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Why are docker host volumes being mounted incorrectly?

I’m running docker-machine on an El Capitan Mac. I’m trying to mount a host directory onto a specific path within a container. I’ve boiled my problem down to a simple test case. docker run -it –volume=/Users/me/directory:/directory debian:jessie bash I would expect to see the directory /directory within the container. Instead I see the directory /Users/me/directory:/directory. […]

Specifying DNS for docker build

When using the docker run command, it’s possible to specify what the DNS hosts of the container should be by passing –dns <dns_server_ip> arguments. Is there an equivalent for the docker build command? There is nothing about it in the docs, and trying it throws an error.

Docker-Machine AWS Policies

I want to create a aws group for docker-machine. Which policies do I have to this role when I want the full functionality of docker-machine?

Rails app docker container not accessible from Windows host

I am trying to make a simple docker container that runs the Rails app from the directory that I launch it in. Everything appears to be fine except when I run the container and try to access it from my Windows host at the IP address that Docker Machine gives me, it responds with a […]

Why docker containers can run, despite of docker-machine is not running?

Apparently, this is a silly question, though, i hope someone can help me. I was thinking docker containers can run, because docker-machine is running on my MacOS X. Like on this situation: > docker-machine ls NAME ACTIVE DRIVER STATE URL SWARM DOCKER ERRORS default – virtualbox Running tcp:// v1.12.2 > docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE […]

Multiple instance application in docker

I have a server application that should run in Ubuntu OS multiple times and I want to use docker. what is the best scenario here to get better performance ? 1- run all instance in a single container with docker and Ubuntu image or 2- run a single instance of each app in separated containers […]

How to assign host names to Docker containers?

I am running Docker on Windows (not the native version. i.e. the one that runs on a VM via docker-machine). Currently I have the access websites like so: for website 1 for website 2 for website 3 This is a real pain for obvious reasons. I want to be able to do […]

Docker Swarm vs. Docker Cluster

I created a swarm cluster via docker-machine -d azure –swarm –swarm-master –swarm-discovery token://SWARM_CLUSTER_TOKEN my-swarm-master and docker-machine -d azure–swarm –swarm-discovery token://SWARM_CLUSTER_TOKEN my-node-01 After that, I Logged into cloud.docker.com – but when I click on Node Clusters or Nodes I can’t see my swarm. So is swarm (via command line) and cluster (via cloud.docker.com) not the same […]

Docker over Linux but running Windows inside

I wonder if it is possible to run Windows docker container at Linux environment.

How do I check that a docker host is in swarm mode?

After executing this; eval $(docker-machine env mymachine) How do I check if the docker daemon on mymachine is a swarm manager?

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