response from daemon: Get https://myip:5000/v1/_ping: […]

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