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failed to create symbolic/hard link in volume in docker on windows 7

I am trying to execute shell script in volume inside docker container on windows 7 but seeing following errors: ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/lib/tcl8.5’: Protocol error ln: failed to create hard link ‘libpython2.7.so’ => ‘libpython2.7.so.1.0’: Operation not permitted This is the command in shell script which is giving error: root@57856515e02b:/artifacts/test/install/lib# ln -s /usr/share/tcltk/tcl8.5 […]

Using git clone in a Dockerfile Produces empty working directory

I have created a Dockerfile that uses git clone …. I build this Dockerfile using docker-compose everything seems to work till I invoke command from the docker-compose.yml file. What am I doing wrong? I’m trying to do this on our staging server using docker-machine. Including ls -a in the command shows the working directory is […]

Seeing protocol error with ln for mounted volume inside docker

I am mounting volume in docker container and then trying to create a symbolic link for a directory but it gives protocol error. This docker image/container I am running on windows7. artifacts is mounted in docker with -v option while running the docker. root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# mkdir a root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# mkdir b root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# chmod 777 a root@0946d7a3022b:/artifacts# chmod […]

Confused about which docker driver running which iso

I am running docker v. 1.27 and will be deploying a machine (v.0.10) on an OpenStack layer. I am trying to decide if I should use a virtualbox or openstack driver with a rancheros iso. I am new to using any type of Docker “technology”. From what I understand, if I use an openstack driver, […]

Discourse forum output

I’m new to this discourse thing. I want to implement it in my AWS server. I followed the instructions provided in the websites. Initially it has some error then i tried solving it, But now it shows Already running like then i tried restarting it, nothing happen. I dont know where to see my output […]

Cant load data onto Jupyter docker

This is probably a obvious question, but i cant find a direct answer anywhere. I installed, docker and docker machine, no problems so far. After that, i pulled this imaged based on jupyter/datascience-notebook docker. Supposedly, the only diffences is that it has Open CV installed. Now, this is my first time using docker. I run […]

DOCKER network problems on the mac

The out-bound network connections fail on my Docker client (mac version), after running for an extended period of time. I’m running Docker on my mac (non-beta version of Docker, with the latest version of Sierra). I launched a set of containers via Docker-compose, which connect to various web-services. The connections start out fine, with no […]

Docker – Rhel image chcon operation not permitted

I was able create Rhel 7.3 base image using script from github – https://github.com/moby/moby/blob/master/contrib/mkimage-yum.sh. However, I found that chcon command is not permitted in the container. chcon: failed to change context of ‘/usr/local/fcp/fcpmaint/cgibin/fwm_archlog.cgi’ to ‘system_u:ob ject_r:httpd_sys_script_exec_t:s0’: Operation not permitted I already tried to install “selinux-policy-targeted” package in the container but still not fix the issue. […]

Can't register code-push

I try to check code-push. I use Cordova into a docker machine into a virtual machine, in Windows. My problem is that when I try to create an account with “code-push register”, I get “A browser is being launched to authenticate your account…”. This doesn’t help me at all because this runs into a docker […]

Is it possible to run mutliple docker machines within one virtual machine (virtualbox)?

I am trying to understand docker machine and its options. If I understood it correctly, I cannot install/run docker machine within virtual machine (made with Virtualbox). Is that correct? Thanks for your time and patience. In comments you are saying it should be possible to create a new machine(s) within VM. I was trying to […]

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