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docker-machine on mac does not work with docker-engine protected by self-create CA

I installed docker-machine on a mac and have a linux box(jumper) installed with docker engine. The linux docker-engine is protected by a self-created CA, which had been added to mac’s keychain store and set as “trusted”. “curl https://jumper:2376/v1.15/version” runs without problem: {“Version”:”1.13.0″,”ApiVersion”:”1.25″,”MinAPIVersion”:”1.12″,”GitCommit”:”49bf474″,”GoVersion”:”go1.7.3″,”Os”:”linux”,”Arch”:”amd64″,”KernelVersion”:”3.13.0-46-generic”,”BuildTime”:”2017-01-17T09:50:17.871838842+00:00″} Although “docker-machine create –engine-insecure-registry “jumper” –driver none –url=tcp://jumper:2376 jumper” seems successful, but “docker-machine […]

Change file group with docker-machine

I installed docker-machine on my Mac and when I install laravel on a container who runs Apache, I’m not able to change the groups on the files to put them on www-data. When I try: /bin/chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/laravel/storage /var/www/laravel/bootstrap/cache I have this error message: chown: unknown user/group www-data:www-data I try to add user to […]

How to uninstall Docker Machine under Windows 10

I didn’t found any solution to remove Docker Machine from my Windows 10 Edu, but documentation for Docker Machine on Windows is very rare. I’m a newbie on Powershell so maybe there is a simple command that I didn’t found… If you need more information, I can give it on working days only.

Docker, python, work with multiple dockers simultaneously, like building blocks

Is it possible to work with multiple docker images or containers simultaneously, like building blocks? For example: I’ve 1 docker file, which can be used as a stand alone thing. What it does is: (python) It receives an input (python flask), uses a python script to modify the input and gives an output back (POST). […]

VBoxManage: error: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes

I have a fresh bare-metal installation of ubuntu 16.04 on a lenovo laptop. I’ve downloaded virtualbox via apt-get, and am going through the docker tutorials. I was going through the docker-machine docs and encountered the following error: 21:11:57-~ $ docker-machine create –driver=virtualbox vbox-test Running pre-create checks… Creating machine… (vbox-test) Copying /home/zach/.docker/machine/cache/boot2docker.iso to /home/zach/.docker/machine/machines/vbox-test/boot2docker.iso… (vbox-test) Creating […]

chmod not work with virtualbox share folder

I have install docker-machine on virtuelbox . I mount share folder with mount -t vboxsf www /var/www when i try to change permission file and my mount folder chmod -Rf 777 namefile not work. i try to add my username to group vboxsf to my /etc/group like this root:x:0: lp:x:7:lp nogroup:x:65534: staff:x:50:docker docker:x:100:docker dockremap:x:101:dockremap vboxsf:x:999:docker […]

Windows Server 2016 Docker – cant install webfarm components to microsoft/iis image

Got Windows Server 2016 with Docker successfully building docker image with additional components like ARR, URL Rewrite and WebFarm Framework, but when i connect trough IIS Manager the components arent there. During Docker Build there are no error messages what so ever. Tryed several methods like: ADD HTTPLINKTOFILE msiexec.exe start-process to install the components, but […]

how to communicate from a docker container to a docker-machine?

My question is how to be able to connect to the docker-machine socket, inside a docker container ? what i want to achieve is to dockerize an api-gateway, but this api-gateway needs to communicate to the docker-machine socket, to be able to discover the running container like the following: const machine = process.env.DOCKER_HOST const tls […]

docker swarm with Centos servers

I wanted to created a Docker Swarm cluster in which the docker machines are running CentOS or any other OS. How do I do that ? I see documentation says: docker-machine create –driver virtualbox default But it creates servers with different OS other than Centos. How do i create a swarm cluster in which each […]

Docker multi host connection issue

I am trying to run docker Selenium on diff hosts (2 Linux machines) using these commands on Hub and on node docker run -p 4444:4444 -d -P –name selenium-hub selenium/hub docker run -d -p 5558:5556 -e SE_OPTS=”-host -port 5558″ -e HUB_PORT_4444_TCP_ADDR=”″ -e HUB_PORT_4444_TCP_PORT=”4444″ –name firefox selenium/node-firefox How ever,I see the that the node is […]

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