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docker login <dtr-server> gives error 404 not found

when I try to login on docker private registry it gives the following error: $docker login https://dtr-ip:443 Error response from daemon: Login: <html> <head><title>404 Not Found</title></head> <body bgcolor=”white”> <center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx/1.8.0</center> </body> </html> (Code: 404; Headers: map[Date:[Wed, 22 Jun 2016 13:51:33 GMT] Content-Type:[text/html] Content-Length:[168] X-Replica-Id:[fa6e7b73277d] Server:[nginx/1.8.0]]) My docker trusted registry and UCP are on […]

How stable are version-tagged docker baseimages? Should I make my own copy?

I am creating docker images based on base-images from docker.io (for example ubuntu:14.04). I want my docker-builds to be 100% reproducible. One requirement for this is, that the baseimage does not change (or if it changes, it is a decision by me to use the changed baseimage). Can I be sure that a version tagged […]

Unable to push docker image to Openshift Origin Docker registry

I was trying to deploy a docker image I have created via Openshift. I followed the instructions in: http://www.opensourcerers.org/importing-an-external-docker-image-into-red-hat-openshift-v3/ However, as I tried to push my docker image to the Openshift registry, it did not succeed, as shown below [root@mymachine ~]# docker push The push refers to a repository [] 0a4a35d557a6: Preparing 025eba1692ec: Preparing […]

How to list images in docker registry being on registry server?

Currently I’m pushing images from one machine to another. The success of it I can determine base on HTTP status from pushing machine or base on logs from the registry server. At this point I want to search through what really is in my registry on my server. What I found till now is the […]

docker push to non-TLS registry

I am deploying my own docker registry and during testing I want to docker push to an non-TLS registry at local:8000. However, I get the following: $ docker push local:8000/alexflint/kayak-test-foo The push refers to a repository [local:8000/alexflint/kayak-test-foo] Get https://local:8000/v1/_ping: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client My understanding is that the docker client is […]

docker CLI registry login fails

On Ubuntu 16.04 and docker 1.12.6, I can’t log into the default registry, https://index.docker.io/v1. The response is: Error response from daemon: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/: unauthorized: incorrect username or password I can log into both hub and cloud with the account. Has anyone had this problem and how did you solve it? I sent a ticket to […]

Docker: some ghost images are messing up with the memory

The docker my team and I are using is frequently running out of space. Usually we fixed this by deleting the dangling images. But now at the moment there are 5 running containers with 7 images and the memory is full. Even the log file can’t write its output. So as I described there are […]

How to define Kubernetes Job using a private docker registry?

I have a simple Kubernetes job (based on the http://kubernetes.io/docs/user-guide/jobs/work-queue-2/ example) which uses a Docker image that I have placed as a public image on my dockerhub account. It all loks like this: job.yaml: apiVersion: batch/v1 kind: Job metadata: name: job-wq-2 spec: parallelism: 2 template: metadata: name: job-wq-2 spec: containers: – name: c image: jonalv/job-wq-2 […]

Securing local docker private registry

I’m trying to create a secure private Docker registry that would work only in the local network and be accessed by IP address. I have read a lot of articles regarding this issue but most of them talk about the need to have a registered domain name that points to a valid public IP address […]

Amazon ECS troobleshooting task start failures

I am struggling to understand the problems that prevent my task from starting on my Amazon ECS cluster. I have a task with a single container I am currently getting some weird undocumented STOPPED (CannotPullContainerError: Error: image library/bdf) and I have no idea where to start from. When I log into my amazon EC2 instance […]

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