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Can't pull image from docker registry when docker is pointing to a swarm

I’m having an issue with google container registry and dockerhub where docker pull returns the following errors. gcr Error: Status 403 trying to pull repository PROJECT_ID/IMAGE_NAME: “Unable to access the repository: PROJECT_ID/IMAGE_NAME; please verify that it exists and you have permission to access it (no valid credential was supplied).” dockerhub Using default tag: latest test-node0: […]

Connecting to Kubernetes on Docker on OSX?

I’m on an OSX host using docker-machine to manage my docker installation. I’m trying to get a kubernetes cluster set up and I’m having a hard time running kubectl on my host. Right now I’m running this to launch it: . docker_kube_env.sh # Set K8S_VERSION and KUBECONFIG docker run \ –volume=/:/rootfs:ro \ –volume=/sys:/sys:ro \ –volume=/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:rw […]

docker (running in virtual box) expose port on host machine

I’m running docker in virtual box (docker machine) on a MAC server. I have some running containers that expose certain ports to the host machine, so I can access them via URL of the virtual machine + exposed port. But I’m not able to reach the exposed services from outside the host system, as the […]

Copy or scp files to /var/lib/boot2docker for boot2docker VM managed by docker-machine

To use Docker on OS X, I’m using a boot2docker VM running in VirtualBox, managed by docker-machine. The boot2docker documents mention a persistence volume /var/lib/boot2docker. I would like to copy a file bootlocal.sh on the host filesystem over to the boot2docker VM. I thought that docker-machine’s scp command would work for this, docker-machine scp bootlocal.sh […]

docker registry fail to start up that prompts file not found which file does exist

I’m trying to deploy docker registry server.I do it according to the official documentation https://docs.docker.com/registry/deploying/ I have generated certificate and key, and start the registry according to document. docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry -v pwd/certs:/certs -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=/certs/domain.crt -e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY=/certs/domain.key registry:2 When I saw the log, time=”2016-04-08T01:24:54Z” level=fatal msg=”open /certs/domain.crt: no such file […]

Can't mount all files to docker container volume

I always use docker to deploy my django apps but today I got an problem. This is uwsgi container in the docker-compose.yml file. uwsgi: # Note you cannot scale if you use conteiner_name container_name: catalogue-uwsgi build: docker hostname: uwsgi environment: – DATABASE_NAME=gis – DATABASE_USERNAME=docker – DATABASE_PASSWORD=docker – DATABASE_HOST=db – RABBITMQ_HOST=rabbitmq – DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=core.settings.prod_docker – VIRTUAL_HOST=catalogue.kartoza.com – […]

Docker-machine and Openstack / SSH

I have a problem with docker-machine and openstack running this command docker-machine –debug create -d openstack –openstack-username admin –openstack-password admin –openstack-tenant-name admin –openstack-auth-url –openstack-flavor-id bea5cb42-c0b3-46fd-96a6-2f4c5d4448c2 –openstack-image-id 871a5ddf-a888-4b45-9201-78da07e6cdcb testmachine gives me the output as follow Docker Machine Version: 0.6.0, build e27fb87 Found binary path at /usr/local/bin/docker-machine Launching plugin server for driver openstack Plugin server listening […]

Docker OSX – Unable to access container on port 8080

I’m using docker-machine along with docker on OSX El Capitan. I am attempting to run the WordPress docker image here: https://hub.docker.com/_/wordpress/ My docker-compose.yml file looks like so: wordpress: image: wordpress links: – db:mysql ports: – 8080:80 db: image: mariadb environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: secretpassword And I launch it with: docker-compose run wordpress. Everything loads fine and the […]

Docker image extending the mysql image isn't running the initdb scripts

Documentation for the mysql docker image says: When a container is started for the first time […] it will execute files with extensions .sh and .sql that are found in /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d. You can easily populate your mysql services by mounting a SQL dump into that directory and provide custom images with contributed data. So at […]

docker instance of masterless salt showing folders of my system

When I start a docker instance of masterless saltstack, and I do cd srv/salt followed by ls, it it shows all folder in my system, but docker should create a machine instance of its own and not have any folders of my actual machine. I used this docker image https://hub.docker.com/r/enonic/docker-salt-masterless-ubuntu/ . Please help. This is […]

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