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Docker eating up disk space /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper

Sorry I got the answer. Thank you so much for your answers

Deploy docker registry in Jelastic

I wish to deploy a private Docker registry in Jelastic environment. I’ve deployed the registry:2 image from the marketplace and, once logged via ssh into the container, generated the CRT and KEY file. I’ve defined REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE and REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY pointing to their respective files into the container. I’ve exposed the 5000 port through Jelastic’s “endpoint” (resulting […]

How to connect to a docker container from the outside world

I have a web application that is running inside docker container which is running on an Amazon Linux ec2 instance. I would like to connect to that container from the outside world. How would I do this? I tried using the ec2 instance’s ip address and the port that is exposed, such as: 34.21.331.333:7070 but […]

docker pull failed. manifest invalid: manifest invalid – artifactory

docker 1.9.1 pull on centos7 is failing when pulling from private V2 registry. $ docker -v Docker version 1.9.1, build 78ee77d/1.9.1 $ docker pull web-docker.bin-repo.hostname.com/web-dev:latest Trying to pull repository web-docker.bin-repo.hostname.com/web-dev … failed manifest invalid: manifest invalid The same command works fine on osx with docker 1.10.3. Can anyone tell me why this isn’t working and […]

How to debug Docker?

I want to know how you have to debug docker. So I have a command which is giving a timeout and I want to debug it: It’s a command to access my docker registry: docker login -u admin -e my@mail.com -p $(oc whoami -t) 172.30.xx.xx:5000 I read a lot about using docker daemon -d but […]

How do I make my Kubernetes replication controller use a certain secret to pull an image?

I have specified a certain image pull secret for my replication controller, but it doesn’t appear to be applied when downloading the Docker image: $ ~/.local/bin/kubectl –kubeconfig=/etc/kubernetes/kube.conf get events FIRSTSEEN LASTSEEN COUNT NAME KIND SUBOBJECT REASON SOURCE MESSAGE 8h 8s 3074 web-73na4 Pod spec.containers{web} Pulling {kubelet ip-172-31-29-110.eu-central-1.compute.internal} Pulling image “quay.io/aknuds1/realtime-music” 8h 5s 3074 web-73na4 Pod […]

Why are we using docker-registry?

Can someone explain me ‘Docker-registry’? I face it in OpenShift but it’s hard to understand what it is at the moment.

Docker private registries and the default installer

I am trying to set up a private Docker registry. I [found this tutorial](https://github.com/docker/distribution/blob/master/docs/deploying.md ) which states I need to run: docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry registry:2 But this implies that Docker is already installed & running on the server. So I created a new Ubuntu 14.04 (upstart-based) VM and installed Docker […]

Comparing Docker Tags

Given that I build and tag an image like so: docker build -t foo:bar . docker tag foo:bar foo:baz How can I. later, confirm whether or not the two tags refer to the same thing? I would like to be able to do this through the Registry API (v2), since I might not have both […]

How to substitute variable value in “docker run” command

I am using a bash script and trying to assign a fingerprint value as below export FINGERPRINT=D0:19:C5:80:42:66:56:AC:6F docker run –rm -i -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock –name ucp docker/ucp join –replica –fingerprint $FINGERPRINT However, bash is not at all substituting the value of $FINGERPRINT

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