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How to connect to a docker server on the network set-up with Hyper-V

Basically my question is: How do I connect to a docker host on the network? Background: We have a Windows Server 2012 machine that I would like to run a docker engine from. I’ve managed to get it running with docker-machine and the hyperv driver. I’ve also successfully gotten a docker host to work on […]

Upgrade Azure docker extension

I am trying to use docker-machine to manage the docker instance running in our VM. I had started the VM a while back, and I believe had also installed docker via the “Azure Docker extension”. When I try to set things up with docker-machine, I noticed that I didn’t have the certs on my laptop. […]

How to add users to docker container running on a vm

I’m running an application inside a container in docker. I would like for my collaborators to be able to log into this vm and administrate the container. I do a useradd in the vm but when they login and run docker ps they don’t see the container, they see: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. […]

Docker – Could not load X509 key pair

I am on a fresh install of Docker on OSX El Capitain 10.11.4. I am getting this error when I try any commands with docker. Could not load X509 key pair: crypto/tls: private key does not match public key. Make sure the key is not encrypted I can run docker-machine just fine, but not start […]

Docker: SSH freezes on login

I can succefully login to server using ssh without password. But after multiple ssh login, I can’t access server for some while(it freezes when I try to login). To tell the whole story I’m trying to create generic docker machine using following lines. docker-machine create\ –driver generic\ –generic-ip-address=\ srv All of the errors are […]

Where does docker-machine save the configuration on a remote Ubuntu host running systemd?

One can create a remote machine using the command: docker-machine create –driver generic –generic-ip-address=<IP> myremotemachine This command installs and configures docker on the remote host running Ubuntu. And after this the Docker daemon runs using the command: /usr/bin/docker daemon -H tcp:// -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock –storage-driver aufs –tlsverify –tlscacert /etc/docker/ca.pem –tlscert /etc/docker/server.pem –tlskey /etc/docker/server-key.pem –label provider=generic I […]

Docker / Postgres: Mounting an existing database within a dockerized Postgresql

So I’m having a problem mounting an existing set of data for Docker Postgres that I cannot figure out for the life of me. Here’s my docker compose file. version: ‘2’ services: postgresql: image: postgres:9.5 environment: – PGDATA=/data ports: – ‘5432:5432’ volumes: – ~/.postgresql:/data web: build: . command: sbt/sbt run volumes: – .:/app ports: – […]

Easy, straightforward, robust way to make host port available to Docker container?

It is really easy to mount directories into a docker container. How can I just as easily “mount a port into” a docker container? Example: I have a MySQL server running on my local machine. To connect to it from a docker container I can mount the mysql.sock socket file into the container. But let’s […]

Docker for window7 is not working

I have installed Docker toolbox in windows7. When i am running $docker run hello-world i am getting error like- docker: An error occurred trying to connect: Post dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it..

Docker : Error pulling image (latest) from docker.io

I pushed a docker image from an older dev machine, and now I can’t push or pull to that repo. The server errors with Invalid parent ID. And my dev box errors with Error pulling image (latest) from docker.io/repo/appname, Driver aufs failed to create image rootfs {ID}: open /mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/aufs/layers/{ID}: no such file or directory I’m […]

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