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GitLab CI ssh registry login

I have a GitLab project gitlab.com/my-group/my-project which has a CI pipeline that builds an image and pushes it to the project’s GitLab registry registry.gitlab.com/my-group/my-project:tag. I want to deploy this image to Google Compute Engine, where I have a VM running docker. Easy enough to do it manually by ssh’ing into the VM, then docker login […]

Pushing Docker Hub images to private Docker Registry

Brand-spanking-new-to-Docker Mac user here. I have Docker installed locally (which I can verify by running docker -v). I have set up a private Docker Registry on a remote VM, say, myregistry.example.com:5000. I have set it up properly (I think) using TLS (root CA cert) as well as with Basic Auth. I would like to pull […]

Unable to push a plugin using docker plugin push command

I am trying to develop a V2 plugin. I am able to to use the ‘docker plugin create’ and ‘docker plugin enable’ commands with my plugin configuration. However the ‘docker plugin push’ command fails with the following error [root@localhost plugin]# docker plugin push adityadani/pxd-plugin Error response from daemon: errors: denied: requested access to the resource […]

How to parse a simple array with ng-admin

I have an API (http://localhost:5000/v2/_catalog) returning a json structure as follows: { “repositories”: [ “start/imageA”, “start/imageA” ] } Now I want to parse the result with ng-admin. My admin.js (CORS is solved on my webserver) looks as follows: var myApp = angular.module(‘r2ui’, [‘ng-admin’]); myApp.config([‘RestangularProvider’, function(RestangularProvider) { RestangularProvider.addFullRequestInterceptor(function(element, operation, what, url, headers, params, httpConfig) { delete […]

How to change the 'Registry' value which shows from 'docker info'

When I run docker info, it shows such information: ~ $ docker info Containers: 0 Images: 8 Server Version: 1.9.1 Storage Driver: aufs Root Dir: /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/aufs Backing Filesystem: extfs Dirs: 9 Dirperm1 Supported: true Execution Driver: native-0.2 Logging Driver: json-file Kernel Version: 4.1.13-boot2docker Operating System: Boot2Docker 1.9.1 (TCL 6.4.1); master : cef800b – Fri Nov […]

How does mirror registry work in docker?

I want to deploy the registry mirror in docker, and it can avoid a trip out to the internet to refetch it. So, I use command: docker pull ubuntu docker rmi ubuntu I guess that there is ubuntu image in my local.So, I closed my Internet, then use command: docker pull ubuntu But,it didn’t work. […]

New to docker, is it possible to protect my source code and add permissions?

I am interested in using Docker to host a project I am helping develop in work. However I have a few questions about it’s suitability. Firstly, I wonder is it at all possible to keep the source code hidden from potential users/customers? Obviously part of Docker’s policies is that the code is open, but would […]

How to fix insecure-registry error on clients by updating the docker registry server

When upgrading to docker 1.3 the docker client produced the following error: … If this private registry supports only HTTP or HTTPS with an unknown CA certificate, please add `–insecure-registry <my registry>` to the daemon’s arguments. … This registry is behind our company’s firewall, so I do not wish to add any security. Is there […]

Is there a way to download a Docker image without Docker daemon?

There is docker-rust-musl image that takes around 2.5 hours to build from scratch (on a single-core machine, which is allocated for Docker Hub Automated Builds), but the time limit for Docker Hub Automated builds is 2 hours. I’m contemplating a way to split the long-running build into stages, so each stage would fit Docker Hub […]

Docker: google/docker-registry container usage

Does the google/docker-registry container exist solely to push/pull images from Google Cloud Storage? I am currently following their instructions on Git and have the docker-registry container running, but can’t seem to pull from my bucket. I started it with: sudo docker run -d -e GCS_BUCKET=mybucket -p 5000:5000 google/docker-registry I have a .tar Docker image stored […]

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