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Can Docker help build executable that work in different platform

I am new to docker and so my question could be very naive/stupid. The application that we use presently need to be compiled in different platform to make it work in desired platform i.e Linux and Window mainly. So we need to compile source code(C/C++) in different platform and give different executable to customer as […]

Docker: TLS handshake timeout

I’ve created my own private registry (private-registry) but I’m unable to push images to it. Than I get the following error: The push refers to a repository [private-registry:5000/ubuntu] (len: 1) unable to ping registry endpoint https://private-registry:5000/v0/ v2 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://private-registry:5000/v2/: net/http: TLS handshake timeout v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get […]

What is the canonical way to see if an image exists in the docker public registry?

We want to check if an image exists in the public registry (Docker Hub) automatically before we start a deployment. With the v1 API, we would just query https://index.docker.io/v1/repositories/gliderlabs/alpine/tags/3.2 for example. But now the official API for the registry is v2, what is the official way of checking the existence of an image in the […]

Pull private docker images from Google Container Registry w/o gcloud

I’m using shippable to push private docker images to the Google Container Registry that I then want to pull from either locally on a laptop, or inside an instance on the Google Compute Engine. I know that the command gcloud preview docker pull gcr.io/projectID/image-name works, but I can’t rely on gcloud being installed on every […]

Create a docker image/container from EC2 AMI

I am very new to docker and am trying to import my AWS EC2 AMI into a docker image. The image is a m2 linux image. I have also setup a private docker hub(artifactory) to which I intend to push the image and make it available for consumption. What are the steps for importing AMI […]

Why does pushing a Docker image fail with “dial tcp: lookup cdn-registry-1.docker.io on read udp i/o timeout”?

I’m pushing to a private docker repository on Docker Hub and I keep getting this error: 2726b5968341: Image successfully pushed 2fd0731064ec: Image successfully pushed 49328a658a81: Image successfully pushed 6beafaa9c78d: Image successfully pushed bb8b822852f4: Image successfully pushed 6a0d258340b1: Pushing FATA[0457] Failed to upload metadata: Put https://cdn-registry-1.docker.io/v1/images/6a0d258340b180fd569ec687653d805ebb70e77c1943ca6cfc9d296392ad79ee/json: dial tcp: lookup cdn-registry-1.docker.io on read udp i/o […]

ERROR: In file './docker-compose.yml', service 'volumes' must be a mapping not an array

My docker-compose.yml looks like the below and I am trying to follow the compose file from the docker registry documentation here. When i run docker-compose up I get the below error. ERROR: In file ‘./docker-compose.yml’, service ‘volumes’ must be a mapping not an array. registry: restart: always image: sudarshan/registry ports: – 5000:5000 environment: REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE: /certs/domain.crt […]

Docker private registry with mirror

I created two Docker containers. The first one provides a private Docker registry and the second one is a mirror of the official Docker registry: docker run -d –name registry -v /local/path/to/registry:/registry -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=local -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -p 5000:5000 registry docker run -d –name mirror -v /local/path/to/mirror:/registry -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -e STANDALONE=false -e MIRROR_SOURCE=https:/registry-1.docker.io -e MIRROR_SOURCE_INDEX=https://index.docker.io -p […]

Error saving Docker images to AWS S3 bucket from private Docker Registry

I’m trying to set up a private Docker Registry and save images to AWS S3 instance. The Registry seems to be working fine — it starts up ok and I can authenticate to it over https. The problem I’m having is that I’m getting an error saving to S3, so I assume there is some […]

Docker hub image cache doesn't seem to be working

We have a continuous integration pipeline on circleci that does the following: Loads repo/image:mytag1 from the cache directory to be able to use cached layers Builds a new version: docker build -t repoimage:mytag2 Saves the new version to the cache directory with docker save Runs tests Pushes to docker hub: docker push repo/image:mytag2 The problem […]

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