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How to list images and tags from the gcr.io Docker Registry using the HTTP API?

I’m trying to fetch a list of available images and their tags from Google Container Registry (gcr.io) in Node.js. I first use google-auto-auth to optain a token with scope https://www.googleapis.com/auth/devstorage.read_write, and I exchange that token for a gcr.io token like so: axios.get(‘https://gcr.io/v2/token?service=gcr.io’, { auth: { username: ‘_token’, password: token // token I got from `google-auto-auth` […]

docker push to private registry: how not to specify a port

When deploy a private registry per this docker instructions, I have to specify the port in CLI to push the image like this: For http(80), the command is: docker push host.com:80/alpine. For https(443), the command has to be: docker push host.com:443/alpine. If I mapped the port to 5000, the command is: docker push host.com:5000/alpine. The […]

docker registry ping 404

I have created a docker registry with docker run -e SETTINGS_FLAVOR=s3 -e STORAGE_PATH=/registry -e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy -p 5000:5000 registry and by ping become – – [18/Jun/2017:17:56:47 +0000] “GET /v2/_ping HTTP/1.1” 404 19 “” “” But I can push and pull images.

Docker error to access private registry (Win)

I’m try pulling docker container from my private docker registry. When I run: docker pull 192.168.0.xxx:5000/container The result is: Using default tag: latest Pulling repository Error while pulling image: Get http://192.168.0.xxx:5000/v1/repositories/asdf/images: dial tcp 192.168.0.xxx:5000: getsockopt: no route to host The registry is running and working with v2, not v1. WhenI run: curl -X GET […]

Registry can't find all images in the repository when doing Docker search

I think I know why that happens, docker registry container loses the records of what was pushed to the repo, I wish search was done against the backend directly (in my case I use s3 bucket). I have a cloud template, so I start my stack from scratch very often, downloading the registry container over […]

Docker Registry 2.0 with Amazon S3 and TLS setup

I’m trying to set up internal docker-registry for our company in our amazon cloud which will store everything in S3 and work with TLS Here are steps I did: 1) Created new bot account in Amazon 2) Create and assign new policy to that bot: { “Version”: “2012-10-17”, “Statement”: [ { “Effect”: “Allow”, “Action”: “s3:ListAllMyBuckets”, […]

docker images are stored in root user thus consuming my disk space

Hi my server is configured such that the free space for root user in it is very less. However the user created(suppose user1) has lot of space. The docker images which are getting created by docker are saved in the root user thus consuming space and making my jobs to fail.How can i make docker […]

Docker api: push an image to docker hub private repository

I can create a docker registry on 5000 port mapped to 5000 port on my local system. docker configuration file changed to –insecure-registry localhost:5000 to make the connection insecure. How can I push images to my private repo using docker api command.

Docker: combine docker layers into image

The origin of this question is that the pulling from docker private registry is super slow. Then I figure out that the speed of wget through registry remote API is all right. Now I get layers of one image. How can I load it as image to my docker daemon? ps: I tried docker load […]

Clone an image from a docker registry to another

I have a private registry with a set of images. It can be visualized as a store of applications. My app can take these applications and run them on other machines. To achieve this, my app first pull the image from the private registry and then copies it to a local registry for later use. […]

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