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Can't connect to Redis/Memcache from inside Docker Container

I have a Docker Image which encapsulates all the tools for our dev environment. However, running the application in certain profiles will attempt to connect to external Redis/Memcache servers. However, it can’t establish a connection with these servers. When pinging inside the container, it finds the correct IP for the host but it says the […]

Docker Experimental FeaturesToolbox

Currently I have the normal docker windows toolbox running 1.12.0 (updatable to 1.12.1). I was wondering if it was possible to get a toolbox with the experimental features. Or is it possible to upgrade my current 1.12.0 docker to the experimental version?

docker: Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 2 desc = “oci runtime error: exec format error

I have installed docker.io and the docker status is running and active. I acreaa group and added docker. I also added my user to docker group. When I run docker run hello-world , I am ending up with the error docker: Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 2 desc = “oci runtime error: […]

Docker container for Swagger UI not loading

Running the following command results in 404 error in browser for or docker pull schickling/swagger-ui docker run -d -p -e API_URL=http://localhost:4000/swagger schickling/swagger-ui docker pull swaggerapi/swagger-editor docker run -p swaggerapi/swagger-editor The Docker VM for Mac is running and I am exploring this error. Other docker containers have the same problem and the […]

How can I use Docker to run my all selenium test cases on all instance of my application using a single machine?

As per now , I have created test cases that run on different machines , Each machine having a separate instance of an application and a separate set of a script of selenium test case. Machine 1 — App_instance1– Test case 1-10. (property file x ,XML file x1) Machine 2 — App_instance2– Test case 11-20. […]

Run a docker image on Windows results in “oci runtime error: exec: ”bash“: executable file not found in $PATH.”

I’m running Docker on Windows (“Docker Toolbox”, not “Docker for Windows”). I’ve built an image with a rails app inside. It works properly on my Mac OS but stucks on production on Windows. Using Docker 1.12 and docker-machine 0.8.0 on both machines. When I create a machine and try to run the container from image, […]

docker-machine scp – Copying data from one machine to another

I can simply copy data from one docker-machine to another by docker-machine scp mcn1:/data/foo mcn2:/data/ Documentation says, In the case of transferring files from machine to machine, they go through the local host’s filesystem first (using scp’s -3 flag). Does that mean, if I have 2 docker-machines on AWS, my files will be copied locally […]

Docker machine is active, but shown as aborted in Virtual Box

I do not understand, what is going on with docker machine on Windows using docker toolbox. The machine is listed as active, when I run > docker-machine ls But when I go to the Virtual Box and check the machine state, it is shown as aborted. I also can not run the machine directly from […]

not able to access angular2 app from docker container

I created a docker container using official node image. docker pull node then I created an angular 2 app using angular-cli. ng new docker-demo then I ran my docker container from the directory of my angular2 app using following command: cd docker-demo & then inside the directory : docker run -p 8080:4200 -v $(pwd):/var/www -w […]

How to setup a valid mongo replicaset

I would like to study a scenario that there are several MongoDB in replica mode but in a special case, there is only one working. My configuration is like following. I have a MongoDB container on an EC2 instance, my command is sudo docker run \ –name mongo \ -v /home/core/mongo-files/data:/data/db \ -p 27018:27017 -d […]

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