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Access Token for Dockerhub

I created a repository on hub.docker.com and now want to push my image to the Dockerhub using my credentials. I am wondering whether I have to use my username and password or whether I can create some kind of access token to push the docker image. What I want to do is using the docker-image […]

Why am I getting an ErrImagePull error in this Kubernetes deployment?

I’m trying to create a local Kubernetes deployment using Minikube, Docker Registry, and a demo node project. The first thing I did was install Docker v 1.12.3, then Minikube v0.12.2. Then I created a Docker Registry container by running this command (via this tutorial, only running the first command below) docker run -d -p 5000:5000 […]

What is the location of config file in Docker 1.9?

In the version 1.8 of Docker we could find the docker config file under /etc/sysconfig However, after installing Docker 1.9 I cant see the docker config file under /etc/sysconfig What is the new location of the config file?? Distribution: Centos 7.1

How do I publish to docker hub?

What do I need to do to make my images available to the public via the Docker Hub? Some errors for search The push refers to a repository docker.io/yourname/yourimage or Repository does not exist: docker.io/yourname/yourimage

What if I change a Dockerfile while a build is running out of it?

If an image is currently being built out of a Dockerfile and I perform some changes on that Dockerfile itself, will it affect subsequent steps of the build?

What is the difference between the size and the virtual size of the docker images?

I have a private registry where I store all of my docker images. I noticed that when I pull an image from it,the difference in the sizes of the image on my local machine and the one on the registry is significant. For example,I have an image called mydb (around 126 MB). When I pull […]

Docker private registry using selfsigned certificates

I want to run a private docker registry which is widely available. So I will be able to push and pull images from other servers. I’m following this tutorials: doc1 & doc2 I performed 3 steps: First I’ve created my certificate and key (as CNAME I filled in my ec2-hostname) mkdir -p certs && openssl […]

What is the relationship between a docker image ID and the IDs in the manifests?

I am trying to understand the connection between the image ID as reported by docker images (or docker inspect) and the actual layers or images in the registry or manifest (using v2). I run docker images, I get (abbreviated and changed to protect the not-so-innocent): REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID my.local.registry/some/image latest abcdefg If I pull […]

How can I update full description on Docker Hub automatically?

I’m using Travis CI for building docker images from Dockerfiles and then pushing them to the Docker Hub on success. I’ve created an MD file describing the image and how to use it. I want to have the same description on the Docker Hub in the full description section. As I may update the description […]

Setting up a remote private Docker registry

I need some tips on setting up a ‘remote private Docker registry’. README.md on Docker-Registry mainly focus on private registry running on the same host, does not specify how other machines can access it remotely (or maybe too complex to understand). So far I found these threads: Docker: Issue with pulling from a private registry […]

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