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docker insecure registry daemon not using flag

I have an insecure registry running at testcluster.myurl.name:18079 a docker login testcluster.myurl.name:18079 fails with no valid certificate found and suggests to specify the –insecure-registry flag for the daemon. However, I already specified the flag (on Ubuntu) in /etc/default/docker my DOCKER_OPTS=”–dns –dns –insecure-registry testcluster.myurl.name:18079″ are set and the daemon was restarted. Still the problem […]

Error while configuring UCP replica

I have installed UCP master on a node and able to login using admin/orca The UCP admin fingerprint is as below 23:B9:9E:08:B5:67:73:0A:C7:17:07:76:56:B2:F3:D2:73:CE:B5:74 Now, I am trying to configure UCP replica on a separate node using the following command docker run –rm -i –env UCP_ADMIN_USER=admin –env UCP_ADMIN_PASSWORD=orca -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock –name ucp docker/ucp join –replica –url […]

cannot access Docker remote registry

I am using docker from a Ubuntu VM. I set up an unsecure registry using the steps mentioned in this link. I can push & pull images from the registry in the host machine but I cannot access the registry from another machine in the same network. I have done the following – Edited the […]

docker swarm 1.1.3: No such image after pulling from public repo, and trying to tag

Working from my Mac, fresh installed Docker Toolbox. Steps to reproduce: docker-machine create -d virtualbox –virtualbox-memory 700 –swarm –swarm-master –swarm-discovery consul:// swarm-master docker-machine create -d virtualbox –virtualbox-memory 700 –swarm –swarm-discovery consul:// node-1 finished without problems eval $(docker-machine env –swarm swarm-master) docker info now shows healthy nodes: Containers: 3 Running: 3 Paused: 0 Stopped: 0 Images: […]

Setup private docker registry with OAUauthentication (with specific namespace for each user)

My use case requires to setup a private docker registry with the ability to authenticate users to specific namespaces whereas prevent from authenticated users to pull/push images to other namespaces than the ones assigned to them. So far my investigation points me to a setup with the following modules docker registry (of course) Oauth2 authentication […]

Can't pull image from private docker registry

Trying to get a private repo running on my EC2 instance so my other docker hosts created by docker-machine can pull from the private repo. I’ve disabled SSL and have put up a firewall to compensate that allows my test server(the one I’m trying to pull on) to connect to my main EC2 instance (the […]

Pushing a tag to private docker registry in artifactory fails from mac

So, we have permissions setup on who can push to the docker registry in artifactory. Now, I created a dockercfg file in $HOME/.dockercfg on my mac and added the username and passing using the curl command: curl -uaaaaa:bbbbbbb “https://docker.io/v2/auth” >> $HOME/.dockercfg After that when I try to push an image to docker registry, it fails […]

docker registry with s3

I have install docker regitstry with AWS S3,but it’s error when I pull,push.My start command: docker run -d -e REGISTRY_STORAGE=s3 -e REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_REGION=cn-north-1 -e REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_BUCKET=qteng -e REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_ACCESSKEY=AKIAPNT -e REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_SECRETKEY=5TnXaLsyhcUzfXeJR -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry registry:2.4.1 logs like this: msg=”Error getting v2 registry: Get tls: oversized record received with length 20527 msg=”Attempting next endpoint for pull […]

What Docker image size is considered 'too large'?

In my previous company, we adopted a micro-service architecture and used Docker to implement it. The average size of our Docker images were ~300MB – ~600MB. However my new company is using Docker mostly for development workflow, and the average image size is ~1.5GB – ~3GB. Some of the larger images (10GB+) are being actively […]

ImagePullBackOff: Kubernetes error with Nexus based Private Registry

I had initially thought this was the same as: Kubernetes imagePullSecrets not working; getting "image not found" However, even disabling authentication (to avoid the need for secrets) still produces the same error. So, Kubernetes trying to pull images from Nexus Docker registry keeps producing the kubernetes error: “Failed to pull image “nexus.mydomain.co.uk/nginx”: Error: image nginx:latest […]

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