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Docker is in volume in use but no docker containers

I’ve been having issues with removing docker volumes with Docker 1.9.1. I’ve removed all my stopped containers so that docker ps -a returns empty. When I use docker volume ls, I’m given a whole host of docker containers. docker volume ls DRIVER VOLUME NAME local a94211ea91d66142886d72ec476ece477bb5d2e7e52a5d73b2f2f98f6efa6e66 local 4f673316d690ca2d41abbdc9bf980c7a3f8d67242d76562bbd44079f5f438317 local eb6ab93effc4b90a2162e6fab6eeeb65bd0e4bd8a9290e1bad503d2a47aa8a78 local 91acb0f7644aec16d23a70f63f70027899017a884dab1f33ac8c4cf0dabe5f2c local 4932e2fbad8f7e6246af96208d45a266eae11329f1adf176955f80ca2e874f69 local […]

Docker daemon config file on boot2docker / docker-machine / Docker Toolbox

Where can I find docker daemon config file on boot2docker machine? According to this topic: Dockerfile: Docker build can't download packages: centos->yum, debian/ubuntu->apt-get behind intranet I want to set ‘–dns’ in DOCKER_OPTS, but I can’t find this config file either at /etc/default or anywhere else.

Docker error: client and server don't have same version

Since I just updated Docker to 1.1.0 I get: Error response from daemon: client and server don’t have same version (client : 1.13, server: 1.12) Do you know how to fix this? I switched back to 1.0.1 and everything works again.

How to ssh into docker-machine VirtualBox instance?

docker-machine version 0.2.0 docker version 1.6.2 I’m using docker-machine to create a machine using VirtualBox. Everything works fine but I’d like to ssh into the machine itself and I find no instructions on how to do this. I can connect to the ssh port: ssh $(docker-machine ip dev) But I’ve no idea what username / […]

docker-machine boot2docker root password

Haven’t found an answer anywhere… I created a VM (boot2docker) using docker-machine. I need to edit some files using root. What is the root password in boot2docker?

Docker – Error response from daemon: client is newer than server

After creating a new machine with Docker Machine, I’m getting the following error: $ docker ps Error response from daemon: client is newer than server(client API version 1.21, server API version: 1.19) How can I fix this?

Change Docker machine location – Windows

I am using docker toolbox on Windows 7 to run docker. (docker version 1.9.1) As it turns out the docker machine creates its VM at C:\Users\username\.docker\machine\machines\default. And as I commit the images the size of VM at this location bloats up. Since its Windows, cant afford the luxury of space on the C drive. Is […]

Network timed out while trying to connect to https://index.docker.io

I installed Docker-Toolbox just now while following their webpage I started with Docker QuickStart Terminal and see following ## . ## ## ## == ## ## ## ## ## === /”””””””””””””””””\___/ === ~~~ {~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~ / ===- ~~~ \______ o __/ \ \ __/ \____\_______/ docker is configured to use the […]

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