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windows docker on vmwarevsphere

we use VMWare vSphere for VMs in our company. To automatically create docker hosts we use one simple command: docker-machine –driver vmwarevsphere …. vm params(cpu,memory,network,name, etc) It automatically creates new VM machine in our VM cluster, installs docker and then we add it to swarm or create new. Right now I need to create windows […]

docker-machine ls shows state timeout

docker-machine ls shows state timeout. But docker-machine status is running.Below are the docker-machine –debug active : Calling .DriverName Error getting active host: timeout

How to run a simple main method and copy the file it generated using docker

I have a simple main method that outputs a folder with some files. How do i copy the file to my host to view the output files. Tried using volume but it didnt work out. Here is the docker file FROM frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8:slim VOLUME /tmp ADD main.jar main.jar ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”-jar”,”main.jar”] //generated folder ‘xxxx’ with some files. […]

How to get true or false as a response from docker if the service is running or not

I want to check the docker service is running or not; I am expecting true or false as a response: docker service ps data-mapper-service docker service ps -f “node=vm-jcibe-microservice-qa-app01” data-mapper-service These are the command I tried which giving me. It gives me the info on that service if it present. if I do docker service […]

Issue mounting docker volume with docker-compose

My Scenario I am trying to build docker swarm with docker-compose.yml file version: ‘3’ services: myapp-nginx: image: nginx:1.10 volumes: – ./nginx/certs:/etc/nginx/certs ports: – 80:80 – 443:443 using build command as below $ docker stack deploy –compose-file docker-compose.yml myapp Creating network myapp_default Creating service myapp_myapp-nginx My system have Docker Version 17.03.1-ce-mac5 (16048) Problem Volumes mounts are […]

How to prevent “docker-machine create” to install/upgrade docker host, just add it

I am trying to add a existing and working Docker host (OpenSUSE) to a client Ubuntu system using docker-machine create. The client, Ubuntu, has a more modern docker version so when I execute “docker-machine create…”, I see that server executes zypper to provision or upgrade server docker version, which is something I definitely don’t want […]

Docker Error : no space left on device on windows

I’m using docker on windows 7 and trying to download an image from cloud. After downloading while extraction i’m getting an error. Below is log snippet cba922442da5: Downloading 5.866 GB/5.866 GB 10d186ab9b98: Download complete 89c26a498cda: Download complete write /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob601918967: no space left on devic e Tools docker image has been downloaded or upgraded to the […]

docker-machine error, when I try to create

I get an error docker-machine Creating CA: /home/username/.docker/machine/certs/ca.pem SIGILL: illegal instruction When I try to run create command OS Linux Mint docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default I tried sudo – but this did not help What do I wrong?

Building a docker image from inside a docker container

I have a docker container that builds an executable and exposes it on a shared volume. I would then like to have another docker container create a docker image and push it to a local repository. I have been doing some reading and this is possible by exposing the docker socket to the container. I […]

Docker pull failed with request canceled while waiting for connection

I am trying to pull images to default docker machine. But I always get docker@default:/etc$ docker run hellow-world Unable to find image ‘hellow-world:latest’ locally docker: Error response from daemon: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/: net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers). See ‘docker run –help’. docker@default:/etc$ Even if i give –dns option same […]

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