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Docker error on Windows 7 “Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers”

My Problem is similar to the other two Questions:starting tutorial and Timeout on windows 2016. But none of it resolved my problem. (on my other search I didn’t find any articles that could help my case > search timeout) For any of the following commands: docker run hello-world docker pull hello-world docker login -u user […]

Docker-machine cannot connect to default machine (Windows)

I have problem with using docker-machine after windows update on my Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I’m using Docker Toolbox 1.12.5. I can run docker with no problem, but after windows update docker-machine cannot connect to default machine. I can see in VirtualBox that default machine is running, but when I tried to run docker-machine env default […]

docker-machine in docker on server

I have a centos machine/server where I want to run multiple instances of docker containers with them having docker-machines with virtualbox driver inside them for testing purposes. Is it even doable? I have a docker image from latest centos7. I then run sudo docker run –privileged -ti test Inside the docker container I installed docker, […]

REPLICAS remains 0 after running `docker stack deploy` command in manager machine

I am using Docker for Mac and follow this tutorial Everything was fine until this section after I run this command docker@manager:~$ docker stack services vote the result shows: docker@manager:~$ docker stack services vote ID NAME MODE REPLICAS IMAGE 111ztgmjdwz1 vote_worker replicated 0/1 dockersamples/examplevotingapp_worker:latest jqp0bcz1z22t vote_result replicated 0/1 dockersamples/examplevotingapp_result:before m5bhkh9i8d9q vote_redis replicated 0/2 redis:alpine nizvjk9eqrqv […]

How to reference the local host inside bash?

I am currently using the docker toolbox on Windows 10 and running boot2docker as a virtual machine. I first pulled the project bamos/openface using: docker pull bamos/openface. Then I ran: docker run -it -v \Users:/Users bamos/openface /bin/bash. Now on my Windows C:/Users, I have two images img1 and img2 that I need to reference inside […]

Empty directory when mounting volume using windows for docker

I am attempting to mount a volume from C:/Users into a container running on a docker-machine using the hyperv driver on docker for windows (win 10 pro). I am a using the lastest docker (1.13.1) and the same on the hyper vm machine. I have tried switching to using a local account, shared the drive […]

Docker-machine grant access to external network from inside docker hosts

When I create a docker host using docker machine and hyperv, how can I grant access to my external network (or at least one or two servers) from inside the host?

Creating docker-machine

I want to create docker machine through openVPN I used this command sudo docker-machine create –driver generic –generic-ip-address=xxx.xxx.xxx.x –generic-ssh-key=$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa –generic-ssh-user=root ezequiel but thanks to god it didn’t work because it was trying to update docker version on remote host, so i tried to use none instead of generic to prevent updating remote docker from client […]

VM Instances moved – re-connect via docker-machine

My OpenStack VM containers have been moved to a new location, requiring a new IP address. I originally created these containers with docker-machine. How can I re-configure docker-machine to re-gain access to my VM instance?

Multiple public ip-addresses in Docker containers for outgoing connections

Hope you will help me solve my uncommon task, thank you for your time! =) Here are conditions that I need to overcome: Server has 1000+ public ip addresses (it is ipv6 obviously). Each docker container must have 1 incoming address(it is simple and it can be ipv4) and 250+ addresses for outgoing connections. The […]

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