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What´s the sha256 code of a docker image?

I´d like to pull the images of centos, tomcat, … using their sha256 code, like in docker pull myimage@sha256:0ecb2ad60 but I can´t find the sha256-code to use anywhere. I checked the dockerhub repository for any hint of the sha256-code, but couldn´t find any. I downloaded the images by their tag docker pull tomcat:7-jre8 and checked […]

Using private registry hosted on docker

I’m hosting my own docker-registry in a docker container. It’s fronted by nginx running in a separate container to add basic auth. Checking the _ping routes I can see that nginx is routing appropriately. When calling docker login from boot2docker (on Mac OSX) I get this error: FATA[0003] Error response from daemon: Invalid registry endpoint […]

docker build + private NPM (+ private docker hub)

I have an application which runs in a Docker container. It requires some private modules from the company’s private NPM registry (Sinopia), and accessing these requires user authentication. The Dockerfile is FROM iojs:latest. I have tried: 1) creating an .npmrc file in the project root, this actually makes no difference and npm seems to ignore […]

How do I deploy updated Docker images to Amazon ECS tasks?

What is the right approach to make my Amazon ECS tasks update their Docker images, once said images have been updated in the corresponding registry?

docker repository name component must match

I am trying to build my image using this plugin: https://github.com/spotify/docker-maven-plugin#use-a-dockerfile When I run mvn clean package docker:build I get this error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.spotify:docker-maven-plugin:0.2.3:build (defa ult-cli) on project demo: Exception caught: Request error: POST https://192.168. 99.100:2376/v1.12/build?t=DevOpsClient: 500: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error -> [ Help 1] When I check the docker […]

Docker registry:2.0 overriding configuration options

Has anyone tried using environment variables to override configuration options in the registry, say if you have to use s3 bucket as the storage for example. I read the doc and it says (https://docs.docker.com/registry/configuration/): Overriding configuration options Environment variables may be used to override configuration parameters other than version. To override a configuration option, create […]

Docker registry and index

Good day! I have looked a ton of info about docker registry and still have some questions about it… Please, help me to understand some things about index and registry. I have installed docker-registry for private repositories. And I worked with standalone mode true. As I understand, docker registry can’t authenticate users – it asks […]

How to copy file from host to container using Dockerfile

I have written a Dockerfile which looks like this FROM ubuntu:12.04 RUN apt-get update RUN apt-get install -y wget Now I’m having a file called abc.txt in my host machine. How can I copy it to this container. Is there any step that I can add in Dockerfile which copy from Host to Container.

Docker Registry 2.0 – how to delete unused images?

We updated our private docker registry to the official Registry 2.0. This version can now delete docker images identified by a hashtag (see https://docs.docker.com/registry/spec/api/#deleting-an-image) but I still don’t see a way to cleanup old images. As our CI server is continously producing new images, I would need a method to delete all images from the […]

How to search images from private 1.0 registry in docker?

I made a private registry,curl xx.xx.xx.xx:5000 is ok. I push an image into docker private registry by doing: docker push xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/centos it return: http://xx.xx.xx.xx:5000/v1/repositories/centos/tags/latest the question is how to get all images from registry web or command whatever. I cant find any information from docker registry api. any one helps ? 🙂

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