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How do I set the AWS Autoscaler to use the same IP addresses?

I’m using rancher as a web API to my Docker Swarm. The Docker containers are running on AWS instances that we schedule to autoscale up in the morning and down at night. The new ones scale up and log on to rancher in the morning and then drop off. Each morning when the new instances […]

Can I run a .Net web application on Dockers for windows?

Can I package up a .Net web application (that normally runs on Windows 7 etc) to run in a Docker container, and then execute it on ‘any’ host supporting Docker? Such as Dockers on Linux or Dockers on Windows etc?

getting bundler load error frequently and no such file Gemfile error

Below is the docker file in project’s root directory:- FROM ruby:2.2 MAINTAINER technologies.com RUN apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y build-essential RUN apt-get install -y libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev RUN apt-get install -y libqt4-webkit libqt4-dev xvfb RUN apt-get install -y nodejs ENV INSTALL_PATH /as_app RUN mkdir -p $INSTALL_PATH WORKDIR $INSTALL_PATH COPY Gemfile Gemfile RUN bundle install […]

How to view the docker image/container limit? And how to modify it while we run “docker build”?

The output of docker info is as follows: $ docker info Containers: 1 Running: 1 Paused: 0 Stopped: 0 Images: 47 Server Version: 1.11.2 Storage Driver: aufs Root Dir: /var/lib/docker/aufs Backing Filesystem: extfs Dirs: 49 Dirperm1 Supported: false Logging Driver: json-file Cgroup Driver: cgroupfs Plugins: Volume: local Network: null host bridge Kernel Version: 3.13.0-88-generic Operating […]

How to resolve docker connectivity after reboot on Mac

I rebooted my Mac for the first time in a while. Afterwards, docker was unusable because of an error about certificates: “x509: certificate is valid for, not”.

Calling docker api on iOS real device

This is my current setup. IPAddress my local database is running: 192.168.99.XXX:4000 IPAddress on my Mac :192.168.1.XXX IPAddress on my Device: 192.168.1.XXX Mac and Device connected to same network I can access 192.168.99.XXX:4000 on my Mac’s browser I cannot access 192.168.99.XXX:4000 on my device’s browser It works perfectly fine when I run the code on […]

Access host machine dns from a docker container

/I’m using docker beta on a mac an have some services set up in service-a/docker-compose.yml: version: ‘2’ services: service-a: # … ports: – ‘4000:80′ I then set up the following in /etc/hosts: ::1 service-a.here service-a.here and I’ve got an nginx server running that proxies service-a.here to localhost:4000. So on my mac I can just […]

Can I publish a .Net application which is not ASP.NET 5 or ASP.NET Core in Docker containers?

Can we publish a .Net application which is not ASP.NET 5 or ASP.NET Core in Docker Containers?

Unable to connect instances of docker-machine to pull docker images running behind a corporate proxy

I’m trying to configure docker swarm mode using docker-machine. I have set up a cluster of 4 nodes connected to each other. However, I’m not able to connect the instances created by docker-machine to outside world that is running behind a corporate proxy.

connection refused for Docker development environment

here are my configurations: docker-compose.yml — web: build: . command: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile –trace command: foreman start ports: – “3000:3000” links: – postgres environment: – RAILS_ENV=production – RACK_ENV=production – POSTGRES_DATABASE=postgres – POSTGRES_USERNAME=postgres – POSTGRES_HOST=db postgres: image: postgres Procfile web: bundle exec puma -e _env:RAILS_ENV -C config/puma.rb nginx: /usr/sbin/nginx -g ‘daemon off;’ Dockerfile # […]

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