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docker hub automated build does not use cache, does this mean layers are regenerated every time and that requires docker clients to redownload?

I have noticed that docker hub automated build does not use cache. I guess that’s because they do the builds on different machines and cache can not be shared between them. So that would mean that every time I push to my git repo, docker hub regenerates all layers, even if they are identical with […]

Different hashes while pulling from hub and pushing to registry

Please see the attached image. I can see different layer hashes and different final image hash while pulling from Docker hub and while pushing it back to my local registry. But, once its pushed to registry, I can see the same layers that I saw during docker pull from hub (I saw these layer details […]

Dial tcp i/o timeout with Docker in Gitlab CI build

I have an issue since a few days that I’m not able to understand, let aside fix. I am working on the setup of a private Gitlab + Gitlab CI + Gitlab Docker registry environment to host and test my code and to build docker images from it in a runner. I’m trying to build […]

Docker registry 2.0 api v2 access using auth token

I have private docker repository in quay.io and I want to get list of repositories and tags related to it. So I use curl -IL https://quay.io/user/accountName/v2/_catalog it returns HTTP/1.1 401 UNAUTHORIZED Server: nginx/1.9.5 Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2016 11:02:19 GMT Content-Type: application/json Content-Length: 117 Connection: keep-alive

Docker cloud repository push: access to the requested resource is not authorized on Fedora 23

I’ve just come over from tutum and and am trying to deploy to a docker cloud repository. I’ve created the repository and have tagged an existing image: docker tag deploy foo/rtb When I attempt to push my tagged image up like so: docker push foo/rtb I get this: The push refers to a repository [docker.io/foo/rtb] […]

docker registry v2 upload fails for some images

I am running two kubernetes clusters on coreos in aws (acc and prod), and on both have setup a custom registry with nginx ssl (bought wildcart certs, checked ok) termination going to v1 + v2 backends, and all was running fine. Somehow, I now have an issue where one particular build won’t upload. Another image […]

Docker: private registry access

I’m trying to push an image to my docker private repository: docker pull busybox docker tag busybox living-registry.com:5000/busybox docker push living-registry.com:5000/busybox Docker tells me: The push refers to a repository [living-registry.com:5000/busybox] Get https://living-registry.com:5000/v1/_ping: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer These commands are being performed on a CoreOS. In another machine, I’ve started my […]

Unable to set up Docker UCP cluster

I am trying to install UCP master using the below command docker run –rm -i -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock –name ucp docker/ucp:1.0.3 install However, I am getting the below error ERRO[0029] Failed to set up initial UCP configuration FATA[0029] client: etcd cluster is unavailable or misconfigured Why do I see that error?

Not able to push docker images to docker private registry

I have created docker private register in my local “” If i tag an image as and try to push it from another vm to the vm where registry is running – IT FAILS with below error The push refers to a repository [] unable to ping registry endpoint v2 ping attempt failed […]

Create app with image from own docker registry on OpenShift 3.1

I have my own docker registry secured with a selfsigned certificate. On other servers, I’m able to login on the registry and pull/push images from it. So that seems to work fine. But when I want to create an app from the image using OpenShift it does not seem te work: oc new-app ec2-xxx:5000/test/image1 error: […]

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