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docker base image with solaris operating system

Does anybody know from where i can get docker base image with Solaris OS in it? I tried finding it on Dockerhub but couldn’t find one. Please provide me the detail ‘dockerhost/namespace/imagename:tag’

gcloud docker push reliability

I have been having a lot of problems pushing images with gcloud docker push over the past few weeks. I’ve read through the many stack overflow discussions and github issues and workarounds but I haven’t come across a solution to the inconsistency yet. Typically I will attempt to push a container image or two. The […]

how to add localhost to docker machine

I am exploring docker machine, I would like to start by adding my existing docker engine. So please guide me on the steps to add the existing docker engine to my docker machine on the same host.

Docker-machine host env on multiple computers?

I am using docker-machine to create a box on a digitalocean droplet. I have deployed a simple hello world docker container to that host and it works fine. When I do a docker-machine ls on my main computer I see the digitalocean driver running like a champ. I now want to be able to move […]

How to run multiple boot2docker with docker-machine?

I am using docker-machine on Ubuntu 14.04. I have a VM with boot2docker running made by following command `docker-machine create –driver virtualbox dev ` I am trying to create another VM by following `docker-machine create -d virtualbox –virtualbox-boot2docker-url /home/<user name>/Downloads/rancheros.iso rancher` It runs , gives the message `Waiting for VM to start` then `docker@localhost’s password:` […]

Can't access container's web server on localhost:80

I can’t access container’s web server on localhost:80 however I can access the webserver on What am I doing wrong? I have docker Version 1.12.2-rc1-beta27 (build: 12496) installed on a Mac. I ran a container with the command docker run -d -p 80:80 training/webapp python app.py. The container has the following properties $docker ps […]

Docker Swarm Linking

I want to create a Docker Swarm Cluster running an elastic search instance, a MongoDB instance and a grails app, each on a separate machine. I’m using Docker Machine to set up my Docker Swarm Cluster swarm-01: mongodb mongodb_ambassador swarm-02: elasticsearch elasticsearch_ambassador swarm-03: mongodb_ambassador elasticsearch_ambassador grails The last step of my setup, running the actual […]

docker-machine virtualbox image locations on OSX

I am using docker-machine on OSX (Mac Book) and it places the images in ~/.docker/machine. My drive is almost full and I want to move the images to a different drive. It would be nice if there was an installation option or way to specify a different location for .docker and the sub directories Does […]

How to expose ports between docker images in different sub-networks?

I have created two docker networks: docker network create –driver=bridge –subnet= –ip-range= –gateway= br1 docker network create –driver=bridge –subnet= –ip-range= –gateway= br2 I am doing this in order to facilitate easier container interactions within that network (I do not need to expose ports for containers within that subnet). Now however, I am interested in networking […]

pg_dump in docker: “could not open output file” “protocol error”

Starting a docker postgresql container to dump a database using pg_dump to a mounted volume results in: could not open output file “blah”: protocol error The protocol error is different from the permission denied issue as discussed here for instance. What does this error mean? There is no existing file in the mounted volume. I’m […]

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