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I got an error when I try to delete an image in docker

System version: ubuntu 14.04 Docker version: 1.0.1, build 990021a I am new to docker, I try the command docker run -p 5000:5000 registry But it takes a long time. And I feel it is too long. So I pressed ctrl + c to stop this operation. Then, I tried docker pull registry But it occured […]

HTTP Code 504 while uploading layer “”

When trying to push images to private registry, the error HTTP Code 504 while uploading layer “” is often occurring.There after it throws , Error response from daemon: invalid registry endpoint https://registrydomain.com/v0/: unable to ping registry endpoint https://registrydomain.com/v0/, the registry seems to go into hang state. I have increased proxy_timeout to 900sec to see if […]

Why is my docker image size much bigger than my application?

I built my docker image as follows: FROM a 3rd-party image on Docker Hub (~1GB) apt-get install some packages (~ 16MB) COPY my application binary into the image (~10MB) If docker images/layers are like git commits, then it looks to me that the actual new data I have created shall be about 16+10=26MB, while everything […]

docker-compose tries to access registry v1 on first “up”

I have a docker-compose file that looks like this: version: ‘2’ services: registry: restart: always image: registry:2 ports: – 5000:5000 environment: REGISTRY_STORAGE: “s3” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_ACCESSKEY: “yada” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_SECRETKEY: “yada” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_REGION: “us-east-1” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_BUCKET: “docker-registry” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_ENCRYPT: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_SECURE: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_V4AUTH: “true” REGISTRY_STORAGE_S3_CHUNKSIZE: “5242880” volumes: – ./data:/data prototype: restart: always image: localhost:5000/prototype ports: – 8081:8081 volumes: – /opt/config:/config depends_on: – […]

How to make Docker to avoid V1 registry

Docker versions 1.6 and above use the Docker Registry V2 API however it is still liable to make requests looking for an old V1 registry. I think I saw there is a configuration option to make Docker avoid making any /v1/ requests. I saw this option very recently but now I can’t find it. I […]

Updating docker registry in ubuntu 14.0

I’m trying to upgrade my docker registry to version 2 on a ubuntu box. This is what I did so far : 1) Bought up a v2 registry container up on the same host (ubuntu) where my v1 registry was running. 2) Executed this command: docker run -it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e V1_REGISTRY=v1.registry.fqdn -e V2_REGISTRY=v2.registry.fqdn docker/migrator […]

Downloading images from custom registry with go-dockerclient hangs

I cannot seem to pull from a custom registry. Am I doing it wrong? I know those images exist, I can download them manually. package main import ( “github.com/fsouza/go-dockerclient” log “github.com/Sirupsen/logrus” ) func main() { log.SetFormatter(&log.JSONFormatter{}) log.Infoln(“pulling remote images.”) pull_images() log.Infoln(“done.”) } var ( gcr = “gcr.io/google_containers/” fluentd = docker.PullImageOptions{ Repository: “fluentd-elasticsearch”, Registry: gcr, RawJSONStream: […]

when pushing docker image to private docker registry, having trouble marking it 'public' via my script (but can do via web ui)

I am pushing a docker image to a private docker registry, and am having trouble marking it ‘public’ via a script. For this discussion, I’m guessing the content of the Dockerfile doesn’t matter… so lets assume I have the following in my current working directory: Dockerfile from ubuntu touch /tmp/foo I build like this: docker […]

Back-end access and secret keys required?

Are Docker Registry S3 back-end access and secret keys required? I don’t understand why. I use an IAM role and can’t get access and secret keys from that. Before I didn’t have to provide access and secret key to s3 settings in docker registry and it worked automatically since the IAM role granted the server […]

How to setup GUI for private docker registry?

I have setup my own private docker registry. I can able to upload images on the registry server but at the time of pulling, I need to remember the image names since there is no way to get these. Currently, I am manually checking the names by visiting the docker registry machine or I need […]

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